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  1. Hey @Solpablo fantastic response... yeah I still tinker with Affinity, though I am back on Adobe for my sins since I just got to work. But like I said I still tinker, there are things that take me seconds in Affinity that take minutes in illustrator... just need to keep playing Your design looks fantastic... I'm slightly envious of your skills lol... I shall have a play with the offset tool Cheers mate, Chiefmonkey
  2. no offence taken @JET_Affinity Stroke widths can work just fine... as I described earlier on... you just expand the stroke
  3. Hey Lagarto, Really appreciate your solution... just loaded it up and it is perfect... unfortunately Inkscape, as much as I love to use open source and (donate to it) is clunky AF with it's XQuartz on my mac... so frustrating... I love the Affinity software, it really does have a beautifully made UI... it just doesn't do what I need Looks like I'm going to have to suck up the Adobe price in order to have that "just works" experience... I do appreciate all the answers and help I've had from folks here but I also have animation to do Looks like my move to open source and alternative
  4. Oh god that was the answer I was dreading I still want to support the underdog though... I've bought copies and will continue to play with them but it looks like I'm going to have to pay the extortionate Adobe fee's Thank you for your reply Gary... just to double check... are you saying I can not convert that pink outline I've created into a vector?
  5. Hello folks, I'm trying to convert from photoshop to affinity but am struggling. This literally takes me seconds in AI. I find a picture I like... I open it up... I trace the image as silhouette... I expand the image... I have outline of image... a smooth outline no anti-aliasing. How do I do this in Affinity? It's been 2 hours of googling and playing but no luck... So far this is what I've done: Opened up image in Photo... removed background... save as .png... open up image in Designer... layer effects > Outline... I expand the outline (but I can not tell what thats done,
  6. no offence taken @JET_Affinity Stroke widths can work just fine... as I described earlier on... you just expand the stroke... it's cumbersome but can be done I've looked after dev teams and owned my own mobile app startup for years... Roadmaps are great, we swore by them... you can't always stick to them because you can't predict everything... but we were always 80% there and the rest is just communication... that is all that I asked for in my initial post Being a middle aged adult, who's worked online with devs since the mid 90's I wouldn't dream of demanding a feature... and I
  7. @dominik yep cheers mate... if you ever hear of a workaround for Blending between shapes please do let me know @Pšenda I agree... I can live without the Shape Tool... the boolean operators are actually a no brainer and in some circumstances quicker As for the Offset Path, I shall struggle on... painfully clicking 30 times to simply add a uniform outline to a previously drawn shape... I'm letting it go... it's gone... all is good in the world Appreciate your time guys... thank you
  8. thank you @dominik all good... no offence taken at all... I guess this bit sums it up: "If they felt there was anything new or significative enough to add (disclose) to the discussion they would probably have done it by now." Blending between Shapes - aka transitioning/tweening... can't believe this isn't a function/feature they'd want to include... an answer to this would be greatly appreciated Shape Creation Tool - the Boolean tools are OK (a "Shape Tool" would be so much quicker but hey I'm letting it go lol) Offset Path - in AI and others this is a 2-click feat
  9. Cheers @Old Bruce... thanks for the extra info there... I'm thinking Publisher is part of the change of "Vision" they had... they're targeting the Publishing/Print industry... as opposed to creating Animation/3D/Video as in something like After Effects You're dead right... I am sticking with Affinity not expecting anything new... for sure if there's a better tool I'll use it... I'm just committed to not returning to Adobe... want to support the underdog and especially open source software (shame about Inkscape) Be interesting if anyone comments here to provide some clarity on my ques
  10. Cheers @dominik really appreciate the link... it explains why the roadmap got out of sync with their change of vision... doesn't explain why they don't just update the roadmap My point is pretty straight forward... there are these three features that are crucial to many users who have been asking repeatedly over the years and there has never been a straightforward, non fluffy answer e.g. "Yes that feature is definitely coming... approximately on this date OR in the next release" OR "No that feature will never be included... we have a different approach for you... here is th
  11. lol thank you haakoo, appreciate your response... but you're right I don't like that answer lol Any software not listening to its users will see their users slowly disappear to solutions that do listen to them... it's just what happens This is a quote of the Affinity Designer homepage: "Thousands of designers around the world told us how they need their graphic design app to behave. We put that knowledge at the core of Affinity Designer." I guess they've stopped listening All I'm asking for is some clear and transparent communication as to whats happening with these 3
  12. Cheers Dominik I appreciate your reply These are 3 major features in most other graphics tools and the community have been asking for them for years... all I'm asking for is some communication... some open and honest transparent answers... These are feature requests, I'm not complaining they're not in, I'm complaining about the lack of communication or the fob-off's "coming soon" Thats frustrating as hell All I'd like is a straight forward "This feature will be added in version 1.7.x and that is expect 15 Febraury 2020" OR "This feature will never be added because blah
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