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  1. Zunaid

    Delicate Flower UI

    Link for more info: https://dribbble.com/shots/4581871-Delicate-Flower-UI
  2. Zunaid

    Microsoft Windows Developer Awards 2018

    I think you guys are gonna win!
  3. Zunaid

    Tribute To Cat UI

    Just playing around with Affinity Designer Follow me on Instagram to see more of my work
  4. Zunaid

    Export to Figma

    You raised a very good point. But to be honest I just want AD to add all the other features that are needed for UI/UX designer so that we need need FIGMA or Sketch. While I am using Figma for UI/UX design for obvious reason, I enjoy working in AD more.
  5. Thank you. I think it was present in view before. Anyways thank you for the help. I didn't check miscellaneous.
  6. I haven't been using Affinity Designer for a while. I updated AD recently and for some reason i found an issue with my custom shortcuts. I had made a shortcut for "Studio > Asset" on the previous version. I went to preference to make shortcut for asset again. It seems the "asset" option is missing from "preference > keyboard shortcuts". Was the shortcut option for asset removed or did i just forget how it is done?
  7. Staying in Affinity Designer and sharing files using plugins/web service like zeplin would be excellent and reduce or stop the need to export files for other apps. It would give Affinity a huge boost in the eyes of UI designers. I voted 4.
  8. Zunaid

    My Visual Journal

    Web App UI Design
  9. You have an interesting design style!
  10. Zunaid

    Repeat grid feature

    Although in Affinity Designer there is a way to do the same thing. But it seemed easier on XD compared to here.
  11. Sometimes I can be very lazy in a negative way. Instead of directly checking it out from help. Came online to ask. Too much use of social media. :) Thank you! I will check out the help.
  12. What are the type of work each tool is suitable for? For example I was designing UI and I have been using artistic tool and I saw there was some spacing around the text. For example when I choose 24 pt text using Artistic tool there is some space while for frame tool it's exactly 24 pt. I hope I making sense. I wanted to know in what type of design do you use each one of them?
  13. My reason : Their video trailer is what first attracted me. They were very good. Other than that it's price, no subscription mode, includes almost all the things I need for UI design work. I didn't need to go back and forth in Illustrator and Photoshop.
  14. Zunaid

    My Visual Journal

    Thank you. I try my best. Yes Ubuntu, it's my favorite font. I use it almost all the time.
  15. Zunaid

    My Visual Journal

    Sneak Peak of a project I have done in AD. Dribbble link : https://dribbble.com/shots/3416424-Login-and-Registration-Screen-of-Boomeerang