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  1. Go into the macro library, select the macro then right click, select edit macro. This will take you into the macro so you can see the steps. I noticed that it only works for 200%. Personally it is much simpler to select layer, resize canvas, unlock, then [length]*2, thereby doubling the length. Or perhaps you just want 3/4th, so [length]*1.75. This doesn’t require a specific measure, pixels*2 or inches*1.5 or as was stated above pixels +250, whatever.
  2. p_mac

    Corrupted file

    When this has happened to me occasionally I usually try it again to make sure that it was not something that I had done. Do so and see what happens.
  3. p_mac

    Media Browser

    Thanks Walt, hope they re-evaluate their decision. It would be nice for AP to have it’s own catalogue system.
  4. Thanks Dan C for your quick reply. Appreciate the links and now I see. Not as easy as the LR tool but it will have to do. I purchased a teleconverter for one of my lenses and it apparently had a degraded weather seal ( was sold to me as new). This created a very bad and large spot on my sensor, so bad that the sensor needed to be replaced as it could not be cleaned. The attempt at cleaning just created a bigger mess. Some of the images were worth keeping but didn't know how to clean them up. This technique seems to work well. Thanks again.
  5. Is there a way to see dust spots more easily in AP? The following is a link to how LR deals with the issue. https://www.naturettl.com/how-to-quickly-find-remove-all-dust-spots-in-lightroom/ If there is no way to do this in AP would it be possible to create a way?
  6. p_mac

    Media Browser

    Was looking for the media browser in the new beta and noticed it was gone. Is it being worked on and coming back? Haven't looked before so I don't know when it disappeared.
  7. p_mac

    Listen to the users... please

    Chris B, here is an example I believe is what is being referred to in: '3. Transform areas of the image' https://phlearn.com/tutorial/how-to-stretch-images-using-content-aware-scale/ In PS the Content Aware Tool is used to freeze part of the photo so that only the area that you want to transform does so. I may be incorrectly understanding what Maestrotobertus is asking for but this ability has always been on my list of wants. In AP I now use the square selection tool and then transform but it has some real problems as it does not scale well with respect to area inside the selection and always leaves a gap.
  8. p_mac

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    I have a very slow internet connection but this has not be a problem before. The issue, downloading update thru app would not complete on both of my computers. However downloading from the site downloads and installs perfectly. I noticed that their was a difference in the size with in in app file being larger then the file directly from your site. iMac (27-inch, Later 2013) MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2016)
  9. p_mac

    Luminousity masks

    Thanks DM1, will give it a try.
  10. Is it possible to generate a luminosity mask on the iPad just as one can do on the Mac. The Mac requires modifiers as the image is clicked. Or is there a macro to produce the mask?
  11. Thank you so much BrianG67 and Chris B for reminding me about how to create a Luminosity Mask. There have been so many new and great changes to AP that I completely forgot about this so valuable tool.
  12. p_mac

    Edit>inpaint crashes .107

    Hi applewoodj, I saw your post and was curious about your use of the Select > Alpha Range > Select Partially Transparent as I have always used Select Fully Transparent, then Grow/Shrink to select some of the image. I tried your method and when I used File > Inpaint, Photo beta was crashing. Repeated this several times So i decided to use File > Fill > Inpainting. It did not crash. Repeated several times with no crashing. For Chris B, I am using and older iMac (27-inch, Late 2013 that does not support Metal. Is there perhaps a problem with File > Inpaint?
  13. p_mac

    Ipad app crashes on export to photos

    Hi Donald Chandonnet, watch my video, it works for me 5A11C95D-18D9-497F-A257-C462C8D3AEB4.mov
  14. p_mac

    High Pass sharpening

    Just saw your reply GabrielM and to your reply, yes my post was rather vague. I will post again later to explain better to the problem I am seeing (perhaps not a problem just a misunderstanding o usage).
  15. I saw your post and signed in just to say; Thank you nezumi