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  1. Hey GT_IE, try Focus Merge. In the 200+ video tutorials for Affinity Photo, look for the subheading Focus Merging (Focus Stacking). There are 3 excellent videos that will explain how you can perhaps get the result you want. The list I am I am referring to is on the first page of the Tutorial section in case you haven’t seen it yet. I just finished something similar.
  2. p_mac

    Smart Objects for Mockup and Portfolio Reasons

    Arnaud Mez À tune up of that tool will save life of many creators using Affinity products when needed to share or publish their work on portfolio or social networks. I am curious about what else you need tweaking. Would you please explain what you mean?
  3. p_mac

    Embedded document editing

    Hey Affinity, is there a chance you could do a video about embedded documents, that are actually linked documents as well.
  4. p_mac

    Embedded document editing

    Thanks owenr, yes destructive, but now I know how to do the same non-destructively by using Live filter layer - perspective, Move tool - convert to curves, Node tool Can convert this to any shape, Place it in another image, and by using edit image, can edit the shape however I wish. Really cool. I am not sure why people are so upset that AP seems not to have the features of Smart Objects.
  5. p_mac

    Embedded document editing

    Have been reading about smart objects on this form so I viewed a video on PS smart objects. As noted by the awesome moderators, AP has the ability to do almost the same thing. After developing a photo I saved and then Placed it into a predefined doc for printing. However I wanted to do some changes so I clicked the move tool which brought up Edit Document in the header. Clicking that opened the original so that I was able to do the edits with AP filters which automatically updated the Embedded document. However when I tried to wrap an image around an object with the Mesh Warp tool, it updated the Embedded doc but I was not able to go back and change it. Is that possible? The other thing that I noted and this could be because of the camera and lens I was using, after going back and forth a few times, the processing became quite dodgy and slow. I was using a Sony A7R3 and the Sony 100-400 GM lens (not yet supported by Afinity).
  6. p_mac

    Please fix

    Thanks Chris B for bumping the bug report. Much appreciated.
  7. p_mac

    Please fix

    Thanks Alfred for the status on MBd. I come to this site to find out information as sometimes it is tiresome to read all the other things going on. Reading some of the last posts that MBd was contributing to wasn’t pleasant by any of the involved. I appreciate Patrick’s advise to the forum.
  8. p_mac

    Please fix

    Where is MBd? He was such a great helper.
  9. p_mac

    Please fix

    Chris_K replied; Posted February 14, 2017 Thanks p_mac I'll make sure this gets logged
  10. p_mac

    Please fix

    Hi markw, I outlined this problem correctly in Feb 2017 post along with MBd. Here is my post; Posted February 13, 2017 I left this post over at the Photo Beta on Mac Andy, I don't know if this is a bug but I just got a new 15" MacBook Pro 512 SSD with the Touch Pad. I have been seeing that when I am using the Brush Tool, Clone Tool, Inpainting Tool that the Touch Pad and the software are not co-ordinating with the Opacity setting. The Touch Pad slider is setting the opacity but it is not changing on the screen. It seems that the slider once used is setting the rules. Flow, Brush Size, etc are all working perfectly. Hope this is not a redundant post but would you please check this out. Thanks for all the great work you all are doing. MBd seems to be seeing the same issue.
  11. p_mac

    Please fix

    I am sure that there is a thread somewhere about this topic, but as the opacity slider has never worked on my MBP /w Touchpad, using the touchpad, I wanted to ask again. Will this bug ever get fixed? i really love this product and am always talking about it especially to PS users, but this little bug is bugging me.
  12. p_mac

    200 Vector Gradients

    Thank you CienciasMagicas for sharing this awesome resource.
  13. Have you read the entire discussion owenr?
  14. I have tried what has been explained above but am still not satisfied using Photos. My reason is that it only opens an extension of AP, it does not open the AP app so once the edit in the develop persona is completed you are back in Apple Photos. Moonie, I tried this process several times, develop, retouch and was able to get back to photo with the changes. However, the processes are very limited. I tried the selection tool then looked for 'refine' but didn't appear that I could do that. The 'inpainting' tool did it's work. I have a MBP with Touch and had no Touch. Disappointed and limiting. However Apple has never advertised this as an extensive editor so I guess it does as advertised. I think that Photos reacts in the same manner as other apps like LR for example, when you pass the image to another photo app. I don't see this as a bug but as a consistent process. Great conversation and help, thanks all.
  15. Moonie, I was interested in your post so I have been looking at several things. For example, if I simply Export an image out of Photos to my desktop, it exports correctly as a RAW file, but as you say, if you choose edit in Affinity from Photos, you get a TIFF. I am wondering if Photos is doing the conversion before it reaches Affinity. The TIFF file has filters applied when it gets to Affinity, while opening the RAW file that I exported to my desktop into AP comes in just as it should in the Develop persona. They look remarkably different. I am wondering if this is an Apple Photos issue as I do not see how Affinity would applying any filters. My thought is that they are not using the Master when the edit in is being used. When I am using Capture One, I use it to view the photos as it has a good catalogue system. I mostly don't use 'edit in' with this software because it also produces a product that is no longer RAW, but it's sharpening feature is excellent, something that I use when I create Pano's in Affinity (Pano feature is awesome), so I am OK with TIFF files. I use Capture One because Affinity's Media Viewer is really slow and tedious, especially with the size of the RAW files that are produced by the Sony AR3. When it gets better I will use AP's but for now, not so much.