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  1. Okay, I see! I had a good impression of Serif prior to this so I was unsure if maybe it was a weird pricing error or something along those lines - happy that's the case. :) I wonder if it's possible in the future to sell the product directly through the website? Now that I've learnt this I'm thinking apple can be pretty lame about some things... Most of the software I've purchased for my mac has actually been through a web storefront and not the app store; I also prefer it this way. If that's possible I'll wait to purchase directly and cut the middleman; if not I'll wait to see if a future equivalent or better sale comes up before or around when my adobe subscription runs out. Thank you for the prompt reply; you've certainly eased my concerns ^-^ I expect I'll use the forums more in the future when I've purchased the products so thanks for the welcome and looking forward to it :)
  2. The price for Affinity Designer in the sale is GBP: 29.99 | USD: 39.99 | Euro: 39.99 Equivalent to - AUD: $50.04 | AUD: $53.78 | AUD: $57.20 Yet in the mac app store and through the site the price is $63 AUD. I'd like to know the rationalisation for this pricing as I find it concerning. I've been interested in purchasing Affinity as an alternative to photoshop [Designer, Photo and eventually Publisher] at full price but I feel somewhat cheated at seeing yet another company mark up the prices for Australian customers unfairly. Most companies I purchase products from keep a price of equivalent value to the american price. This is definitely something I and other Australian consumers appreciate so would appreciate feedback regarding this matter. If the price was $53.78 or to be more even, rounded up to $55 I would definitely buy this software now in a heartbeat though my adobe subscription doesn't run out for a few more months. To clarify again my issue isn't with $63 being too expensive but with a seemingly unnecessary and unfair pricing disparity.

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