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  1. Thanks MEB, I am still using the first iPad Pro with 1T of memory and I do have a keyboard but often remove the iPad when I am using Photo. Much more convent when doing fine work. Was the removal of the gesture for deselect by design?
  2. Not sure why I was not getting the overlays on my first try but now I am getting everything working as it should. I don’t think that I was using a tiff but if I happened to grab one by mistake would that cause a problem. Also, is there a gesture to ‘deselect’. I know that there is a deselect in the ‘square box’ in the left top.
  3. After selecting an area then pressing refine the overlays don't appear. Don't have anyway to see what is being worked on. Very flawed at this moment.
  4. Thanks Chris B. yes I have the latest beta and it is working as you have described.
  5. Three finger tap used to generate a redo action. In the new beta, the redo now appears in the popup menu which is opened with the three finger tap. Neither seem to be working for me. Am I missing a trick or something? RPReplay_Final1634022343.mov
  6. I am assuming that this is the issue that I have been telling you about. I don’t believe that it has been fixed, made a bit better. It is sort of a mixed bag now. Please see video below. RPReplay_Final1626807392.mov
  7. Thank you for all your hard work to improve this awesome software. Slowing but surely. Don’t want to be a nag but do want to highlight an improvement that i noticed with the latest update with regard to the adjustments to levels, curves, procedural textures, or anything that use an adjustment menu. What I have noticed is that for examples Levels, by using the left-right arrows the operations work properly. However, the pop-up menu do not. IMG_1499.MOV
  8. Was playing around with Procedural texture and found some very strange behaviour. Two ways to use the menu, as a pop-up, and with the left-right arrows. There seems to be some function to the latter, but the pop-up menu is very strange. Please see video. Hope you can reproduce this issue. IPad Pro 12.5”, latest iPadOS IMG_1492.MOV RPReplay_Final1625808964.mp4
  9. I believe you can buy the app without the iPad. Just don't download it until you get it. I actually gifted AP to a friend. She received it then downloaded it to her new iPad. As long as you have an Apple account don't think it will be a problem. DM1 has a great suggestion. Thank you for all your videos, love them, I don't have a YouTube account so can't 'like' you.
  10. Just one more thing. Capture One is coming to iPad. They are working on the beta as I type. No it doesn’t stitch Panos or do stacking but wow does it do a job on all things other. I want serif software to be extremely successful, especially on iPad but right now AP had forced me to do my work on on my desktop computers. Rarely am I using my iPad any more. I am 😪
  11. Hi walt.farrell I guess that you are correct but these two adjustments are pretty important. If you watched tutorials these are pretty much go to adjustments, curves in particular. There are other adjustments that nobody really cares if they work or not but I would say this is not the case for these two. To have the intricacies of them not functioning correctly for such an extended period of time, first noticed early 2021, makes this software less then professional as it has gone thru several iterations of release and beta formats. Maybe nobody uses any more then adjusting the master curve but why then include all the professional technique? I am annoyed and I guess they are also annoyed. Sorry but please fix.
  12. Gabe, this is not a duplicate. The issue was logged in the last release as not operating properly. Please log it as still not fixed in this new beta as a reminder for the developers to look at. The Levels and Curves adjustment that I have been following for a long time are still not fixed in this new beta. The scroll menu is still behaving irrationally, not displaying the correct properties for colour type and/or incomplete. If necessary I will make a video but I think that I have shown this issue well in other posts.
  13. Sorry for the length of this video but I hope this may help you as well. All of the adjustment have their own mask. If you want to affect only a portion of your image you can invert the adjustment as shown in the video (make sure to activate it) then paint in with a white brush the area you want affected. Notice you can toggle the mask to see it. Hope this makes sense. IMG_1476.MOV
  14. Hi BAGraphics, check out this video tutorial for iPad? https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/tutorials/photo/ipad/category/creative-tools/ It shows your how to use masking to get a good selection. Check it out and I hope it is what you are looking for.
  15. Just wondering if there is a new beta version of Affinity Photo coming for iPad.
  16. hi Chris B Have had no problems since they reverted back some of the new features to create the new release. The stitch was good. This was happening when I was doing some adjustments on the image.
  17. When testing I often use the same images to test new betas and releases. Have not had this problem prior to the latest beta release. The stitching process is very fast and the initial entry into pano correction is normal. But when I have then tried to do some edition with the brush tool, everything goes bad. I have reset my iPad, deleted and reinstalled the AP beta app without success. IMG_1406.MP4 Photo iPad-2021-03-25-110039.ips.zip Photo iPad-2021-03-25-111419.ips.zip Photo iPad-2021-03-25-112204.ips.zip Photo iPad-2021-03-25-114242.ips.zip crashes sent to Apple
  18. Long press in Hand Tool has been reinstated in the latest beta. It is now working for all tools. Let the devs know that this is much appreciated.
  19. Glad it worked out for you
  20. Hey DM1, here is the macro I wrote for my Mac but works as well on my iPad. For some reason I couldn’t upload the one from hanshab so I viewed the vid he referenced and wrote one myself, then exported into my iPad My Macros.afmacros
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