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    Embedded afphoto documents

    It's been in AP forever. Works really well, or it did, haven't tried it in the new beta yet.
  2. This seems to be happening here as well. Refining a selection is absolutely impossible with the pencil lag. Don't know if this is significant but it only happens with AP. Pulling up AP with the white bar at bottom to apply other apps is almost unresponsive initially, greyed out. The lag is frustrating. it doesn't matter what I'm working on. Tried two image pano, five image HDR merge, one image. With the HDR merge can't get rid of the profile info at bottom of screen. (exposure, gamma, ICC). Applying a filter changes it but after application the aforementioned comes back. Is that by design. 2018 12.5" iPad Pro 1T
  3. And the good news is that with iPadOS coming in the fall, we will be able to save to an external device. Yes!!!!!! When they start with the betas again, sign up for the beta for iPad. You can have much more of an influence on the way the app functions.
  4. msgphoto what I have found that does seem to work is to save often. Yes you are correct this iteration is slow but I'm not ready to give up because I know it will get better. How I deal with saving and uploading, I don't upload to any cloud storage. I save to my iPad then I use Airdrop to my computer. Cloud storage is very dependent on the upload speed and mine is terrible. You do have a half a T of storages to use hoping you have a Mac computer? If you don't already know saving to photos on the iPad doesn't need an export. Use the save button bottom left of your screen to save to photos on your iPad. Unfortunately it won't save in AP format
  5. DM1, ahead of you by about 10 hours but thanks.
  6. I don’t want to go back to 1.6 at all. Please see my post to your other comment to me.
  7. msgphoto you are not coming across nitpicking, you are just frustrated with the release but I am confident that serif will figure this all out. I am referring to personal picking about the way I may have said something because the member has interpreted it without consideration to the message, by members answering posts as though they are the ultimate authority and others are just plain ‘dumb’, and of course the members who constantly refer to themselves as professionals, blah, blah and that this program is ruining their ‘professional’ lives, they are going back to the other guy. To me a true professional doesn’t act in this manner, they either help or they go back to the other guy without fanfare. And I do get frustrated sometimes with the moderators who sometimes basically ignore my posts, maybe because I am using more complex functions then they want to deal with now, however, I have removed myself from beta help even though I use. This is an awesome piece of software, so don’t get discouraged. I should be using my macs but I had a hit to my temple about 2 years ago, still don’t remember much about it but the concussion has made it very difficult to work on a bigger screens. The time I can work is getting longer, but using the iPad Pro is just much easier. I bought the most expensive iPad Pro with the 1TB and 6GB. It is a real workhorse and can do most of the things, albeit taking a bit longer. The bugs in this iteration however have slowed it a bit and they have not really showed us how much has changed which is also frustrating. But this is a small staff and they will get to it. Stick with it msgphoto edit: just so you know I started using AP on my first gen iPad Pro 12.9” with a much small 256GB and 4GB and it was a little bit slower that this one but it would do the job. It’s not the iPad, you don’t need to go out and spend a fortune
  8. Now because I have tried to start anew, the fill setting has set itself to inpainting which has now created another problem. When the Fill starts now it just ‘hangs’. How can I reset the programs without deleting it as I will loose all my work that is also stored on my iPad. Unfortunately I can’t move them into photos, and my upload speed is so slow you can see the ‘bits’ leave.
  9. Hi Paul, I have the newest and best iPad Pro, you asked me in another post, and I was interested in your comment above. I didn’t join into the beta program for a reason. My post about inpaint fill has been completely ignored and has been up for a bit. I screen recorded that vid and then edited it to just show the length of time and the process that my iPad went through to complete the inpaint fill process. Generally I try to show in my posts what is happening but also these are not the general processes that most people would do (they are also not the most complex). I find the nitpicking of some of the forum member quite disgusting to the point where I now choose to ‘not come to the forum’ unless I am looking for an answer to a problem. I have not had a crash but have had many ‘hangs’ with this new op where I need to quit the app, losing all my work. So it is not an inviting atmosphere even though I would have liked to be part of the beta program.
  10. 12.9-inch iPad Pro -1TB iOS 12.3.1 I believe that there is an issue because to do this task with 1.6 was easy. This is only a two image pano. With the previous op it easily stitch and processed a 14 image pano, and did the task we’re talking about here with ease. Either they have changed the process, as they did with the “+” button removal or this is not working properly. To be exact, I have tried the stitch again on this image, which was really fast, but I am getting some pretty doggy processing on this Fill issue. Unfortunately I have a problem sometimes with “level’, and handheld camera with large lenses, so I really would like this feature to run smoothly. Sometimes you just need to take the shot before the light goes away so no time to get the tripod.
  11. Hi James, firstly thank you for the revamped tutorials, they are awesome as usual. I was wondering if you could give us a tutorial on the new HSL filter. It is vastly changed and I would like the perspective on how much has changed as it seems to be much more complex than the previous iteration. With thanks in advance.
  12. Process select transparent areas grow selection Fill Notice in the short vid, the fill is initially ‘solid and white’ so it fills the transparent area with white, however you will notice that when I change this to inpainting, the area stays white. The processing then starts but is seems that before it can inpaint it first much remove the white to make it transparent again. At this point the Fill process begins. Should this be happening this way? RPReplay_Final1559764211.mov
  13. OK, found the elusive “+” sign. Was looking for the way 1.6 worked.
  14. In trying to create a pano, there is no way to access the pano or other functions
  15. A question out of curiosity about buying directly from serif, does the lack of sandbagging allow for plugins to run more smoothly? As they are still running on the MacOS, iOS is there not still limitations from the OS itself. Really interested in an answer to my inquiry.