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  1. Wojciech Krakowiak

    [] GREP & two following conjunctions

    @Seneca @Old Bruce @walt.farrell – wow, thanks for your interest and discussion. However, publisher still changes position of the conjunctions. See screenshots: before, after and what happened
  2. Here's the case: I want to place a non-breaking space before all conjunctions in document. I use this GREP rule: find: (\b)(a|i|o|u|w|z|A|I|O|I|W|Z)(\b\s) replace: $2$3 Everything works fine until it meets two following conjunctions, like "i w". Then it changes this expression into "I", and the second conjunction "w" gets moved to the place of next conjunction in document and all following conjunctions in document get moved to the place of next conjunctions. To clarify it, download Publisher document that I attach, use the mentioned grep rule and see what happens with all conjunctions. I hope this is understandable Without this fix, this GREP rule is useless in polish language, because we have a lot combinations like " i w ", " a w " test.afpub
  3. Wojciech Krakowiak

    [] Photo crash on bath job

    Affinity Photo crushes on bath job on MacOS Mojave. Input: JPEG files Output: JPEG files with smaller resolution Parallel process checked. Crash reports below. Affinity Photo Beta_2019-03-19-155711_Dumbo.crash Affinity Photo Beta_2019-03-19-155818_Dumbo.crash
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  8. Wojciech Krakowiak

    Lora font italic is not working in publisher

    Thanks guys for checking it. I am installing it directly on the system. I also tried to redownload it – no luck. I doesn't work across all Affinity products, but it works in inDesign, in LibreOffice etc. It made me try out FontBase manager and... now it's working – from google fonts.
  9. I checked this issue on 3 computers. I've got installed Lora font downloaded from here: https://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/lora 3 styles of font (regular, bold and bold italic) are working, however, italic is not showing up. The font works fully in other programs (like inDesign). I tried to restart computer, reinstall font. I'm attaching single Lora italic font file. Lora-Italic.ttf
  10. Wojciech Krakowiak

    Load Crash

    @Patrick Connor this bug has been reported also here:
  11. Wojciech Krakowiak

    Publisher Shutdown

    @Patrick Connor - this bug is also described here:
  12. @Patrick Connor - this bug is also described here: I also can deliver a file that's not opening in newer version, but I have to do it privately.