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  1. The funny thing is I use the live perspective filter for Design work only, I've never had the need to do it in Photo editing! So for me its in the wrong App! lol. I also don't really understand why there has to be this special live filter for perspective. I wish I could just free form drag the four corners of a bounding box in designer on any object. We can almost do all the transforms, we have rotation, and skewing. But if we could just move each of the 4 corners independently too that would eliminate the need for the perspective filter in Designer, and would be a lot more convenient to use.
  2. I have been getting strange effects happening when I use the live perspective distort filter. In this example I have text with a outer glow effect and have used the live perspective filter. You can see a strange box at the bottom right. Its not consistent either. As I move around and zoom it changes. Its not just a screen rendering issue. When I export to image file it also shows up. I have included the Affinity file here so it can be looked at: AffinityBug.afphoto Details: Affinity Photo 1.8.4 on macOS Catalina. I have the same issue on two separate Mac computers, additionally the same rending issue is there when opening it in Affinity Designer as well as Photo. AffinityBug.afdesign
  3. I would love there to be an app for iPhones that can open the .afdesign and .afphoto files and view them and allow an export to any desired format. I have all my Affinity documents in my iCloud drive and I can see them all in the file browser on phone, but only as a small preview. As soon as you click it you can't see anything. If there was a simple App for iPhone that would allow you to render it and also save as image file that would be extremely convenient, and would save me having to store PNGs next to each Affinity file.
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