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  1. Hello I often need to manage cad file like DXF and DWG. Is there the possibility to handle them in any further version? thanks! Denis
  2. have this problem too, I can't solve...
  3. so we will wait for next releases! :)
  4. Thank you, I need this info more visibile and in Designer, not photo, but anyway also in photo I thik it could be useuful
  5. Hello I have a request about interface: ;) On Designer I need to immediately understand what color mode is set to my document, if CMYK or RGB, maybe beside the name of the document or anywhere else. I usually import technical cad files and have to convert in CMYK from RGB and to check if the conversion is correct I have to go to "modify - document settings." and see the winodow opened. Or maybe I don't find it? :unsure:
  6. Hello, I really like this software. ;) :) I'm a 3D artist and I need to know if it is possible to load a black and white picture (the z-depth channel created in the 3d software) and load it into a channel or a slection or something else in order to create a depth of field. Like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEntwpYYKHE
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