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  1. @Gabe - My jaw dropped, because I also couldn't replicate it... and I finally found how to replicate it. You must select "lock children" in move tool. And it is not fixed in beta as I wrote. It just worked for me, because I didn't check "lock children" option. I'm attaching video, at the end I'm undoing all changes. Nagranie z ekranu 2020-06-23 o 17.12.37.mov
  2. Ok, the problem seems to be fixed in Publisher Beta I'm leaving the thread for those searching for this issue. Edit: Not fixed in beta, see below.
  3. I cannot reproduce this issue in a new document, I'm attaching a file where the bug is present. I have an object pinned in a text frame. Pin's type is set to float. The issue occurs when I'm resizing text frame. My object gets scaled. Moreover, undoing text frame resize doesn't fix object – it remains scaled, I cannot undo it. I'm getting the same behaviour with inline pinning (scale to: no scale). I'm attaching screenshots – first one shows original view, the second one shows view after text frame transform and a bug visible on red rectangle. If there is any workaround to fix this behaviour I will be grateful, because I've got a project with hundreds of pages, lots of pins and I need to resize text frames to put in illustrations and... yeah My specs: MacOS Catalina v10.15.5 Affinity Publisher 1.8.3 broken-document.afpub
  4. Popping it up. The issue still occurs also with Curves and White balance adjustments. I think it's really important, its about software's reliability in critical situations. I just spent almost two hours moving layers inside embedded afphotos to fix this issue, because I didn't know about it before. Still love this software, but this time it really made me... ugh
  5. @deannak you just saved my time and it seems it can be a good hint for devs. I also had this bug when I tried to export a range of pages. Temporary delation of pages that I don't want to export is a workaround. @Jon P I mark you as you were into this topic before. It would be great to have it fixed in upcoming versions
  6. I would love to have a shortcut to move through font's weight up and down rather than having to open dropdown to select weight. I think it would be a future-wise solution when it comes to implementing variable font in the future (Like size have bigger/smaller and precise bigger/precise smaller, weight could have similar shortcuts)
  7. @kat – you need to upgrade your designer and photo to 1.7, the update is free. If you bought programs via Affinity website just login to your account and go to "downloads and product keys" – https://store.serif.com/en-gb/account/downloads/
  8. @Seneca @Old Bruce @walt.farrell – wow, thanks for your interest and discussion. However, publisher still changes position of the conjunctions. See screenshots: before, after and what happened
  9. Here's the case: I want to place a non-breaking space before all conjunctions in document. I use this GREP rule: find: (\b)(a|i|o|u|w|z|A|I|O|I|W|Z)(\b\s) replace: $2$3 Everything works fine until it meets two following conjunctions, like "i w". Then it changes this expression into "I", and the second conjunction "w" gets moved to the place of next conjunction in document and all following conjunctions in document get moved to the place of next conjunctions. To clarify it, download Publisher document that I attach, use the mentioned grep rule and see what happens with all conjunctions. I hope this is understandable Without this fix, this GREP rule is useless in polish language, because we have a lot combinations like " i w ", " a w " test.afpub
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