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  1. Hi a3k4, This hasn't changed. The only vector brushes you can expand are the basic ones with a pressure profile applied. And these generate an insane amount of vector points so only use when really necessary.
  2. Hi, When pressing TAB to toggle the UI, the Typography panel remains visible.
  3. Hello Sean, Sorry for the late response. Line on edges are visible in this scan . I made it lighter for print with a curves adjustment layer on top. Maybe some other adjustment layers with blend ranges applied. When printing from AD didn't work, I revised the document for PDF export. Unfortunately I haven't saved the original document. I just tried printing this print-issue-fine.afdesign from AD, and it works just fine.
  4. Hello, I tried to print a sketch I made with the program's print command. It added lines to some of the edges of some transparent pixel layers. -printer: canon MG2500 -pixel layers had visibility restricted by layer blend modes Last time I printed from AD I experienced the same problem (might haven been in beta phase).
  5. Hi there, While trying out the font Cabrito Didone in AD I noticed it has true Small Caps, but no true All Small Caps. Checking All Small Caps doesn't turn caps into small caps. Probably the opentype-coding of the font is lacking, but it would be nice if AD was smart enough to produce All Small Caps from true small caps. (Turn caps into lowercase and then into small caps?). Now you have a font with true small caps and a button All Small Caps but it's no use. I would really like an all lowercase setting in the typography options as well. When trying out concepts it's much quicker to be able to toggle lowercase/caps/sentence. I use this feature in InDesign a lot.
  6. biscuit

    Nice Color Tool For Designer

    On their site they also have AD-templates for app-icon designs. https://bjango.com/designresources/
  7. Hi & happy 2017! -When opening a new document the font family of "body" text style is set to Arial while its based on "base". Shouldn't this be set to "no change"? -How can you set the "Body" paragraph spacing to "no change"? Basing its spacing on the "Base" style.
  8. Hi, I can confirm that the gaps can be visible on pixel export (working in Designer), even when there is no space between the shapes.
  9. Hi, (Working in Designer 1.5.1) When increasing the tracking value of a line of artistic text, the distance between the bounding box and the text increases as well. This seems undesirable functionality because it limits snapping possibilities. It's also a bit inconsistent, because spaces at the end of the line are being ignored (desired behaviour).
  10. This last one was actually finished with the official release of AD. Printed it as a poster as a present for my younger brother. I'm not an illustrator so getting human poses right or working with perspective are not my forte. With just two shades of each colour it was quite tricky to keep al the objects distinct. And I had difficulty keeping the amount of detail consistent. Especially the face and the hair seem a bit off to me.
  11. Hi there, I'm a graphic designer mostly working in InDesign and have been playing with AD since it started in beta. Following some presentable experiments along the way. I'm quite typography-oriented so tried out typesetting and opentype options first. Here I was trying the pencil tool and path handling. The texturing is done with a grunge texture with layer blend ranges applied, set to erase blend mode. Continuing with power duplicate and layer masking in the pixel persona. 'Refine selection' should be useful here but couldn't get any helpful results. Here I was getting the hang of gradients and symbols with the leaves at the bottom. The geometric background pattern wasn't created by me. This capital R started out as a comparison between node types: manual brezier curves vs auto smooth nodes. Combining brushes with a photo. I don't draw well and haven't found my smooth AD inking groove yet. Next full vector illustration. I already appreciated the technical abilities of AD. But when doing illustration I noticed the ease of use compared to Illustrator. Just drag to clip, everything clearly laid out in the layers panel and not getting stuck in the transparency panel. Playing around with gradients and blend modes. Could be an abstract book cover.
  12. biscuit

    Man in space

    Nice abstract gradient in the space ship flame! How did you achieve that effect? Drawing to a grid and then rounding of with the corner tool? The ship itself looks a bit light and flat imo. Regarding the astronaut: the purple helmet looks a bit void, A darker base with highlight or planet reflection might give it a bit more depth. The composition could do with a bit more hierarchy, I think. As it is the planet and the astronaut are about the same size and sit next to each other in the middle.
  13. Hi, Refine mask is very annoying and hardly usable for me. 1 Takes ages - It's taking 20 seconds to calculate before you can do anything. - Every value you change(smooth, feather etc) takes another 20 seconds. So if you know in advance you want a smoothed mask with a negative ramp you have to wait a minute for your starting position! -Every stroke with the adjustment brush of even a few pixels takes another 20 seconds, leading me to assume AD is recalculating the entire selection 2 Terrible quality - Adjustment brushes don't seem to change anything. - General settings seem to worsen the selection every time. I'm trying this on a placed illustration image with dark outlines and a few lighter pixels around it. Refine mask makes it a dirty blurry mess. Minor detail: in the help file I can only find refine selection and refine mask doesn't seem to be mentioned.
  14. Hi Mike, For the use of creating headlines and exporting to png Affinity software will serve just fine. I would probably prefer it to Adobe CC because of the more direct access to opentype features. (Both Designer and Photo btw.) -Actions are available in Photo and are called 'macros'. -PS smart objects are not yet supported, so if you use those to create mock-ups or want to use existing mock-up PSD-files with smart objects you're out of luck. You can apply a live (smart) mesh distortion/perspective filter to an object in Photo. -Affinity does open PSD-files but not all features are supported. It should import text just fine, but you could wait for the trial version for Windows and try to import some of your PSD-files. -Affinity doesn't have a live preview of export compression yet. (Like PS 'save for web'.)
  15. Just purchased the windows release. Great offer with the discount and the goodies. Went to preferences to set up shortcuts. When switching to another persona the menu doesn't update. Draw/File > Pixel/File : menu doesn't update. Pixel/File > Pixel/Export > Pixel/File : correct menu shows up.

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