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  1. h_d, where are the before and after sliders that you are referring to? Are you referring to these If so on my image these are not operational. Or are you referring to something else?
  2. I noticed this post and was interested in testing this. What h_d described above happens, but then I tried to see what would happen if I moved this out of the child position and place it above, the black lines disappear. As well, in the child position if you remove the Preserve Alpha the line disappear. But with preserve alpha on the lines also disappear as you move the strength up and beyond 25 points. Thought that this might be of interest. Not trying to take away from the fact that it is happening and it should not. Just a little more information.
  3. Not quite. If you had checked, this issue has been brought up before, many times. The devs are not in the business of lense or camera definition. however James has done a help video on how you can do your own. Take a look at it. Affinity uses the two sites that have been highlight above. The web addresses are there for you to look at the sites as they are open for all to view. If other software uses it they get exactly what is there. As far as CaptureOne they are the software part of PhaseOne who are developers of some pretty awesome camera equipment. Sony is part of this effort. I have no idea what On1 is doing at this time, nor Adobe and if truth be told bringing these businesses up as comparison is irrelevant. If people are not satisfied with anything they are to quote you "People are free to exercise their choice any way they feel fit …" Affinity software is awesome and as far as it being competitive they are doing just fine.
  4. Yipe! “Not sure why you felt it necessary to bash Adobe's subscription model. Completely off topic and unnecessary. People are free to exercise their choice any way they feel fit and do not need childish snipes, especially when Adobe's business model has nothing to do with the topic.” Wasn’t bashing them just exercising my right to express my choice. Question? Why are you choosing to make an issue about AP and it’s lens profiles and comparing them to other products? ”Please do not bother responding. ”
  5. And your last statement. I use CaptureOne 20 as well for my photo library. I also have tested out most of the other software and long ago gave up on Adobe products. Don't like subscriptions and snoops. I don't know exactly what you are pointing to when you are comparing other software to AP but as I said before I find that even though two of my lenses are not listed, fe100400gm and fe70200gm I find that AP does a great job with both, very comparable to CaptureOne who partner with Sony.
  6. Here is the link to the camera profiles. https://www.libraw.org/supported-cameras and lensfun here is the link for the lenses https://lensfun.github.io/lenslist/
  7. There are unfortunately lots of Sony lense not supported. AP has a library that they use to support lenses, i think it is called Lensfun. Look it up, it’s here somewhere. Sony lenses and camera seem to be difficult to profile. I run their cameras and lenses, the cameras are supported but only one of my lenses is. And so it goes. Altogether though I don’t find it an issue
  8. Is there any progress on importing gradients into AP for iPad. I note that in the latest beta version there is are black to white gradients included but is there anyway of importing others into AP for iPad?
  9. No worries. Glad to know that it is crashing for you. It doesn't seem to be a problem when running iPadOS beta according to the above comments. Yes I can stitch these images on my iMac as well still running the latest release version of macOS and the AP beta. Curious
  10. Have you been able to reproduce the crashes with the images I unloaded?
  11. I believe this is the crash report JetsamEvent-2020-10-12-101333.zip
  12. I uploaded two more images that crashed in the beta, but here is a vid that shows that it stitches in the release version. This vid is the second time I ran it as I forgot to turn on show touches, and there is some strange anomalies. First when it starts after hitting ok, there is this strange blank screen for a moment, then the length of time to develop is far greater then the first time I ran it. I imagine this is because I did this in straight succession. IMG_1207.MOV
  13. I hear you and as I noted in my post, this is the wrong place. May I therefore make a suggestion about the suggestions, we humans for some reason, like to know that we are being acknowledged. Yes, I know that you, the devs and mods are really busy people, after all look at the awesome software that has been and continues to be produced. But the community is also working with you to make these the best damn apps there ever was. So a little acknowledgment that our suggestions are being read would mean the world to us, perhaps a special dev/mod emoji to show us that we are being taken seriously or just a pain in the butt. Some of the craziest ideas have become pretty revolutionary. just my opinion for what it worth. 😎
  14. Problem is that if you forget to turn it off and you open another image that may require some delicate, not even delicate work, there is this annoying blue dot and the only way to get rid of it is to close the image, open settings to turn it off and then reopen the image. Or if you are working on something and you notice a problem, turn the screen record on to capture it, and you don't have the blue dot, there is always someone who complains that it would be easier to follow with the 'shows touches' on. And yes that is so. To me if the devs want to see the problems or bugs this should not be so difficult to turn on or off. There are lots of times where I could have used this but decide not to just because it is a pain so I let the app crash and send the info thru TestFlight.
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