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  1. That was it - removing the base texture fixed it. Thanks for your help!
  2. I'm using a brush in pixel mode, while trying to paint the night sky. What I'm observing is that there are white 'wavy' patterns that are interspersed throughout that I can't seem to get rid of (I illustrated 3 by the red circles). I'm painting by clicking the mouse; I've also tried dragging the mouse in a line and experimented with flow/accumulation/jitter/spacing...but can't seem to figure out how to get a 'smoother' drawing. Any ideas? If there's a way to upload a brush, please let me know and I will upload the brush I'm using. thanks. brush-test.afdesign
  3. thanks for your reply and suggestion. I hadn't thought of changing dimensions to affect the perspective, but that makes sense. Thanks also for the great informative article!
  4. update...just uploaded the afd file as jpg uploads are failing for some reason. Not sure why, but the jpg file upload is failing with this error on both Chrome and edge browsers; the file is less than 2MB. Anyone else encounter this issue? There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200 OK
  5. Hi there, My question isn't really about AD as it's about how to improve my drawing skills using AD. I'm trying to draw a meadow with a river running through it. I've drawn the left side of the meadow so far. The question I have is regarding the positioning of the meadow. Right now it looks like someone's looking down at it from up above; what I'd like to do is change it so that it appears that someone's looking at it sitting down. Not sure if I'm explaining it well, but I tried playing with the grass on the edges and the shading around the corners but it still looks like it's bein
  6. This is awesome - great concept, style, theme and details!
  7. Good idea about using the transparency tool to finesse the overlap area in combination with just having to line the edges up manually as much as possible.
  8. I have a question - how did you get the dark curve (on top) and light curve (on bottom) to get to align their intersection perfectly? When I lay them on, there's an overlap...trying to figure out how you got rid of that overlapping part.
  9. Thanks for your input. It looks much better than my attempt!
  10. Hi, I have 2 curves in 2 different layers that have a pixel layer under each of them. What I would like to do is to have the transition between the dark curve (in layer2) and the light curve (in layer1) be smoother than it is right now - specifically, the part where the two curves intersect right now looks too artificial. I tried transparency and fill tools but it's not quite giving the effect I'm looking for. Any ideas? I guess I could make it just one curve and use different shades of colors to create the same effect, but I'd like to learn other ways of doing it, if there are any :)
  11. Thanks for the feedback, jer! Appreciate your taking the time to check it out. I'm having fun with AD. This was my first foray into using pixel persona and am still learning about brushes, but making this piece was both fun and a great learning experience.
  12. My first shared work with AD! I'm starting a new series with salmon and cherry blossoms as the theme. This one's titled "Wish upon a shooting star: a salmon's dream of cherry blossoms comes true". thanks to the forum here for patiently answering my questions!
  13. Thanks for your reply. it makes sense that it would show through...I had overlooked the fact that this is a pixel layer, not a vector layer. I 'fixed' it by adding more pixels on the part where it was overlapping to hide the leaf as much as possible.
  14. Hi, I created this design with the intention of the flower being on top of the leaf and stem so that the part of the leaf and stem that's under the flower doesn't show through, but for some reason it is showing through. Any idea how to fix that? thanks! blossom-test.afdesign
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