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  1. Hi DM1, here is a screen shot of your vid that explains what I am talking about. I use selection a lot, and after I have completed what I am attempting to do I noted that I could not long press to deselect because for some reason it defaults to the Hand/View tool. So I need to change tool (and as it is the closest tool to the hand/view tool I activate the move tool which sometimes actually moves the image, ticking me off, politely) or I need to use the pull down menu of the Selection Persona. This happens more often than just replacing a sky. I was not incorrect bringing this up with Bullfrog's problem as it is exactly what I've been talking about for a long time, as well as others. I have spent some time taking a look at this problem noting that there is an indicator of which tool is active. They have moved this function into; not a problem, as defined.
  2. So DM1, when you get your internet up and running, check out what these screenshots from Bullfrog’s videos and take note of when the long press brings up a menu and when it doesn’t. Apparently they wanted a tool that exclusively would not bring up the ‘long press menu”, that one being the view/hand tool that is only used to manipulate the movement of the the image. I sent an email thru the “contact us” and Dan answered it with that message. The View/Hand tool is to be used exclusively to manipulate the movement of the image and nothing else. Many functions end up with the View/Hand tool active, then you need to make another tool active to deselect or use the pull down menu of the Selection Persona to deselect. Here is this complex professional software that amazingly works on the iPad with this real lack of foresight with respect to the view/hand tool. Needs to be changed back to what is originally was. Very cumbersome. Note: Just for clarity when you see me point to the finger touch blue circle, I am aware that it take a finger lift for the menu to appear. So that I am not loading more photos then necessary, I am just pointing you to the point of Hand/View tool active, long press does not trigger the pop-up menu. You will see this when you view the vids.
  3. Hey Bullfrog, you are correct, the long press doesn't work as before, regardless of how many people say it works for them. You will notice that when the view/ hand tool is active you can not long press to bring up the menu. This has changed. DM1 tells you it works for him, and yes it does as long as any other tool is active. I have spent time trying to show the devs that this is a real issue especially when using the selection tool. The end result is that the hand/view tool is active at the end of many processes and then you must switch tool to be able to access the long press or switch to the Selection persona to deselect. This process has been deemed "by design" and that the only reason for the view/hand tool is to manipulate the imagine. I am hoping that more people will speak out about this because it is not only inconvenient but not what one would expect from professional software.
  4. Is there anyway that brushes etc purchased from the contributors of brushes etc within the affinity store that are purchased from these same contributors but outside of your affinity store could somehow be incorporated into our individual accounts? It then becomes much easier to download them with each update. Or perhaps have an ability to do a mass download.
  5. Nope Please don’t consider changing the way you do things Patrick. Sounds like a promotion to me Dan Brooks.
  6. I agree with you. I sent a personal email to serif but have not heard back.
  7. My apologies to you Gabe. I did not intend to be disrespectful. My only excuses would be that my spell checker did it but that is not appropriate as I should have made sure that everything was correct. Thank you carl123 for pointing this out.
  8. Sorry Gabe but this is a ridiculous behaviour and should definitely not be "by design".
  9. DM1 I reread Andy’s post and am confused by his explanation. I am at a loss for the reasoning he gives that this action works for every other tool except the hand/view tool. Next time you make a selection, and there are many other ways then just to highlight something in the Selections Persona, you should note that the active tool is the hand/view tool. This is really awkward and makes no sense at all.
  10. Hi Andy, I am hoping that you will reconsider the long press issue. In many cases when a selection has been done, the tool that is active is the hand/view tool. For example, when one is filling in part of an image, after the Fill commands has completed, the program itself is using the hand/view tool. The only way to deselect is to switch to another tool. There are many other cases where I have a selection and want to deselect and the only way to do this with the long press is to switch to a tool other then the view tool, or change to another persona. I am wondering why this action does not work for all tools. Please see the video I posted that explains this issue.
  11. Not to be a broken record on this problem, but this does need to be fixed. I forgot to turn on show touch but I think that it is obvious what is happening. Long Press should be working with all Tools. rasterize and trim select partial transparent grow fill deselect, not without switching tool RPReplay_Final1612817456.mov
  12. Thanks for checking that DM1, but if one is on the hand tool, it doesn't work. Here again one needs to switch to another tool to get the pop-menu to work. I see that there is a similar post.
  13. Pop up menu to deselect still does not work unless the Move Tool is active.
  14. Check out this web page. There are two links at the top of this page as well. https://wilson.bronger.org/lensfun_coverage.html As well there is a tutorial by James about lens profiles, check it out. This page might help as well: https://lensfun.github.io/calibration/
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