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  1. Hi Gabe, I've been using it only on Pixel Persona, and it does go away if I zoom in or out. I don't remember if it happens if it goes away with a panning.
  2. I have some artifacts appearing as a blank space as I draw my lines, this happens on Photo and Designer. V Photo V Designer Document size is iPad 12.9” screen with Apple Pencil 2. I have any problem on all the painting and drawing apps I downloaded but this, free and paid. iOS 12.1.4 D3BC5D02-3DA8-4FAE-8A2F-402039988E2F.MP4
  3. Hi, I found that every time I work with symbols in Affinity Designer and go back in history with cmd+z (undo) in Mac, the app crashes.
  4. Hi, I'm working on a doc with designer, using symbols to work with "symmetry". After I'm adding a new pixel layer in the pixel persona, my document crashes. Is there a way to work around it? Cheers!
  5. Hi, I've been having this bug since the early beginnings on Affinity Designer. The problem comes when I want to export a square or rectangle selection via CMD+Shift+S, as noticed on the captures, my selections is supposed to be a "perfect square" of 320x320, but as I'm exporting the size varies by a pixel.
  6. ZVK

    Dribbble accounts

    Can you fill the skills section on your profile, for some reason I can't add you just with the link. Edit: Or inbox me an email address.
  7. ZVK

    Dribbble accounts

    00Ghz link me to your Dribbble profile.
  8. The 2 drafts I made for the family business, which is a stationary store. The final one was the one with the pencil, I just "refined" the wings, although I've not upload it to avoid to spam more in dribbble. https://dribbble.com/shots/4226078-Ciriluq-Shot-2 https://dribbble.com/shots/4223242-Ciriluq
  9. ZVK

    Dribbble accounts

    Who is still for the invite? Have one invitation for the first to reply.
  10. Hi, every time I plug in my Intuos tablet it's like playing the roulette with the zooming options (Zoom In/out the doc) of the trackpad (Macbook pro) that get disabled. Does anyone knows how to fix this issue? Cheers.
  11. Hi I wonder if theres's an option to draw with symmetry in Photo?
  12. I have the same zooming problem each time I connect the Intuos 3D (which is basically the same hardware), additionally it also disables the zooming option of my laptop's trackpad so I can't zoom in or out using expression gestures. To solve this problems I disconnect and connect the tablet and close and open several times the program until I have no problem. I've experienced this issue in both Designer and Photo.
  13. ZVK

    Artstation Accounts

    Hi, do you have an Artstation account to share?
  14. ZVK

    Dribbble accounts

    In all the time I've been on dribbble I haven't received invitations (I'd have to work harder XD) but recently recently received this link to submit, good luck! https://mockup.zone/dribbble?utm_source=All+List&utm_campaign=530bd430d7-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2016_11_10&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_76d6c6371d-530bd430d7-266994473&mc_cid=530bd430d7&mc_eid=14fbd38f4b
  15. Hi, I keep insisting about the full grid document, in Photo it would be helpful to have this option to have a more precise and sharper sense of alignment for, perspectives in photocomposition and designs. It's obnoxious having to create larger canvas, resize and draw extra guidelines just to cover this feature.