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  1. Hello, I've been using Af Designer since october but since then I see that when I copy something like a rectangle form one document to another both its dimensions and its lines stroke change. In Example from the starting the rectangle is 1pt stroke width, when copied in another file something change...it's weird because exportations are good but I never trust on strokes. Same thing happens on the dimension of thw drawing... hope this could help Denis
  2. Hello I often need to manage cad file like DXF and DWG. Is there the possibility to handle them in any further version? thanks! Denis
  3. hello, the problem encountered happens when I copy from a file to another. If I copy a drawing 20mm height I expect that pasting on another file it shall remain 20mm height (indipentently from the dpi). And this happens but often not, I never feel secure about the dimension of a drawing, and sometimes I have to reset AfDes and then the copy (on the same file as previous) works at all. It also happens (similar problem already threated here) that opening several (10-12) files it crashes. It seems like the buffer of AD creates some problems after minutes of use... boh?
  4. Hello, I've been using AD since the first beta. I'm encountering problems when copy-paste simple drawings from a file to another one. It happens that Designer changes the dimensions of the drawings, sometimes the scale, sometimes the stroke thinkness. :wacko: When I close it an reopen, it goes ok, but minute after minutes copying and pasting, the size of the drawing changes pasting from file to file. :blink: AD 1.51.43 :ph34r:
  5. have this problem too, I can't solve...
  6. ok I understand...the problem is that my client is a quite big company and they use "EPS illustrator made" and I have to adapt my pipeline to them...I'll try to find a compatibility way to achieve the same result, they don't want pdf or svg :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :angry: Anyway I prefer affinity so... B) :ph34r: thank you for explanations
  7. sorry, forgot to reload 350.eps
  8. Hello, no I confirm that my client opens the original 350.eps file and he can see (illuastrator CS6) dashed line (not single segments) and good gradient (with antialias in oblique lines). While I (on Designer) see segments and bad gradient, Attached you can try the original illustrator exporte file. :o I really don't know...
  9. yes I'm sure, does designer recognize the dashed line? To me the gradient looks like rastered and the lines just many single lines. Dsigner for windows 1.51.43
  10. Hello I know it's a known issue but I send you a file to test. ^_^ This EPS (made with illustrator) with a gradient is rendered differently in Illustrator than Designer, see pictures and try to open the file please. The gradient is not correct. :huh: Sometimes also the dashed lines. If I export from Designer the eps looks incorrect anyway :ph34r: thank you, Denis 350.eps
  11. I can send you some of these files to try; when I open some files and work on them (just moving lines, changing something, nothing special) Designer crashes. I accomplished the job anyway but avoiding to open many files eps files.zip
  12. I'm not sure but sometimes exporting with "EPS FOR EXPORTING" settings leaves the profile (CMYK or RGB) set to the file but sometimes not...so I exported using "eps for print"...but with the problem above described...
  13. Hello I have some problem while importing and exporting eps files. When I import a CMYK eps, Designer converts it assigning a RGB profile. So I need to select again all lines (it shows that colors are correct (0,0,0,100K) but it is wrong because in reality it converted those colors into RGB (I see it opening in Illustrator)); so I have to go again to the "color select sliders", drag the K slider left and right again to 100% and then export in "eps (Print mode)". Is this maybe becaus of "print mode eps export"? If yes how can I export an eps in CMYK? In addition I need of a way to not convert on opening, and not assign a color profile, just read colors applied to the lines. thank you! Denis
  14. so we will wait for next releases! :)
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