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  1. @stokerg yes it looks as though everything is working as it should with apologies for misspelling your name. Thanks to @DM1 for spelling lesson and @walt.farrell for technical advice.
  2. Hey stoker could you please let me know how to address you “@stoker”
  3. The black thumbnails occurred when the camera software was version 1. After updating to version 2, there has been no problem. I just imported uncompressed files with no difficulty to Photos and imported into AP both ways.
  4. I am using the iPad Pro third edition, an old one. The photo of the airplane was imported on May 24, however any images that I import now show thumbnails. There has been an update since then. The image of the duck and ducklings that are recent is a larger file and the thumbnails are visible. I am going to take some uncompressed full frame shots to see if their thumbnails are visible. Perhaps all of this has been resolved. You will notice that the Apple Photo shows all the thumbnails, however when I use the import form camera, the thumbnails are blacked out (video 1), but when I drag and drop they are visible. It was that process that I was curious about. Even though the thumbnails are not visible, a long press would reveal the image but it was kind of hit and miss and annoying. Initially I had no way to view my files. AP would import them easily but it was hit and miss to view the images just in a file. The library app I was using did not recognize images from my camera so I scrambled to find one that I would use. Hopefully at some point serif will be able to incorporate a library system. More investigation to come. Just an aside, the image of the trees and their reflection was a pano stitch (thumbnails were not visible) one on the raws files and it did it with perfection. It was 3 handheld shots. AP is awesome.. 😁
  5. iPadOS 16.5 which is up to date. Using the latest version of Affinity Photo 2 beta 2.1.0(1799) and Affinity Photo 2 v 2.1.0 I just discovered something that should be of interest. In one set of photos I used full frame, In the 2nd set I used the crop sensor function. In Apple photos both set show up but when using import from camera the full frame thumbnails are still blacked out. I still think that this lies inside AP V2 _DSC2913.arw _DSC2569.arw
  6. I have noticed this topic has been mentioned and found a topic that had degenerated into bashing Apple. I was not able to view thumbnails from my Sony Ar7M5 cameras but was able to import them into Affinity Photo. Today I noticed that the thumbnails are now visible in Photo. However what I noticed when in Affinity V.2 (latest version) as well as the beta version, there is an interesting quirk. When importing thru the ‘Open’ icon in Affinity Photo and ‘Import from Photos’, the image thumbnails are still blacked out. However when I drag and drop from Photos, the thumbnails are visible. I noticed with use of ‘Open’ icon, a long press on the blacked out thumbnail produces a fly out where the image is visible. I called Apple today but with the way that Photos is working today, this appears that it could be a bug in Affinity Photo RPReplay_Final1686158783.mov
  7. Thanks MEB, I am still using the first iPad Pro with 1T of memory and I do have a keyboard but often remove the iPad when I am using Photo. Much more convent when doing fine work. Was the removal of the gesture for deselect by design?
  8. Not sure why I was not getting the overlays on my first try but now I am getting everything working as it should. I don’t think that I was using a tiff but if I happened to grab one by mistake would that cause a problem. Also, is there a gesture to ‘deselect’. I know that there is a deselect in the ‘square box’ in the left top.
  9. After selecting an area then pressing refine the overlays don't appear. Don't have anyway to see what is being worked on. Very flawed at this moment.
  10. Thanks Chris B. yes I have the latest beta and it is working as you have described.
  11. Three finger tap used to generate a redo action. In the new beta, the redo now appears in the popup menu which is opened with the three finger tap. Neither seem to be working for me. Am I missing a trick or something? RPReplay_Final1634022343.mov
  12. I am assuming that this is the issue that I have been telling you about. I don’t believe that it has been fixed, made a bit better. It is sort of a mixed bag now. Please see video below. RPReplay_Final1626807392.mov
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