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  1. Hi Affinity team. I would like to express to you that your apps are absolutely awesome. So much so, that even though I have owned Affinity Designer from the start, I really have never used it, until Affinity Designer for iPad launched. I am not a designer, I have really no talent in drawing or so I thought, now I am picking up my iPad and really intent on learning all the nuances of this app. My real talent is with my camera and Affinity Photo. But why have I chosen to write this note. I don't spend a great deal of time on this site anymore because it seems that there are so many people on here that have nothing better to do then express their wants and complaints. I surely can understand the wants, but lets be honest here, there doesn't need to be the wants with all the hollow comments about what would be better. The team at serif have produced these products, they have won awards galore and yet you all complain about this about that about, mind bending attitude. So as per usual I am probably going to get a lot of flack from this note, but I would ask one to think before you post these comments to stop and think about what Affinity has been able to produce in a record time. PLUS, they are probably taking some well deserved holiday time with their families. Peace, and patience to all, with thanks to serif.
  2. Thanks for the reply GabrielM. The second part of my question was about having the raw files to work with. I have a Sony A7R III and the 100-400 GM lens. I have not sent any files so that was why I was asking. I find that the development process is quite different and have needed to find work around at times. An example is with creating panorama I take afternoon/evening photos and find that if I use the raw files for panorama there is a great deal of generated noise. To solve this problem I process with develop persona without noise reduction then use tiffs. I have read about this and some have said that it is the noise reduction that is possibly causing the problem.
  3. Just curious because I have just had some updates to other software where they have finally included Sony A7R III and GM lens. These are not the type of program you guys are developing but I use them as an extension of AP.
  4. Curious about the ETA of updates to the serif supported cameras and lenses. Will there be support for the Sony A7R III and the GM lenses any time soon? Just wondering because even though Apple supports the above, not very complex. A question also, is it because you don't have enough images to work on?
  5. Suburbian, you must have lots of money cause you are paying Adobe monthly fees. I have been using this product since the beginning and have never encountered what you are telling us in your post. I walked away from adobe when they tried to collect fees on my standalone product and their nosey pestering with their phoning home software. I am sure that serif will give you a refund. Mac or Windows? would be a good thing to let them know and what operating system you are running. Perhaps the type of computer. Guess it is back to adobe for you, see ya'.
  6. Hey GT_IE, try Focus Merge. In the 200+ video tutorials for Affinity Photo, look for the subheading Focus Merging (Focus Stacking). There are 3 excellent videos that will explain how you can perhaps get the result you want. The list I am I am referring to is on the first page of the Tutorial section in case you haven’t seen it yet. I just finished something similar.
  7. Arnaud Mez À tune up of that tool will save life of many creators using Affinity products when needed to share or publish their work on portfolio or social networks. I am curious about what else you need tweaking. Would you please explain what you mean?
  8. Hey Affinity, is there a chance you could do a video about embedded documents, that are actually linked documents as well.
  9. Thanks owenr, yes destructive, but now I know how to do the same non-destructively by using Live filter layer - perspective, Move tool - convert to curves, Node tool Can convert this to any shape, Place it in another image, and by using edit image, can edit the shape however I wish. Really cool. I am not sure why people are so upset that AP seems not to have the features of Smart Objects.
  10. Have been reading about smart objects on this form so I viewed a video on PS smart objects. As noted by the awesome moderators, AP has the ability to do almost the same thing. After developing a photo I saved and then Placed it into a predefined doc for printing. However I wanted to do some changes so I clicked the move tool which brought up Edit Document in the header. Clicking that opened the original so that I was able to do the edits with AP filters which automatically updated the Embedded document. However when I tried to wrap an image around an object with the Mesh Warp tool, it updated the Embedded doc but I was not able to go back and change it. Is that possible? The other thing that I noted and this could be because of the camera and lens I was using, after going back and forth a few times, the processing became quite dodgy and slow. I was using a Sony A7R3 and the Sony 100-400 GM lens (not yet supported by Afinity).
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    Thanks Chris B for bumping the bug report. Much appreciated.
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    Thanks Alfred for the status on MBd. I come to this site to find out information as sometimes it is tiresome to read all the other things going on. Reading some of the last posts that MBd was contributing to wasn’t pleasant by any of the involved. I appreciate Patrick’s advise to the forum.
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    Where is MBd? He was such a great helper.
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    Chris_K replied; Posted February 14, 2017 Thanks p_mac I'll make sure this gets logged
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    Hi markw, I outlined this problem correctly in Feb 2017 post along with MBd. Here is my post; Posted February 13, 2017 I left this post over at the Photo Beta on Mac Andy, I don't know if this is a bug but I just got a new 15" MacBook Pro 512 SSD with the Touch Pad. I have been seeing that when I am using the Brush Tool, Clone Tool, Inpainting Tool that the Touch Pad and the software are not co-ordinating with the Opacity setting. The Touch Pad slider is setting the opacity but it is not changing on the screen. It seems that the slider once used is setting the rules. Flow, Brush Size, etc are all working perfectly. Hope this is not a redundant post but would you please check this out. Thanks for all the great work you all are doing. MBd seems to be seeing the same issue.