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  1. Yes you can, sort of. Due to being able to multitask with ios11. I opened the iPhoto app on top of the import pane of AP, scrolled thru possible images and when I found one I wanted to work on I dragged it over to the AP side of the screen and it imported to the “saved” images in AP. Then I just closed the iPhoto’s window and opened the imported image. Depending on size, it may take a few seconds to import. Not it as good as “open/edit with” but you can scan and drag/drop a bunch of images quickly. The only downside I see with this is you can’t view the iPhoto image full size. Though this is better than the tiny preview you do get when importing through AP import. Hope this helps. Bruce
  2. Thanks! Personally I think think this should be in the layers box and not all the way across the workspace.
  3. I would love to do the same. I bought the app and love it but to answer your question. NO, I have yet to find a way to open an image from the photo app. I go into the menu of the photo app and Afinity photo is not given as an option nor cam it be added. This is a huge drawback to workflow but it is not a good enough reason to not buy the app.
  4. Thank You all for the advice! Found it and started using it.
  5. Hello all... I am trying out the iPad version of Photo and really loving it. I have all the photoshop shortcuts down from years of use and spending some time figuring out the transitions needed. Prblem I am having is in two ares... 1 - When I make a selection in the selection persona and make my adjustments in the photo persona I can’t find the way to then deselect the marching ants! Why is there not (unless I am just missing it) a “deselect” or “hide” command? 2 - Why can’t I just paint a mask to do my adjustments with? One would think having a paintbrush to quickly paint over an area to do burn/dodge or the like would be a no brainer. THis is the only reason I use photoshop fix, it is soooooo simple to make these adjustments. Again, I may just be missing it so please help me out. Thanks! Bruce
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