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  1. Hey guys, Check this out. AF tried to combine these two shapes with only 4 nodes, removing the one at the bottom and making the new shape round. Edit: I've tried combining the rectangle with a triangle and it's worked fine.
  2. I'm finding the same problem. Has this issue been resolved´╗┐?
  3. Hey man, thanks. I followed your advice and found the discussions. Now another question, later I tried joining other two different shapes using the ADD operation and the gap was still there. Can you tell me why that happened? I remedied that adding a third shape between them.
  4. When I have two square shapes touching each in AD I always see a small gap between them. I'm absolutely sure they are touching each other. The gap is the same zooming in or out. Can someone tell me why this is happening? Thanks
  5. Hey guys, I was hoping you could help me out. I'm trying to create some textures to use in Affinity Designer and save them as assets. Should I create them as vector or PNG and can you explain why? I tend to think that vector is better, but it's way too heavy. Thanks
  6. I know this is an old trend, but just in case people still have this issue, I solved the problem checking the "Windows Ink" box in the Wacom properties window. It didn't work at first, but then I closed and relaunched the app and it worked.
  7. Hi, Just to register, I've got the same issue and have been avoiding the app lately until I see a decent fix. :(
  8. Same problem here, I can't edit a multiple layer file. :(
  9. Based on a character I found in the web by Amanda Tapie.
  10. Hey guys, Is there a way to reflect an object in Affinity Designer? I know I can duplicate an item, flip it and then move it to create the reflection. But is there a way I can do it in a single click? Thanks
  11. Thanks guys. I was having the same issue and this topic has helped me. Now, this problem should have been fixed by now. It's been over a year already.
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