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  1. Excellent tutorial. Thank you Multi4G. The tip on background colours with average blur was enlightening.
  2. Unfortunately switching to the Apple engine doesn't help with the large files in AP. It is just recently that I have been able to see the images in a file created on my new iMac which has an 8gb VRAM. As a matter of interest, the compressed files of the a7rM4 are not recognized when trying to import into Photos on the iPad Pro. But I a sure everything will be caught up in a bit. My interest was in what the devs might have to contribute to this conversation.
  3. They import correctly Sized into Capture One
  4. Correct for one, the other is the a7rM3 both show in AP as 32-bit(hdr) images but only half their size in mp
  5. Sony a7rM3 and Sony a7rM4 raw files. Camera setting is for Uncompressed in both cameras. The file size are ~85mp and ~122mp respectively as shown in download files
  6. Curious about the issue of AP with compressed and uncompressed RAW files. Images that should be twice the size are only showing as the compressed size. e.g. compressed size 43mp; uncompressed size 86mp When uncompressed file is opened in AP the file info shows the size as 43mp not 86mp. This is the same is for the 61mp compressed and 122mp; uncompressed for a7r4. is this normal?
  7. It is my understanding that photo stream can store photos at a lower resolution then if they are stored in iCloud. here is a link to one article that may explain this https://www.lifewire.com/what-is-photo-stream-1994617
  8. This may be a coincidence but I noted that all your brushes that won’t import have the procreate logo on them. Mine as well. So I deleted the Procreate app and the logo changed to an Affinity brush. At this point they would install. The smoke brush crashed and never installed. Some of the snow brushes were block shaped. It seems that the procreate app takes priority.
  9. Thanks MEB for your response and for logging it. It would seem that a bit of improvement would be good. I just need to remember that it doesn't work the way I expect it to work.
  10. There is no sync between selected points on the photo gradient and the dropdown menu. I have initially chosen the bottom point on the gradient but when I open the dropdown, the top point is highlighted, so without noticing this I started to do the adjustment which affected the sky, not the snow. I needed to select the right point to alter the snow. When I inserted a middle point on the gradient line it didn't sync with the position on the drop down. Should this not function with some coordination? Hope this is making more sense. gradient position sync problem.mov
  11. Sorry MEB, I really was as clear as mud in my description. I will do a screen clip to show you what I am having an issue with. It hasn't anything to do with the colour picker but rather with the position of the points on the gradient line.
  12. When using the gradient tool picking a point on screen to adjust then moving to the drop down menu to adjust the colour does not sync to the point picked on the screen.
  13. p_mac

    Infer LUT

    Thanks walt.farrell, for your reply. I was not understanding how to apply this at all. Finally found the video for infer LUT Affinity Photo desktop and now it is very clear why it goes back twice. The other things that are important are: images must be the same size and the same colour space. Amazing how much one forgets and how great the videos are that are so generously provided to keep us refreshed. thank you serif.
  14. p_mac

    Infer LUT

    A couple of questions about Infer LUT What format does the image that you are inferring the LUT from? When I was using a .tiff image, pressed infer LUT, that took me to the image I wanted to us, selected it from cloud, screen went back to AP, then went back to the cloud source where I needed to select it again. It then went back to AP and applied the LUT. Is having to select the image twice the normal process?
  15. That's insulting considering that most of the notable photographs of the world were shot by hobbyists. You know the definition of a professional photographer is one that has sold one photograph. Nice comment swenpaylay. That will go a long way with the devs and mods. The attitude that is 'frustrating and enflames the tone of your feedback no doubt'; belong to you and you alone. Again you have choices and nobody has or will twist your arm to stay with software that is not working for you. Surely as you are a successful professional photographer you can afford the cost of adobe. Not quite sure about you but I live in a democracy and can and will post wherever and whenever I read such insulting comments.

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