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  1. @norbinw please read my latest post again. it's about integer values for pixel sizes, not millimeters. 50mm at 300dpi is 590,6 px — so of course you get the white line again. you need to make the artboard 590px or 591px.
  2. The problem is not using integer values of pixels on the artboard / artboard position / object dimension. Setting the document to mm can (in some cases) create non-integer pixel values.
  3. @Dazmondo77 I don't get what you mean — as I said it worked fine in 1.6x. Do you refer to the FX settings?
  4. Running into the same problem. Strokes inside of groups don't inherit the "Scale with object" setting. I wonder if this is a newly introduced bug, rather than a UI change. I was on AD (windows) 1.6x before ugrading to the latest version, it worked just fine.
  5. @squirrelfire I am running into the same problem as you are, hopefully this gets fixed soon.
  6. I seem to have reported this about the beta half a year ago, see my post here:
  7. 1.7 install over 1.65 reset my workspace and all custom keyboard shortcuts. Unfortunately I can't even load my old shortcuts from the external file I backed them up to — AD doesn't assign anything on import.
  8. Running into the same issue, but in my case it's a jpg image that's causing the hiccup. Once I delete it, I get no PDF export error.
  9. Please make "Find in Layer Panel" available in Preferences/Keyboard Shortcuts. At the moment it's only available by right clicking on an object and choosing it from the context menu. I would love to have this exposed in order to up operating speed on files with lots of objects, going through the right-click menu gets tedious rather quickly. thanks, Sven
  10. You're welcome. I don't think the difference is very obvious if you don't deal with a lot of typography.
  11. Kerning is not letter spacing/tracking: https://graphicdesign.stackexchange.com/questions/2606/difference-between-kerning-vs-letter-spacing
  12. Bug seems to be fixed in the 1.6 beta build (ran into the same problem with a recent project).
  13. It would be great if someone from support/dev could chime in here. I am dealing with the same problem as @photogeek thanks, Sven
  14. Hi, is there currently any way in Affinity Designer to create a pixel selection based on vector shapes, for example: select two vector circles and press a button to get a pixel selection based on the two circles? I looked through all the tools and menus, but checking if I missed sth somewhere. thanks, Sven
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