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  1. I just saw the release of Affinity for iPad and it looks amazing. Would it be possible to port this touch-interface to the desktop version (as an option, or an extra touch-persona)? It speed up the work for everyone who works with a Wacom (Cintiq) tablet.
  2. Willem Pirquin

    Brush Tool / Refresh Glitch

    Oh sorry for not answering Chris B, apparently I was not following this topic! I will test it the next time I'm working with my Wacom tablet!
  3. Hi All, First of all, let me tell you I love designer more and more every day. As I work more and more with Affinity Designer (coming from Illustrator), I run into some annoyances that force me to switch to illustrator once in a while. While some are just missing features that will be addressed in the future, this one —I think— is a bug. When I draw a circle (or any other curve) and use "Expand Stroke" in the "Layer" menu this is the result: While I would assume this as a result: Way too many anchor points are added and make the curve almost can't be edited easily after expanding. Is there a way I can avoid these issues? Or is this something you can fix in future updates? Hope this explanation makes sense to you. Please let me know if you'd need more details or examples!
  4. Willem Pirquin

    3 color screenprint illustration

    MikeW: I outlined the stokes in Illustrator (Designer makes too much unneeded anchorpoints when outlining complex curves). and I adjusted the colors. This works a lot faster in Illustrator since designer has no "select same color"-options.
  5. Willem Pirquin

    3 color screenprint illustration

    Hi All, I just finished an illustration that will be screenprinted on tote bags to promote local shopping in the village of Hoeilaart (Belgium). The text reads 'I buy in Hoeilaart' (in Dutch). The town is know for their traditional grapes grown in greenhouses, horseback riding and the statue of a well known Belgian comic book hero called "Nero". Everything is done in Affinity Designer. I had to export to illustrator (CS6) to do some final technical tweaks before I could send it to the printer. Hope you like it!
  6. Willem Pirquin

    Isometric illustration: "Equality makes the Difference"

    Thanks for all your kind comments! The drawing is approved by my client so it's on my website where you can see a lot more details: http://www.willempirquin.be/en/portfolio/acv-gelijkheid-maakt-het-verschil/ Thumps up for the Affinity-team! The export persona is the biggest timesaver in years.
  7. Willem Pirquin

    AD and AP: crashing when disconnecting monitors.

    Sounds great, I look forward to the update! Especially the 1.6 update with the brush stabilisation!
  8. Hi All, I used Affinity Designer, from start to finish to make this huge illustration for the upcoming event of a Belgian union (ACV), the text reads "equality makes the difference". Designer worked great on this one (Isometric grids! Infinite zoom! Global Colors!) and I plan on using it way more often for client work. Keep up the good work!
  9. This bug is already there for a few updates. I (dis)connect monitors quite often during my work, since I have a small Wacom Cintiq for painting and a big 4K screen for detailed vector work. Every time I connect or disconnect one of them to my laptop (trough the HDMI port), something happens: 1. AF or AD crashes. Most of the time it can automatically recover my work. 2. The viewport turns black. Sometimes I can solve it by making a new document. When I close the tab of the new document, I can view my work again, but sometimes it won't. But everything works, so I can save my work and restart AD or AF. These two seem to happen at random. Very seldom, it just works. I have a first generation Macbook Pro Retina Display with NVIDIA graphics card. Maybe that has something to do with it.
  10. Willem Pirquin

    Brush Tool / Refresh Glitch

    I have a glitch that might be related: When you make a new layer (in Photo and Designer) and the first thing you do is try to paint on it, with a Wacom Pen, it wouldn't work. First you have to do another action (for example fill it with a color) and then you can start painting on it. Nothing problematic, but slightly annoying.
  11. Today I was thinking about a totally non-essential function, but a very nice-to-have that seems very possible to me. I think it would be great if we where able to make time-lapse making-of video's of our work directly in Affinity. Since there is an unlimited history, it should be possible to write a script that returns one step and writes the image to a folder for every step in the history-list. Then it's only a matter of stitching these images together in reverse-order as a .mov and there you have your timelapse-movie. The second part can even be done in Automator as long as we would be able to generate the png-sequence. See: http://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/70224/automating-quicktime-image-sequence-creation-in-mountain-lion I know this is not an essential task at all, but I think it would be great to be able to show the world how we do things in Affinity. Having this function could generate considerably more buzz online. Anyway, I hope you like the idea!
  12. Willem Pirquin

    Isometric illustrations I'm working on.

    Some new (non isometric) illustrations that fit the theme:
  13. I'm making isometric illustrations for quite a while now. I used to make them in Photoshop/Illustrator, but since Affinity introduced Isometric grids my life got way easier. The idea is to make some screenprints of these illustrations someday (hence the limited colorpalette). I really look forward to hear what you think about them! Willem
  14. @TonyB Thanks for the quick reply! I'm using Designer to make some designs to be screenprinted, so it would be fantastic to have halftones.
  15. Any update on the addition of halftone-filters? Would be a great help to me.