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  1. Hi Patrick, thanks for acknowedging it is indeed misleading (don't worry i won't complain to the ASA)
  2. Ah well I already have Photo and Designer, hence I thought it would be good to get Publisher for 50% Ah well...
  3. Serioiusly? Do you think that is a similar thing? Exactly my point. Illusionists mislead by creating illusions.
  4. Yes indeed, if that is what it means, that is what it should have said. Difference between all content (everything) and all content packs (all content packs)
  5. Difference between content in the store and all the stuff in the store? No. Content is the contents of the store, which are the things in the store. I don't see any difference. It's like the content of my rucksack, it is all the things in my rucksack.
  6. Yes, but it's misleading marketing when it says "50% off all content" ( visit the store) What does that imply ? it very clearly says all the stuff in the store is 50%
  7. Wow, that's a bit misleading!
  8. I just received an email offereing 50% discount off all content in the store, but when I go to purchase Affinity Publisher it is still full price. Does the 50% get applied later after checking out?
  9. I have Photo and Designer so am an existing customer. When I go to the Affinity publisher free trial download page and add my email address as Existing customer, I get a notice saying We cannot find an Affinity store account with the email address you entered. Same happens if I go the the purchase page link for Publisher in one of those emails However this is the same email address I get all the emails and marketing from "Affinity Team" Can anyone please help how I get the trial? Thanks
  10. But sadly it is not fixed in 1.7.2 Did the developers not care about this?
  11. I already have posted this here: Sorry for double post but I now consider it a showstopper bug as this bad usability cannot possibly be intended. Mods would it be possible to merge the threads to make it a bug report? I am still unable to use the updates, I really need my Mac finder to be light and for Affinity to be dark, this helps my poor eyes. But choosing dark for Affinity causes the finder window to be also dark when searching for files to open or location to save as from within Affinity.
  12. If I have several shapes and I want to change them all to a different color, I would expect I'd be able to select them all and then change the color in the fill box at the top left. But this box disappears as soon as I have more than one shape selected. So how would I change them all at once (assuming I don't want to group them or use FX colour overlay) Thanks
  13. Understood, but the box opens up when needed so I don't see size or parameters involved as an issue. angle of gradient would be a simple wheel showing degrees? just a thought.
  14. Thank you, that was a bit counter-intuitive as you'd think it would be done from the normal fill box at the top left where you can do a gradient, but only L/R

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