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  1. What is the equivalent in APub to the Word feature for mirror margin settings? Is the gutter setting in Word the same as the bleed setting in APub? I had wanted to use APub to design my books, especially the heavily-illustrated children's books, for KDP but it seems too complicated. KDP has instructions for Word, so it looks like I'll have to return to using Word. That's where I created the manuscript, exported as PDF then uploaded to APub to add my extensive digital collage illustrations. I reset the layout the best that I could using KDP's Word instructions. Of course, there were problems when I uploaded to Amazon. The problems increased as I tried to correct them. Best course, I think, is to start over with Word only. I can use APub for other things, like my own PDF projects to list at my online shop.
  2. This seems like a quick way to do it. Then, I'd just have to deal with the tedious fonts install onto the laptop and the setting of my fav fonts in each app.
  3. I have the Affinity Suite, which includes Publisher. About the fonts, I was referring to setting my favorites fonts within each app. I have quite a few of them and would have to do that in all 3 apps. Not horrendous but just more time and effort. Would have to try to remember and pick out all of my favs from the gazillion Microsoft fonts on my system. When I added fonts I immediately set them as favs in the apps. I have the Suite, all 3 Affinity apps and Win10.
  4. The Serif Affinity Suite is the best thing that ever happened for anyone not needing PS.

  5. I will be having to use my laptop for an indefinite length of time instead of my beloved desktop. When I think about all of the brushes, fonts and assets that I've added to my desktop Affinity suite, I feel sick thinking about having to duplicate all of this work on my laptop. Is there a way that I can bulk copy over these downloaded brushes, fonts and assets to my laptop Affinity apps? If not, any tips to make it easier and faster? Thanks so much!
  6. I will be having to use my laptop for an indefinite length of time instead of my beloved desktop. When I think about all of the brushes, fonts and assets that I've added on my desktop, I feel sick thinking about having to duplicate all of this work on my laptop. Is there a way that I can copy over these downloaded brushes, fonts and assets to my laptop?
  7. Thank you for sharing. I'm so glad that they gave you a clear answer. It's good to know the truth, however it may effect us.
  8. Yes, it seems that the problem with handling/packing is Amazon's fault, unless the damage occurs through Serif's packing to ship to Amazon warehouse for storage. I'm not sure how it works but I know that vendors who sell through Amazon's warehouse fulfillment program have to ship their products to Amazon's warehouse for inventory storage. Amazon is then responsible for the shipment to the customer.
  9. I saw that complaint several times at Amazon feedback. Some said they had ordered from Serif and got the books swiftly through Amazon. I wonder if Serif sometimes does Amazon fulfillment because they stock their books there?
  10. Hoping the books add much value to your creative life. They look great standing there. Too bad about that 2nd page. Maybe a kind member will scan theirs and send to you.
  11. I've found that to be true in other apps help pages as well, but it'll be enough for me and better than searching in the book. I don't have professional or freelance needs. Thanks for your insight.
  12. Yes, and Designer in-app Help pages do this faster and more in depth. They will give me exactly what I want. I can go straight to the answers.
  13. Thanks for sharing. After reading feedback for the Designer work book, at Amazon, I decided that it would not give me the value that I would want. I read 1-star, 3-star and some of the 5-star feedback. One comment, in particular, supported an important concern of mine and that is regarding the authors of the projects in the book. I had noticed that all designers are featured but I would prefer a workbook written by the Serif staff who designed the software. I don't care for the style or projects of most of the designers featured and I don't want to learn how they do their own projects with the end results that they desire. Out of 7 designers, I'd only be interested in 1 mainly, possibly 2-3 of them. Most of the book would not be of interest to me. I prefer generic instructions that show me how to use the app, like the Affinity onsite tutes and the YT vids. One Amazon feedback comment said that because of the designers projects that the book seemed to be based more on style rather than content. This was my original concern, when I looked at the sales page for the work book, that I could not put into words. So, I decided to skip the books and stick with the tutes and vids that focus on what I want. Instead, I bought 2 content pks, The Shizzle Style and Brush Pack and Stipple Studio by True Grit Texture Supply. I still gave Serif some revenue and these pks will give me more value for my money. Good luck with your workbooks! Sandi
  14. Congrats! So sweet! Mine is in my shopping cart. I saw today that the sale has already started. Will make up my mind by Thanksgiving. Sandi
  15. @walt.farrell And if that's the case (since there certainly have been tools added since the book was published), and if they have updated the book at all, why not tell the users? So many love Affinity, me included. Shouldn't we, who love and support Affinity, be privy to the book updates info? Maybe many users would sell their old books and buy updated ones. I do understand that broadcasting the update would reduce subsequent sales from those who equate the value of the book with the age of the updated version. There really doesn't seem to be any good solution that would protect the revenue of Serif while giving us what we want. As for the PDF/ebook versions request, I believe that the color integrity argument is valid. The update issues will not stop me from buying the workbook if I decide to. I may buy it during Black Friday. I looked (because @Andreas Scherer bought one there) and the lowest used prices at Ebay are still not at or lower than the Black Friday sale. I'd rather have a new book. And I'm in the US so the price is lower. The best argument for the value of the aging book is what walt.farrell said. It can always be a general reference workbook, especially for a self-taught graphics designer like me. So, the workbook, along with the application help pages, these forums and YT vids provide all of the instruction that is needed. It's not all in one place, but that's ok.
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