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  1. Yeah. I suspect adding a continuous texture as shown here may be beyond them but that's kind of where I ended up. As I'm a solo founder, a bit overwhelmed also doing app UI redesign/extension coding the whole thing marketing it, including writing articles ramp-up connections for attending Social Media Marketing World in San Diego on the 1st Mar. But, this really niggles at me so I want to have a go. I'll keep updating this thread if I make any progress. Looking at Lottie animation, it seems from this forum post that it may not be possible. The most
  2. multiple themes, starting with just cute little blinking eyes opening - turn into a jellyfish and undulate away, bobbing slightly as if floating - unfold wings making it clear that some of the arcs are on wings, and fly off. - dance off with plinking music, like a cute centipede, with all the bottoms of arcs working as legs I loved the recurring story arc in the old BC comic Clams got legs and it's at the back of my mind constantly as I think of these animations.
  3. It's a fun challenge - every so often I dust it off and when I meet new art/graphics people ask them. The gradient running linearly and independent of the curve shapes and direction is the thing that stumps me. I'm primarily a developer but have done some projects through the years where I've worked alongside real artists. I know my limitations but also have a sense sometimes I need to stop being precious about keeping things as vectors and just live with going into pixel land. thanks for your interest
  4. I was talking to some artists about our logo at a recent meetup and commented that I really want to animate it but the vector is a complex combination of vector shapes and a gradient mask over the top. A big part of the problem is that the different arcs of the logo intersect the gradient at different points. It was designed by a print designer initially in AI. I use Affinity Designer of course and have edited his original to clean it up after bringing it into AD. The masking white envelope is yet another overlay on top. I edited the curves so they are all connected when they appear conti
  5. That was a fun one. Yes it is possible and not actually difficult, but not obvious Select one of your background oval shapes Choose Layer - Convert to Curves Use the Node tool (little arrowhead, shortcut A) to click on the intersection points where your selected oval crosses over and you want to cut it Click to add a node there Select the added node Choose Action - Break Curve on the toolbar - see help Repeat at the other side of the intersection - now your curve is all still there but has been cut into two pieces Select the bit of the curve
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