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  1. That's odd, makes no difference 300 or 72, but CMYK to RGB makes a huge difference
  2. I just notice if I delete all layers then it is still a huge jpg for the diemnsions. Attached is the jpg
  3. Here taming4cafe2.afphoto
  4. Thanks but I don't need a 3rd party optimiser because all I need do (with this one file) is export to tiff then open again in Affinity. After that Affinity expeorts fine with nice small file size. I'm trying to pinpoint what could be wrong about just this one file in Affinity that I have to do that.
  5. Yes, I understand that Photoshop's Save for web was good, esepcially the preview feature. What I don't understand though is what happened with this one file that is huge when expoerted directlty, but reasonable when exported to tiff, then opened and re-exported. approx 1/15 of the size compared to the direct export.
  6. I have an image in Affinity Photo that is 890px x 110px When I go to export as jpg and choose medium quality (45%) I see the file size is going to be 598kb - way to large for a web banner. This seems huge as most images of similar dimensions I export are < 40kb But if I export as tiff (e.g. RGB 16bit) then open that in Affinity and then export as jpg with same compression setting, the file size is 24kb (more like what it should be. So what am I missing to be able to export to jpg for web in one go? Thanks
  7. OK, after experiemnting, it seems to be fine if I use metal. Can soemone please explain what this actually means though? I mean what are those settings?
  8. I paste from a different image within Affinity. This project at the moment is basoically making screenshots, then opening each one in Affinity and pasting into the "master" and lining them up to create a map from lts of small areas.
  9. Yes, my way to fix it is to save and reload. Then it's Ok until the next time I paste a new layer.
  10. No still does it. Having changed it to Software performance is bad - everything is very slow so I'll switch it back
  11. It was on OpenGL Use ponly integrated GPU is unticked I will change to software and try later this afternoon.
  12. One more thing regarding this: it seems I can work happily with no issues if I leave the zoom set at around 80%. The issue only seem to happen when zooming in. However if I save with the zoom set at 80%, when I re-open it always seems to be back to 21%. If it could save the zoom level I'm working with, it would at least allow me to work without so much of this annoying issue which seems to only happen with combination of pasting a layer and then zooming, or zooming then pasting a layer.
  13. The Vega was specifically recommnded at the Applestore (ie by a tech specialist at the actual physical shop) , I made them aware i was using Affinity so I'd I'd be a bit miffed it is is not compatible, especually as Affinity is an Appstore product.
  14. Looks like I can now reproduce this almost every time. Zoom out to about 10% Paste in the next layer Zoom in to 125%
  15. Could it be related to specifically happening afrer pasting in a layer? Because that's what seems to make it happen here. Also seems slightly related to a previous issue I had after pasting in a lyer (but not on the same computer)