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    3D-Rendering and animation
  1. Hi, for simple photos i don´t keep my .afphoto files, but for rendering-compositings of course i´ll keep them. Unfortunately Affinity Photo had no support for depth of field driven by Z-map, so i must in most case switch to Photoshop and save it as .psd. I hope that will change by support it later.
  2. Hi, thanks for your feedback :). Here´s the wireframe you wished... ... looks unspectacular ;) René
  3. Hi, here´s my first steps in Affinity Designer. I worked long times with CorelDesigner and with Affinity Designer i can work faster and had a lot more fun :). For the Atari 400 and Atari 800XL i had a photo reference and for the Gameboy my SolidWorks 3D model exported as DXF. With CorelDesigner i converted it to PDF to import and edit in AD. Thanks for this tool ! Hope we´ll get an API or JavaScript/Python for Designer/Photo soon ;) . Greetings, René (3DPeek)

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