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  1. The Help manual doesn't seem to work in the beta.
  2. Hi there, A few remarks about the light UI: 1) Point size in toolbar is not properly aligned: 2) Line around fill less crisp than around stroke: 3) Contrast and hierarchy seems to be off in this example: Lack of contrast in panel header between selected Character and Paragraph. Subheading seem darker and more defined than panel header Point of high contrast and clearest division is the line when de-collapsing the subheading (orange arrows). There's a stark division within the subbox and barely any contrast between the light of the gradient (top of subpanel) and the rest of the panel. At first glance the marked lines seem to divide the entire panel in three blocks.
  3. Hi, The program doesn't notify me of having sent a crash report, so I assume it didn't. Here is one 245e575c-edd3-4ec3-890a-31f584d5e815.dmp, I've got two more. When scrolling down the font list in the Glyphs browser AD crashes. It's at the end of the list. It doesn't crash when scrolling down the character panel. The last fonts are Webdings, Wingdings and Yu Gothic. When filtering "Missing" in the character panel it lists Webdings, so that might be the cause.
  4. Wow, that stabilizer works like a charm! Smooth, completely responsive en very intuitive. The first time I opened the glyph browser the glyphs were white and contrast and legibility were very poor (light UI). Maybe because I started in dark UI and switched to light UI before opening panel? Maybe because I had a light foreground colour selected? Can't reproduce.
  5. Hi a3k4, This hasn't changed. The only vector brushes you can expand are the basic ones with a pressure profile applied. And these generate an insane amount of vector points so only use when really necessary.
  6. Another option would be to space horizontally with 0mm. (Uncheck auto-distribute first.)
  7. Hi, When pressing TAB to toggle the UI, the Typography panel remains visible.
  8. biscuit

    designer: layer edges visible on print

    Hello Sean, Sorry for the late response. Line on edges are visible in this scan . I made it lighter for print with a curves adjustment layer on top. Maybe some other adjustment layers with blend ranges applied. When printing from AD didn't work, I revised the document for PDF export. Unfortunately I haven't saved the original document. I just tried printing this print-issue-fine.afdesign from AD, and it works just fine.
  9. Hello, I tried to print a sketch I made with the program's print command. It added lines to some of the edges of some transparent pixel layers. -printer: canon MG2500 -pixel layers had visibility restricted by layer blend modes Last time I printed from AD I experienced the same problem (might haven been in beta phase).
  10. Hi, The beta version just suddenly crashed while scrolling through the font list. Didn't create a crash report.
  11. Hi there, While trying out the font Cabrito Didone in AD I noticed it has true Small Caps, but no true All Small Caps. Checking All Small Caps doesn't turn caps into small caps. Probably the opentype-coding of the font is lacking, but it would be nice if AD was smart enough to produce All Small Caps from true small caps. (Turn caps into lowercase and then into small caps?). Now you have a font with true small caps and a button All Small Caps but it's no use. I would really like an all lowercase setting in the typography options as well. When trying out concepts it's much quicker to be able to toggle lowercase/caps/sentence. I use this feature in InDesign a lot.
  12. biscuit

    Nice Color Tool For Designer

    On their site they also have AD-templates for app-icon designs. https://bjango.com/designresources/
  13. Hi & happy 2017! -When opening a new document the font family of "body" text style is set to Arial while its based on "base". Shouldn't this be set to "no change"? -How can you set the "Body" paragraph spacing to "no change"? Basing its spacing on the "Base" style.
  14. Hi, I can confirm that the gaps can be visible on pixel export (working in Designer), even when there is no space between the shapes.
  15. Hi, (Working in Designer 1.5.1) When increasing the tracking value of a line of artistic text, the distance between the bounding box and the text increases as well. This seems undesirable functionality because it limits snapping possibilities. It's also a bit inconsistent, because spaces at the end of the line are being ignored (desired behaviour).