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  1. It would be great if someone from support/dev could chime in here. I am dealing with the same problem as @photogeek thanks, Sven
  2. Hey MEB, thanks for the quick reply, it works just fine! cheers, Sven
  3. Hi, is there currently any way in Affinity Designer to create a pixel selection based on vector shapes, for example: select two vector circles and press a button to get a pixel selection based on the two circles? I looked through all the tools and menus, but checking if I missed sth somewhere. thanks, Sven
  4. Hi Andy, What does that mean/do? cheers, Sven
  5. Hi Chris, sorry to bother you again. I delivered my first couple of commercial illustration jobs using AD. Unfortunately I have run into more issues related to this problem, like super-saturated edges when working over a transparent background. This means I need to spend quite a bit of time closely inspecting the output and manual cleanup of the files. :( Will this issue be addressed in the near future? thanks, Sven
  6. Hi Chris, thanks for the feedback — hope this will be fixed in a future release. cheers, Sven
  7. Hi, not sure this has been mentioned before or if known to the devs. I have some problems with the output at shape borders. 1. On the first file, i placed 2 green triangles next to each other. The view in AD shows a darker line (probably from the background) between the two. All nodes are snapped & aligned properly. Also I get a dark 1 pixel line on export. 2. On the second image, the the white shape overlaps (& is snapped) the pink one. This looks fine in AD, but I get pink AA bleed on export. cheers, Sven
  8. Thanks for the quick response, sent you a PM!
  9. Hi, sorry for posting this to the forums, but I have been trying to contact Affinity Customer Service for about 3 weeks now (via affinityorders@ser...), but nobody is replying to my emails. What should I do? thanks, Sven
  10. Hi Sean, thanks for your explanation — I actually understood you correctly the first time. My point was just, that the combination of the bug and the way you arranged the shortcuts under different personas leaves open multiple interpretations of what exactly the problem is. It could have been the case (though I understand it isn't), that you'd list all 3 persona shortcuts in every one of the 3 panels. If that were the case, then it would also be missing from the Draw Persona shortcuts.
  11. Hi Sean, apologies — my report was not clear enough. I failed to mention that the shortcut is missing in Pixel and Export Persona. I do not know about your shortcut pref panel conventions, so I could not be sure it was missing in the Draw Persona Prefs by design (especially in combination with the not updating list bug). I also didn't know the bug is already known. Is there a public "known issues" list?
  12. Hi Sean, will do. Already posted one, if I'm able to reproduce the others I will list them as well. cheers, Sven
  13. The Personas -> Draw shortcut seems to be missing from the list of available shortcuts.
  14. Hi Sean, thanks for the quick reply. I have noticed a few other glitches in the Shortcut Preferences panel. cheers, Sven
  15. Hi, I'm trying to reassign the D key to the pen tool, but I get the yellow triangle telling me the key is bound to the key is assigned to "Reset Fill Context". I found the entry in Pixel Persona > Misc and deleted it, but still get the same error message. I have been hunting through all the menus multiple times, but can't find another "Reset Fill Context" to reset. Is this a bug or am I blind to some obvious solution? thanks, Sven