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  1. @norbinw please read my last post again. it's about integer values for pixel sizes, not millimeters. 50mm at 300dpi is 590,6 px — that's why you get the white line again. you need to make the artboard 590px or 591px.
  2. The problem is not using integer values of pixels on the artboard / artboard position / object dimension. Setting the document to mm can (in some cases) create non-integer pixel values.
  3. Running into the same problem. Strokes inside of groups don't inherit the "Scale with object" setting. I wonder if this is a newly introduced bug, rather than a UI change. I was on AD (windows) 1.6x before ugrading to the latest version, it worked just fine.
  4. @squirrelfire I am running into the same problem as you are, hopefully this gets fixed soon.
  5. Running into the same issue, but in my case it's a jpg image that's causing the hiccup. Once I delete it, I get no PDF export error.
  6. Please make "Find in Layer Panel" available in Preferences/Keyboard Shortcuts. At the moment it's only available by right clicking on an object and choosing it from the context menu. I would love to have this exposed in order to up operating speed on files with lots of objects, going through the right-click menu gets tedious rather quickly. thanks, Sven
  7. It would be great if someone from support/dev could chime in here. I am dealing with the same problem as @photogeek thanks, Sven
  8. Hi, is there currently any way in Affinity Designer to create a pixel selection based on vector shapes, for example: select two vector circles and press a button to get a pixel selection based on the two circles? I looked through all the tools and menus, but checking if I missed sth somewhere. thanks, Sven
  9. Hi, sorry for posting this to the forums, but I have been trying to contact Affinity Customer Service for about 3 weeks now (via affinityorders@ser...), but nobody is replying to my emails. What should I do? thanks, Sven
  10. @Leigh: a way to delete nodes in the way you described would be much appreciated. Most users work with one hand one the keybaord (usually at the left side) and one on the mouse. Not needing to move the left hand across the entire keyboard (and thus losing the hovering position on the left side) or having to take the right hand off the mouse helps to increase operating speed and is also less tiring. It's those little UI/UX things that are preventing pro users from working comfortably in AD.
  11. I am sorely missing this feature as well, it makes up for a big part of working speed. I can tweak everything with the tools provided, it just take a lot longer. Hopefully the devs will reconsider ...
  12. Some of you may find this interesting: https://www.on1.com/apps/photo-raw/
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