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  1. I just noticed you added a "select same" option and this is one of the few functionalities I still missed in Designer. Can't wait for a stable release and keep up the amazing work!
  2. Hi William, Thanks for reaching out! I delivered one pdf-file (completely vector, all fonts expanded, scale 1:1) straight from Affinity Designer to the company that produced the mesh-banner. They didn't call me, so I assume they had no problems with the file. The tour only passes tomorrow, but I noticed that the council of Overijse already replaced the banner with a new one to announce the next town-event on national television, so there won't be any pictures of racers with the banner in the background (I really hoped for it myself!).
  3. This Saturday the Tour De France starts in Brussels and races trough my hometown (Overijse, Belgium). I made a huge banner (20 meter x 2,5 meter) completely in Designer. More of the designs and details can be seen on my website: https://www.willempirquin.be/portfolio/tour-de-france-druivenstreek/ (Also, 90% of all work on my website is made in Designer).
  4. I use Illustrator less and less, but this is one feature from Illustrator that I really miss in Designer. Illustrator has the option in the "select"-menu to automatically select objects with similar properties as the one selected (see screenshot). This comes in very handy if you want to convert all your 2 pt strokes to 3 pt strokes or something similar. Maybe there already is a way this can be done in Affinity Designer now, but I couldn't find it.
  5. I make a lot of isometric illustrations, so I the isometric pane makes my life so much easier (thanks for that!). But It would be even better if the isometric window could also be shown in the pixel persona so you could switch planes and lock drawing angles to the isometric grid while making the sketch for a vector drawing.
  6. Good suggestion! I'd also love this because then you could edit difficult surfaces on a flat plain and then turn it into isometric again when you're done detailing.
  7. Oh sorry for not answering Chris B, apparently I was not following this topic! I will test it the next time I'm working with my Wacom tablet!
  8. Hi All, First of all, let me tell you I love designer more and more every day. As I work more and more with Affinity Designer (coming from Illustrator), I run into some annoyances that force me to switch to illustrator once in a while. While some are just missing features that will be addressed in the future, this one —I think— is a bug. When I draw a circle (or any other curve) and use "Expand Stroke" in the "Layer" menu this is the result: While I would assume this as a result: Way too many anchor points are added and make the curve almost can't be edited easily aft
  9. MikeW: I outlined the stokes in Illustrator (Designer makes too much unneeded anchorpoints when outlining complex curves). and I adjusted the colors. This works a lot faster in Illustrator since designer has no "select same color"-options.
  10. Hi All, I just finished an illustration that will be screenprinted on tote bags to promote local shopping in the village of Hoeilaart (Belgium). The text reads 'I buy in Hoeilaart' (in Dutch). The town is know for their traditional grapes grown in greenhouses, horseback riding and the statue of a well known Belgian comic book hero called "Nero". Everything is done in Affinity Designer. I had to export to illustrator (CS6) to do some final technical tweaks before I could send it to the printer. Hope you like it!
  11. Thanks for all your kind comments! The drawing is approved by my client so it's on my website where you can see a lot more details: http://www.willempirquin.be/en/portfolio/acv-gelijkheid-maakt-het-verschil/ Thumps up for the Affinity-team! The export persona is the biggest timesaver in years.
  12. Sounds great, I look forward to the update! Especially the 1.6 update with the brush stabilisation!
  13. Hi All, I used Affinity Designer, from start to finish to make this huge illustration for the upcoming event of a Belgian union (ACV), the text reads "equality makes the difference". Designer worked great on this one (Isometric grids! Infinite zoom! Global Colors!) and I plan on using it way more often for client work. Keep up the good work!
  14. This bug is already there for a few updates. I (dis)connect monitors quite often during my work, since I have a small Wacom Cintiq for painting and a big 4K screen for detailed vector work. Every time I connect or disconnect one of them to my laptop (trough the HDMI port), something happens: 1. AF or AD crashes. Most of the time it can automatically recover my work. 2. The viewport turns black. Sometimes I can solve it by making a new document. When I close the tab of the new document, I can view my work again, but sometimes it won't. But everything works, so I can save my work and resta
  15. I have a glitch that might be related: When you make a new layer (in Photo and Designer) and the first thing you do is try to paint on it, with a Wacom Pen, it wouldn't work. First you have to do another action (for example fill it with a color) and then you can start painting on it. Nothing problematic, but slightly annoying.
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