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  1. 😍 Thx for the mention and yeah we are nice guys and gals 😁 Thank you 🙏 Thank you for the mention again 😘 Thanks for your question via PM, i sent you an answer.
  2. Thanks for the quick fix. Looking forward to try and review the Nik Collection 2.5 The JixiPix Plugins are not working after the AP MAS 1.8 Update. I will create a new Bug Report topic for that. Thank you
  3. Hi Affinity Forum. I´m using Affinity Photo iPad Beta / iPad Pro 12,9" 1.Gen Feature request for the awesome Affinity Photo iPad App: Depth of Field / Tilt Shift with two finger functionality With one finger the lines are going all over the place, it would speed up the workflow, if i can hold down another finger to keep the lines in horizontal position. Affinity Photo Mac / Windows already uses the SHIFT key to move around the lines with more control and that leeds to a much quicker workflow. Please add this feature to AP iPad, this would help to move around the lines horizonatlly and to stay in place. For example: I created a Affinity Photo Tutorial yesterday, i´m using the Filter - Depth of Field - Tilt Shift with holding down the SHIFT key on Mac. Jump to the section at 3:22 - https://youtu.be/R1EfFDQBzQA?t=3m22s
  4. You can tap the RGB numbers and insert your custom numbers.
  5. Thanks for the quick reply. i was afraid you´d say that ;) Please add this feature to the AP iPad roadmap. It´s distracting when creating artworks with text and switching to another tool as a workaround is slowing down the actual workflow. Affinity Photo Mac is perfect, just go to Text -> Spelling -> Check Spelling While Typing Edit: Thanks a lot Callum for the TweetLink. Maybe with the next beta, fingers crossed :D Good job guys. Thanks.
  6. Hello. I´m trying to figure out how to disable the spell check / spellchecker in Affinity Photo iPad. I already checked the iPad Settings with no luck. Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Auto-Correct and so on is turned off. The red underline is still there. Thanks in advance. I´m using Affinity Photo iPad Beta 1.6.3(
  7. Hi official Affinity Forum :wub: My Name is Frank. I´m the founder of http://affinitytutorials.de/, https://affinity-forum.de/ and http://affinityphototutorials.de/ I´m an Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer user and supporter from day one (Mac Beta). When i started using Affinity i knew it was special and it´ll be huge. I loved the look and feel of it and i got comfortable and used to it very quickly, everything worked so smooth. Switching from Photoshop to Affinity is very easy and it´s a real alternative. And to me that was the beginning back in 2015. I started to share my enthusiasm and love for the Affinity Apps in Germany. I started the first Affinity Tutorials only website http://affinitytutorials.de/. Everything is related to Affinity. This project became very quick a lot of work. I couldn´t do it alone anymore. I needed another Affinity enthusiast and found him here in the forums, my friend Affinity Jack. We put a lot of time, money and effort in this project. Jack provided the germany Affinity community with Affinity Tutorials and i built the base in the background. Started to look for inspiration, news, articles and much more. It´s such a joy to get to know Affinity artists around the world like Neil Ladkin(Serif), Frankentoon, Heli Herrera, Paolo Limoncelli, Angie Elfin Art, Shugmonkey and Laurent Zimny. Thank you guys for your time and support. In spring 2016 i opened the unofficial german Affinity forum https://affinity-forum.deand it is now very popular in germany. More than 1200 Affinity enthuiasts share their love and knowledge with the community. All different kinds of Affinity users are online, hobbyist and professional. What i love the most about the forum is that everybody shares her/her knowledge in a very friendly way. That´s something we are very proud of. 10.06.2017 we had the 3rd German Affinity Meet-Up. Guys from around germany (Berlin,Munich,NRW) came to visit and meet in person. It was such an awesome evening. We had dinner at a local restaurant, it was superb Biergarten weather :) I presented everyone a printed Affinity Meet-Up T-shirts for free and i´m never going to forget the happy smiles on their faces. We talked about how awesome Affinity is, shared workflow and tips&tricks and later that evening i presented the new Affinity Photo on iPad Pro 12,9". Everybody is amazed by Affinity Photo iPad. The Affinity Meet-Up was a great success, it was super nice and it´s like a big Affinity family. Thank you Serif for the amazing software. Affinity - The future is now ;) I´m using Affinity Photo / Affinity Designer on iMac 27" and Affinity Photo Beta on iPad Pro 12,9". Thanks for your time everyone, thanks for reading. Have fun with Affinity. Cheers Frank You can also find me via Youtube https://www.youtube.com/affinitytutorials and Twitter https://twitter.com/affinitytuts
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