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  1. snuffleberries


    I really like it!!
  2. snuffleberries

    Boolean Games - Newbie Designer

    Thats a great improvement. I like it! The use of noise on the fills is a good idea too.
  3. snuffleberries

    Boolean Games - Newbie Designer

    Hi, I'm glad you are having fun with Affinity Designer. Its a great product. Something I find improves drawings a lot is having gradients rather than just solid colours. Using the gradient tool (key G) you can easily draw a line on your object and set the colours of the two end points. The gradient tool is far more advanced than just that, but its an easy way to start. I had a little play with your picture and came up with the following. I didn't want to change it too much from the original. For the clouds I find that stretching the single cloud object doesn't look very good, I find it better to overlay several non stretched copies over the area. I used firstdefence's idea for the birds too :-) I've included the .afdesign file incase that is helpful. Kids Drawing exercise.afdesign
  4. Currently when you select objects you get a rectangle bounding box with 4 corners. Using these points you can resize, change the aspect ratio, rotate, and even skew the object. However some transformations such as perspective are not possible other than a pixel based transform in Affinity Photo. A feature I would very much like to see is the ability to independently drag any 1 of the four corner points to any other position. This would all a lot more transformation possibilities. I imagine this could be achieved by using an key modifier that isn't currently being used when clicking on one of the corner points, then allow user to distort the object in anyway they wish. If this is something possible for the future I'd be very happy to hear it. Thanks :)
  5. snuffleberries

    [AD] Just a little design I made

    Just in case anyone is interested, here is the Affinity file. Drawing.afdesign
  6. snuffleberries

    [AD] Just a little design I made

    I was experimenting with a few features in Affinity Designer. I kind of liked the result so I thought I'd post it
  7. Thanks for the suggestion! I haven't used that perspective filter before. I tried it out just now and you are right, the result looks better. I do have both Affinity Designer and Photo, and the thing I particularly like is the fact you can swap between the two programs mid edit without even having to save the file and reload.
  8. I drew this with Affinity Designer from a family photo from 1988. I don't profess to have any particular skills with drawing, but I had fun :-)
  9. snuffleberries

    Vector Eyes

    wow! Those are really good.
  10. snuffleberries

    A Spring Day Illustration AD

    The bee is my favourite!
  11. snuffleberries

    A Spring Day Illustration AD

    Cool! Do you have a website with more drawings?
  12. snuffleberries

    Thank you Affinity Designer!

    Really like your drawings. Very detailed and beautiful. I hope you will continue to post them on your website. It inspires me to try harder with my own drawings!
  13. snuffleberries

    AD Vectors Slime Creature

    Very nice! How did you do the shading giving it that 3d look?