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  1. Hi Guys, I wanted to learn motion graphics but I honestly can't afford to buy both After Effects and Illustrator. After there any motion graphics designers who can share their workflow to me? How do you guys manage to use Affinity Designer and After Effects? Cheers.
  2. I haven't stumbled upon the problem yet... my question was mostly hypothetical, I was just curious since I've been taking a lot of tutorials lately and it got me thinking if incorporating certain styles from published tutorials is acceptable practice.. Yes I have, most designers use the same techniques and if you browse through sites like Dribbble then you'll see identical techniques done by different artists.
  3. It is unfortunate and seems hardly justified to charge so much more for the same product in other countries, especially if it's a digital product. Hopefully affinity move out of the app store and distribute the software themselves like Bohemian did for sketch a few years ago. Same prices across international borders seems to be the most fair thing to do.
  4. Yes my mistake, My store was set to the Australian store and I got charged 79.99, I travel between the two countries and when I returned to NZ, I had accidentally forgot to change stores and got dinged with the extra 5 bucks... I have since changed my store settings to NZ since it seems Australians seem to be 'taxed' more heavily on the App store..
  5. Thanks, that was my concern. It makes sense and I'm glad the general discussion about using techniques learned from tutorials isn't considered plagiarism... I understand this, but I find that copyright has two sides to it - one with the law, which is precise and one with the art community, which is subjective... the latter is more dangerous in my opinion, because if the person calling out an artist as a plagiarist has any degree of influence they can seriously damage the reputation of an artist. In the magic community, we can clearly tell that an act is a copy of someone else's work... card tricks, bunny from hat etc etc... many artists do a variation of the work and profit from it, but most people don't seem bothered by the sameness of the technique. In comedy, having too many jokes similar to other artists, even if the jokes are set up differently, catered for a different audience or transformed from stand up to sketch comedy routines, can easily destroy the reputation of an artist..
  6. Thanks!! That was helpful, i'm gonna make sure to read up on intellectual property laws. Hopefully it'll give me peace of mind :)
  7. No, they are just generic trending styles mainly flat vector illustrations... I've taken some classes online where someone teaches their own style, but when I try to produce it, it looks different because my own style creeps in so the design/illustration becomes unique, yet there are similarities with the teachers work as well... I'm only asking about plagiarism because everyone seems to define it differently. I personally believe that plagiarism is when someone takes another person's idea and claims it as their own, but some people seem to believe that remixing, replicating a style seperate from the subject matter/composition etc, transforming old art into something new etc all can fall under plagiarism as well...
  8. Hi guys, I have a question about art plagiarism - learning and copying from others is important but if you copy too much from an artist, you can be labelled as a plagiarist. I just wanted to know how people here view plagiarism. Let's say I take an online tutorial to learn how to create a specific style of art and reproduce that same style of art but with a different idea, concept or composition... would you consider it plagiarism, especially if you want to produce that work commercially??
  9. Yeah they do work, you just need to find the right format to export from Affinity Designer, I've found sometimes SVG works better and sometimes PDF and other times EPS - I'm not sure why... Then i just clean up layers, label them etc on Illustrator and then export via AI. It's a cost I think is worth paying for if you create a decent portfolio for stock sites, you should be able to get your money back eventually and a profit..
  10. Hi, I had the same issue. I just ended up buying illustrator and just use Affinity Designer to do my design work and export as PDF /SVG and then use illustrator to do the final EPS 10 /AI output for stock sites. I'm about to start uploading to stock sites, so lets hope they get accepted or else I will need to learn illustrator and use it as my software for creating stock images
  11. I've got a general understanding - as long as my AD conversions from AI is readable and usable I think it should be good for business! Thanks :)
  12. May I ask how you use AI as a converter? Do you export SVG or PDF from Affinity Designer and then open the file up on AI and then export it once again in AI or EPS 8, 10 format? I've mainly used Affinity Designer to create prints for physical products and my main export feature was PNG. I have lots of vector illustrations I want to package and sell on etsy, creative market and other stock media companies, but not having AI format will probably be a disadvantage, additionally microstock companies require EPS 10 files for submission. I've also started getting requests for client work and would be interested in that, but again my concern is not being able to export to the appropriate files for other professionals to use.
  13. Since we can't export AI or EPS 8, 10 files. Do you guys think AD is a viable software for professional work? Does anyone here exclusively use Affinity Designer for client work or do you guys also keep a copy of AI handy?
  14. Hi, I have decided to also purchase Illustrator for a year, just to create enough content for both creative market and microstock websites with EPS 10 and AI formats. I don't like AI's UI as much as AD, and I was wondering if I could just create my files in AD then export as PDF (or SVG) and open it up, clean up the layers and then export it as EPS 10 and AI for commercial sales? Is this the appropriate way? If not, what are your recommendations??
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