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  1. Very nice work, i like so much the poster you've done ;)
  2. Hello everybody, As i said in my introduction, i am a simple hobbyistn self-learner and i like the world of graphic design. i have discover Affinity Designer in the release of the first beta version for windows..what a great software ;) And, of course, i bought it the first day of the final release, prevent me from taking subscription to Ad..e ;) So, i know as i am not a professional , my job is under the quality of the professionals but i want to learn, to learn , to learn. So, here it is ( and sorry for my bad English ) : 1 - My personal logo, just for laughing , the backg
  3. Hello, My name is David, 40 years old from France. I am a simple hobbyist and self-Learning (for now) and i really love the world of graphic design. I have tested Affinity Designer since the first day of the beta release for Windows and bought it the first day of the commercial release. I really love your software, more intuitive than Illustrator ;-) And the licence price is so good ;-) Thank you very much for that ! I use Affinity Photo beta for Windows too and i am waiting for the release of Affinity Publisher ;-) I will made a post with some things that i've done with
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