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  1. Cool work, I agree very Machinarium, which is a great thing
  2. Not sure does this help? (screen grab from Disk Utility)
  3. StarTech USB 3.0 to SATA III Dual Bay 2.5-Inch Hard Drive Enclosure https://www.startech.com/uk/HDD/Enclosures/~S252BU33R
  4. By the way I'm world class at breaking things in very unusual ways, My developer is often astounded at the impossible damage I've done to Wordpress sites.
  5. Just edited my above reply, remembered it crashing a second time
  6. Interesting, I went in to do some last text amends before export, and moved an outlined price label. From here I hit the beachball spin in and sat for 5-10 mins, so I forced quite the program. I opened the crash file and it then crashed whilst doing the change again, I believe I tried saving before I made the edit at this point. Every open after that refused to open with the above message. Mac specs in screen shot, My external drive is a raid connects Via USB3 is set up as a raid drive with two WD Red HDs.
  7. Ok thanks, I know I was pushing it with a very complicated texture overlay sat on about 8 spreads, my mac could well have run out of ram whilst moving or editing a layer. I will just rebuild, I have a PDF export to work from. May just create this with a transparent background then import to indesign as an eps for the texturing, as the link files aren't then held on/in page, this would keep my AD file small and the Indd file small too. Thanks Anyway
  8. Thanks, just uploaded now. I work from a usb3 raid drive yes, could that be it? It got a speckled texture on each page which i left off until ready for export. If i can get it fixed Im going to remove this and add it as a background image instead to reduce the file footprint....i just like having as much vector as possible.
  9. Hello all, I' m working on final edit for a print file today, Its over 250mb with 6 or so artboards and it crashed whilst changing some text, tried opening the crash file that failed now I cant open it at all?? any help would be amazing, this is due to go to print tomorrow.
  10. If she catches the receipt, I will be sleeping in the shed - still I'm sure I could run an extension lead down and set up office amongst the garden furniture.
  11. Well, Ive been saving ages for and I've googled & youtube researched the hell out of it, I was tempted with the cheap(er) Chinese tablets, but I'm terrified of warranty issues, quality and disappointment. I'm holding out for the Wacom Cintiq Pro 16. The 13 looks brilliant too, but I know what I'm like, I will wish I pushed for the next size up. The 27QHD looks amazing but I work in studios often and also hot desk at two locations during the week so need to have portability. Edit; Wacom are taking so long Ive researched myself out of it, iPad pro with a textured screen protector is the future, also the possible cable nest has put me clean off - plus I get top buy the Affinity App.
  12. Im refusing to finish any new artwork until my new Wacom arrives. Ive literally been like a kid before Christmas day all this month.
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