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  1. @Chris B glad to hear that. I am running into lots of problems with symbols — will send you more stuff, when/if I can document/reproduce it.
  2. @Chris B Sorry for the late reply, just saw this. I sent the bug report and files via email last Friday - haven't heard anything back yet, so I suppose everything's fine so far. @AlfredYeah, thanks — I suspected that as well and corrected for the typo.
  3. You're welcome. I don't think the difference is very obvious if you don't deal with a lot of typography.
  4. Kerning is not letter spacing/tracking:
  5. @Patrick Connor thanks!
  6. The bug is file-specific. I got a Designer file and companion explanation video ready to go.
  7. See question in title. I don't want to share my work files publicly. thanks, Sven
  8. Sorry, the project is under NDA, so I can't upload the file. I tried deleting most of the objects in order to upload a simplified file, but the export problem is gone when doing that.
  9. I encountered a few problems with PSD export in the latest beta (also present in the latest stable version), like some sort of color bleeding at transparent edges and also a noticable color shift (maybe color profiles not being respected?). Fortunately the PDF export worked fine. Will these glitches be fixed in 1.6? thanks, Sven
  10. Bug seems to be fixed in the 1.6 beta build (ran into the same problem with a recent project).
  11. It would be great if someone from support/dev could chime in here. I am dealing with the same problem as @photogeek thanks, Sven
  12. Hey MEB, thanks for the quick reply, it works just fine! cheers, Sven
  13. Hi, is there currently any way in Affinity Designer to create a pixel selection based on vector shapes, for example: select two vector circles and press a button to get a pixel selection based on the two circles? I looked through all the tools and menus, but checking if I missed sth somewhere. thanks, Sven
  14. Hi Andy, What does that mean/do? cheers, Sven
  15. Hi Chris, sorry to bother you again. I delivered my first couple of commercial illustration jobs using AD. Unfortunately I have run into more issues related to this problem, like super-saturated edges when working over a transparent background. This means I need to spend quite a bit of time closely inspecting the output and manual cleanup of the files. :( Will this issue be addressed in the near future? thanks, Sven