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  1. Noticed this same issue when using the gradient tool. Using the pencil if I hesitate just a second it picks a colour and negates the gradient tool.
  2. p_mac

    HDR Merge taking an age

    Just so you know, I uploaded 4 more images for HDR. Hopefully they get to you and this time they are Raw files. sent these ones because there is a well defined tree, interesting clouds. and very dark area in the bottom. ‘I have developed these before the problems and was able to bring out the dark areas, clean up the noise, etc. As AP doesn’t support the Sony a7r3 camera, there is a visible perimeter distortion. Lens used Sony FE 55mm f1.8 ZA Would you be interested in a pano?
  3. p_mac

    HDR Merge taking an age

    Hi Chris B, I tried as you can see to upload some images for you while I was on my MacBook Pro and as you can see is was not successful. I thought that I would give it one last go to upload to Dropbox using my iPad Pro. The upload was successful and very quick. There was no indication that something was blocking the uploads on my Mac but guess there was. Will need to figure that one out. I have some images for Stacking that I will try to upload to you because there is a real time issue with that process as well and when it finished it is impossible to work on. But I found that if I can get a save on all these processes, if I come back after a quit, there is a small amount of time that the iPad works well with your software, but they begins to stall and slows down to a crawl. UPDATE: Apparently the reason the first 3 bracketed images uploaded quickly was because they were jpeg. How that happened is a mystery. Apparently Dropbox keeps a record of the email addresses that one is required to enter in order to upload to a shared address and they used that information to send me an email to tell me what I had uploaded. I don't work with jpegs, don't shoot them so there would be no way for me to upload them The 10 stack images were all Raw.
  4. p_mac

    HDR Merge taking an age

    Finally!!!!!! I tried for an hour, The three files uploaded but they were corrupted. I have no idea what is going on. I definitely don't have the Midas touch. Would really like to know why I couldn't upload to Dropbox. Was getting to almost 100% upload, then I would get the didn't upload message.
  5. p_mac

    HDR Merge taking an age

    Dropbox keeps telling me - something went wrong, try again - so I'll try to upload 3 images here. All upload tries were unsuccessful. Have no idea what is going on. I have completed this merge on my MacBook Pro and my iPad Pro (3rd ten) 1T 6GB running 12.4.1 and the quality of the merge on both is pretty awesome, however working on the iPad is so slow and then trying to add filters etc is almost impossible.
  6. p_mac

    Minimum Blur

    Thanks for that explanation about darkening the areas. Sounds reasonable. But the original image had no transparent area around the perimeter prior to the application of the Minimum Blur. I was interested in why Protect Alpha was not protecting the perimeter area of the image after the filter was applied because I was under the impression that is what Protect Alpha was supposed to do. When Protect Alpha is not enabled, I understand the transparent perimeter, but when it is enabled should the perimeter area still be transparent?
  7. I don't agree with your statement here at all. When you and Peter P started to complain you were just complaining. Many people were annoyed at you all. You started to help when you presented some serious examples. But let's face it, it is the same old scribble test, nothing that shows any serious applications. The mods don't have anything to do with the software and some have been really instructive others just short and rude. I don't think any of the developers are hiding away at all. I think they are flummoxed at this point. As for hiding away, they are probably scanning the massive code of this software trying to find the problem which I think is a very small but devastating glitches. Probably looking for a needle in a haystack. Stop slagging the devs. As far as being "unpaid, unappreciated, unrecognised, and unwanted beta tester. When issues are raised, it has felt like the customer is the problem, not the product.", being a beta tester is your choice. Right now I have other things that require my attention so when I say 'I'm done' I didn't say I was going to quit the Affinity products, but just step away until this is fixed. And it will be fixed.
  8. I think that if they are only depending on the scribble tests then I am losing all faith. There is a bigger issue here because I am looking at Panorama, HDR Merge, Stacks all the things that this app was able to do. I think to continue to only look at this silly test that initially created a situation where they flipped a switch to allow more memory on this particular issue may have increased the problem. Today for some reason I thought that I would test again a panorama, one that I easily stitched 6 - 43mp images with one of the very first 1.7 betas, rendered, edited in the pano mode, developed, added all kinds of filters that, may have taken 3/4 an hour. Today I used 5 of those images, and after 1 hour and 5 minutes it crashed. I was only able to do the follow; stitch, render 1/2 hour, and attempt twice to clean up an area in the render screen (didn't work) 1/2 hour and then for another 5 minutes to tried to complete the render by saying OK thinking I could do a save and CRASH, 1 hour 5 minutes gone. The rendering of the images was awesome but it was impossible to work on. The processing is really good for the functions but the time is painful and then when you get the completion you can't work on it. So is this a cache problem? Just gets so full it can't function. Is it a link to the touch of the actual screen of the iPad and the software, because once you get a process completed it's awesome. Masking a filter can be painful but can work well in another application. The issues are not random. I needed to be at home today so I had time to waste and wasted it was. I was asked today to upload some images to Dropbox today and because I refuse to use Dropbox and I was required to sign in I noticed that it didn't seem to be a share link at all so hopefully the mod see this and sends me the link where I don't need to sign in to Dropbox. As I said I'm kind of done I'll just use Capture One 12 until they get this fixed, but since I depend on creating panos, merges, et al this will be a very limiting time.
  9. The beta is still in TestFlight to install, but at this point, I’m kind of done with this software. I don’t believe this has anything to do with the architecture of the iPad Pro, and everything to do with the software. There was that glitch with the scribble test that they ‘fixed’ as they believed that the memory was not being released properly. There was also a reasoning by one of the mods that with the size of the files that AP gets overwhelmed and crashes, but I have had a CPU app monitoring that and there is no indication that is happening. I’ve also detailed process carefully that has been ignored, snarky comments from one mod, crash reports sent. There is a serious glitch here and it could be a matter of flipping a switch or a major cause for rewrite. Anyway, this app was awesome prior to 1.7, with this iPad Pro (3rd gen) and now it will only do mundane tasks. Not a good selling point for the software. So sad as I truly believed in this company, recommended it to everyone.
  10. p_mac

    HDR Merge taking an age

    Hi Chris B, this doesn’t appear to be a request folder as there is no way to up load files into it. I don’t use Dropbox and don’t want to sign up for Dropbox. Looking at a link you sent in another post regarding panos, the link has the word request in it and a way to upload. Glad to share with a better link. Tried a pano last night, again really slow but then almost impossible to work on. The pano stitch is really good, but how good is that if you can’t work on it Stacking, described in detail in one of my posts, is really slow, and almost impossible to work on after.
  11. Just so you know I made that comment just after the release of 1.7 and then the betas were released. I wasn't having any problems at that time but as they tried to fix issues by testing new betas the app went backwards. They found with the persistence of Peter Pokorny a bug where the app was using only half the memory needed, however that fix seemed to have created many other problems. So you and many others are really having a great deal of problems and now so am I. So my apologies if I offended you way back then.
  12. p_mac

    HDR Merge taking an age

    Having the exact same problem with both HDR and Panos. Also using a Sonly a7r3. Have detailed posts but so fact no comments. Maybe they will now take an interest. i can tell you that doing the above was absolutely no problem with 1.6, and with the early betas of 1.7, but for some reason, in the later beta versions, and the released app 1.7, it somehow completely reversed its ability to do almost anything without lagging and/or crashing. Thanks for reporting these issues.
  13. Just surmising here, but your setting is on ‘current layer’. What if the filter is acting on the image layer, but is still separate or not yet part of the image, and you work on just that layer, would it not work sans the perspective filter? Try turning on ‘current and below’ and see what happens.
  14. Hi MEB I want to compliment you on the way you handle the issues that users have particularly 'Affinity shouldn't crash in any circumstance - no workaround justifies a crash.' I love Affinity yet when I have a crash, sending a crash report along with the description, I have been given the reply: 'Can you constantly replicate this or was it just a one-off?' You put into words exactly what I have been trying to say for a long time. If I can do something that crashes the software once is enough whether I can reproduce it or not ever again is a non issue, it crashed, with a crash report. This attitude has also made me emotional, no, very miffed, Pixelhaufen so I am with you. Even though I do spend copious amounts of time testing it seems to be totally ignored even though I can crash the software, give step by step descriptions as most of the time the site does not let me upload vids at times of real problems that I find. I joined the beta program, I really care. You are so right to say this to the devs. I totally agree and I don't want this bump in the road to destroy this awesome software. Devs please listen, read my posts cause I've said the same things. Thanks again MEB for your patience and generosity of listening and responding.
  15. p_mac

    Stacking takes very long

    I haven’t had any processing done in seconds, even the one I described above with only 2 raw images Using 10 - 43mp Raw images, process took 8 minutes 16.25 seconds. Took 2 screen shots one during processing and one as the image was created. From this point on I screenshot the next 10 minutes 47 seconds that showed how unresponsive AP was for a great period of time, again with the CPU monitor. if you would like to see the video let me know but I will describe it to you here as I am sure I won’t be able to upload it. initial Stack Mode was set to maximum but it wasn’t Maximum Mode as by scrolling thru modes there was no changes at all in the appearance of the image. At 1min 50 seconds, I turned the layer off. image obviously went transparent. [all this time the CPU usage and load was staying pretty steady] Immediately tried to turn layer back on. ~1 min 55 sec was able to open up the layer to see the 10 images, without layer enabled. At 2 min 17 sec was able to enable layer but still had transparent screen at 3min 2 sec image appeared again with a change in the image, maximum mode (correct) opened the Stack Mode at 3 min 11 sec where I was able to scroll thru the modes with hesitation. set mode to Mean Merge visible at 4 minute 35 secs, [CPU range from ~14% with a few spikes max ~60%] Merge completed at 9 min 6 sec Turned off stack layer at ~9 min 12 sec renamed Merge layer process ~9 min 31 sec turned off Merged layer, tried to turn on stack layer, transparent scree finally enabled at 10 min 2 sec. scrolling through Stack Modes, very responsive as images changed quickly. settled on Median 10 min 47 sec I would say that this was a very long time. i was also trying to see if a played around turning layers On and Off if it would produce a crash but I did it slowly to wait for reaction. What I described previously where I generated a crash was turning the perspective filters on and off. The whole process to this point took ~19 minutes. then applied 2 filters Brightness and contrast Curves Both with halting responsiveness. CPU load was pretty steady and with Avg Load (1, 5, 15 min) ~3, 3, 2.5) iPad Pro (3rd gen) 1T 6GB: iOS 12.4 one app running CPU monitor, Bluetooth, Screenshots taken, ScreenRecording enabled for ~10 minutes, WiFi disabled enough time dedicated to this issue, Save took almost 5 minutes of the spinning stall ball.