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  1. Thank you. I think I misunderstand the anatomy and use of a pixel brush. I will do some research to correct this. Will do. Cheers.
  2. How do you change the colour of an object created by using the Paint Brush Tool in Pixel Persona? I think I am missing something! 1. I click on the pixel persona option. This makes available the DUAB BlackBox Brush collection in the brush tab. 2. I choose the Paint Brush Tool, then I select a brush stroke from the Duab BlackBox brush library. 3. I click and drag and make a brush stroke. This turns into a pixel layer in the layers panel. 4. I select this new layer and them go to the colour panel, drag the siders (CMYK view) to another setting and nothing happens. The colour stays the same. If I switch back to draw Persona nothing happens either. Is there a different workflow for changing the colour setting of a brush stroke as opposed to changing the colour of a regular line or text? Thanks in advance.
  3. Mediafuel

    [Multi] Making Notes

    A great feature to have in designer as well...
  4. Mediafuel

    Made some fan art for PC game

    Fantastic! Love them :)
  5. You can use .svg to create ready to cut files but you have to upgrade the Silhouette software to the Business edition to access that feature. Cheers.
  6. Wow! Congratulations. Looks great. Also love the audio in the game trailer :)
  7. Mediafuel

    "Self Portrait" (Psychedelic Mask)

    Wow. I stared at that for ages. :)
  8. Mediafuel

    My first vector art

    Very good! Love it! :) Cheers
  9. Coincidently, I was looking for this feature earlier in the week. Still rather new to graphic work and AD so was not able to think far enough forward in the work flow to set up guides on the first art board and then duplicate. :) Cheers
  10. Mediafuel

    My first job in Affinity Designer

    Very productive! Great work :)
  11. Mediafuel

    Ice-Cream Abduction

    Very playful :)
  12. Mediafuel

    Retro 80s graphic design

    Wow! Great looking work. :)
  13. Mediafuel

    1930s Style Travel Poster Revisited

    Very nice work.
  14. Mediafuel

    Just Lick It - Ice Cream Doodle

    Very cool! Love the style you have got going on!

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