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  1. Okay, sorry. I was wrong. If I zoom in a normal rectangle by about 6500% then it get pixilated too.
  2. Ok fine. I give up :-) For me it is just strange that it works with simple rectangles and not with a 'complex' structure.
  3. I've attached the original file I had problems with (no just parts of it). If I choose (Designer) "edit in photo ..." the picture looks strange (pixilated) in Photo. Esp. if I zoom into it. I would expect that all vectors look perfectly fine no matter what :-) My feeling is that this is a new bug. I never saw this before. rocket.afdesign
  4. I'm not so sure about that. If I copy a simple vector-rectangle everything is fine and not pixelated. In this case strange things happen. Maybe there are problems with 'styles' or 'fx' I used.
  5. Hi, I created a pure vector graphic in Designer. When I open this file in Photo the vectors are pixilated. I got the same result with cut & paste. But the vectors are fine in Publisher. Frank photodefect.afdesign
  6. I had no idea what to do with the original picture but I liked it - so I just tried some tutorials to tweak it. No deeper meaning behind this. Hopefully the Affinity Photo Book will reach me the next couple of days ...
  7. Thanks, I'd like to have some kind of live preview. Now I have load one after the other to see which one fits best. Some kind of Import would have been cool or maybe a macro or... ☺
  8. Is there a way to import the the LUTs? And not load them one after the other?
  9. Please buy Affinity Designer as well and tell us what happened ...
  10. Yes, thanks! I use the german version and ... ;-)
  11. Hi, Is it possible to sort the protocol from newest to oldest and not the other way round? I think it makes more sense - at least for me ;-) Cheers, Frank
  12. What was the original size of the picture while you were 'painting'? (noob question :)
  13. Strange, now it is working. I just reinstalled the font and restarted windows. Maybe a font cache problem ... Thanks for the tip ...
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