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  1. Hi, In this Affinity Photo Tutorial I show you how to improve the contrast and coloring of a low-contrast photo on a rainy day. For me, this day was emotional but the photo was disappointing because of the rain and the low light. So I found a way to rescue some of my impressions of my hiking day. I wish you fun. Ciao Jack
  2. Hi, in this Affinity Photo V2 tutorial I show how to edit a photo with extreme highlights, shadows and some haze to create a "dreamy look". I wish you fun. Ciao Jack
  3. Hi Komatös, you're right! I'm only realizing that now that you mention it... I wish you a merry christmas. Ciao Jack
  4. Hi, this my first tutorial with the new Affinity Photo V2. A rather bland photo is edited. I remove the haze and realistically enhance colors and contrast. In doing so, I will go into the new features of Affinity Photo V2. I wish you fun. Ciao Jack
  5. Hi, In this Affinity Photo tutorial I show how to remove haze while preserving the fog and getting the colors back. The haze filter got over the years a new and improved engine and adjustments. I wish you fun and inspiration. Ciao Jack
  6. Hi, in this tutorial, I show you to solve a typical problem in autumn: You see beautiful autumn colors but the sun is extremely bright, and therefore the colors seemed to burn out, meanwhile the shadows are too dark. I show how to fix this situation. I wish you fun with the video. Ciao Jack
  7. Hi, in this Affinity Photo Tutorial I show how to create a calm and idyllic mood with these boathouses on the lake. And this despite the fact that it is a tourist hotspot that is always well attended. I wish you fun with the video. Ciao Jack
  8. Hi, I created an Affinity Photo Tutorial to show how to use the Tone Mapping Persona for the HDR effect. I wish you fun and inspiration with the video. Ciao Jack
  9. Hi, I visited a guided Lost Place Tour and took a shoot of an old ballroom of a hotel. One of the difficulty ist the light, because there is no electricity. In this tutorial, I show how to edit such a photo. I wish you fun. Ciao Jack
  10. Hi, I shoot a scene of a creek with mossy stones, but ... We had a very hot and dry summer. So there was hardly water in the creek. I took care, that you don't recognize this in the photo. I wish you fun with the tutorial on YouTube. Ciao Jack
  11. In this Affinity Photo tutorial, I show how to edit a sunset photo with an old town as the main subject. The difficulty lies in the fact that the entire histogram is usually exhausted. The bright tones from sunset to shadow have an extreme dynamic range. That's why the photo straight from the camera is disappointing at first. Here I show various techniques to show the colors, the contrast, the local contrast and the light again as the situation actually was. Ciao, Jack
  12. Hello, here I enhanced a shot of the medieval old town of San Gimignano in Tuscany/Italy. I took this photo with a tripod and a 13 second exposure. With Affinity Photo, I worked on the light conditions to achieve a dramatic and romantic atmosphere, like it was. I wish you fun with the video. Ciao Jack
  13. Hi, in this Affinity Photo Tutorial I show you how to make a city glow in the evening. Lights should come into their own without burning out. Shadows are lightened, contrasts are enhanced and the colors are adjusted as the eye actually saw them. I wish you fun with the video. Ciao Jack
  14. Hi, some years ago, I made already a video to this topic. Meanwhile the former method doesn't work with the updates/upgrades. But there is another method. 😊 And in this video, I show this. Ciao Jack
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