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  1. Would it be possible to be able to access the ‘Show Touch’ option within the edit process. There are times when a video is being made to demonstrate a problem but then one doesn’t want this to be left on. Quite frankly it is distracting and annoying to have to leave the edit process to access the preferences to turn it off. I am sure that there are other preferences that users would like to access without closing an image.
  2. I am having a problem using the adjustment table for white balance. By section with the Apple Pencil, and pop-up table, it jumps to the maximum. When it is on max level and without reset, I can use the table to adjust the setting to where I want it. Rather cumbersome. iPadOS 13.51 iPad Pro 12.9 in (3rd generation) 1T 6gb Attached to the Magic Keyboard, Example shows setting for vibrance. RPReplay_Final1595098317.mov
  3. So I have had several views but none from the mods. This problem is persistent on the one pano image. I believe it may be a something to do with the colours changes as documented in the files. Help
  4. Olivio, I remember seeing a displacement tutorial from the legacy tutorials. Don’t know if you remember this: https://player.vimeo.com/video/136107637
  5. Here are two other images where I have applied the vignette macro (credit: disjecta) without any problems. The fishermen is one image, the red barn is a two image panorama. RPReplay_Final1593890375.mov
  6. So here is the problem, first with respect to the selection tool which is not the same issue as the one already noted in this thread. You will see in the video that there is a small piece of highlighted area and each time I use the selection tool with Subtract, it removes it but then crashes on close. On reopen the selection is still active. RPReplay_Final1593820169.mov I discovered that the way that I could get rid of the selection was to simply ‘double tap’, then save. It then reopens without the selection active. IMG_1042.MOV So from there I wanted to put a vignette on using the methods described in the tutorial section. I opened the image that I double tapped to remove the selection to put the vignette on. It is important to note that this crash with the vignette does not occur on any other image, just this one. I have also built the vignette from scratch, not used the macro and that doesn’t make a difference. I have done the following, re-installed AP, I have actually recreated this image which is a 3 image vertical pano and it crashes on the new image. I will be very happy to upload the original images for you testing. The one thing that would like to note is that I believe that it has something to do with the colour layers. Credit to disjecta and Olivia Sarikas. IMG_1037.MP4
  7. I would say that the videos I directed you to are the latest commands. Try tap and hold with one finger to get the selection menu Undo, Deselect, Duplicate, Delete, Cut, Copy, Paste while you have a selection. Again as I said it is an old video and the gestures apparently have changed over the last 2 1/2 years through numerous updates to the software. Tap with two fingers will undo the last command, tap with three fingers will redo the last command. Tap and hold with two fingers doesn't do what the video described for me either.
  8. Don't know whether this has been mentioned somewhere else, if so please forgive me, but I just wanted to acknowledge all of the effort put into your videos. I am not really a digital creative but I watched with great interest to all the videos that dealt with Affinity Designer. No talent drawing but I did do some and had real fun. Greatly inspired. Thank You. Thanks to all the Affinity Photo presenters, again learned a great deal more with your descriptions of your individual technique. Greatly inspired. Thank you. To the presenters of Affinity Publisher, that I own but have not really tried out, you inspired me to do so. Thank you. To Serif, what an awesome thing to set up for all the users in this really surreal time. Thank you for taking care of the Affinity Community. I see that I have been tagged 'pending approval'. Have I done something wrong? I see that it has now been removed, strange, never had that happen before. I was logged in
  9. Several things that you could include as well. Screen recording of the process. You can start and stop a screen recording from the Apple Widgets. The type of camera you are using.
  10. Really old video Try reviewing the serif videos here: https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/tutorials/photo/ipad/ Scroll down and look for Gestures . You can also find this link on the home screen when you open AP on your iPad. It should show a link to Tutorials
  11. Thanks Chris B for the answer. Didn't notice it and was not aware of the criteria with regard to this tool. Now I have a question, if ones wants to patch an area that is outside these guidelines, is there a way to do that? example: if there is an area that has been cut out (now transparent) can a part of the image be placed there with the patch tool?
  12. I have the same iPad Pro as Dan freeman and have not experienced the kind of behaviour he is describing. I have worked with some very large images, (7 image pano) , lots of manipulations with different tools and personas. In watching his video I noted that his gestures are very fast, something that I don’t do. Is it possible that the iPad is just not catching up to the speed?
  13. Thanks for your reply DM1. I think that I was expecting it to work like it does on the Mac. So I have tried tapping it but the screen seemed to lock up and in frustration I just quit out of the image. But I see now that it is doing the calculations to select the appropriate pixels as all of a sudden with patience it will surprise me with a selection. For some reason I thought that by dragging as it does on the Mac that the tolerance would change on the iPad. It seems not to be that sophisticated. Anyway now I know it is not a bug.
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