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  1. Amazing how I forgot things like that.
  2. Bit late to answer this but thanks that is a good tip for when you want to work on a whole score or page. Part of the problem though is for smaller excerpts I'm doing, ie Musical exercises. In this case logic has a camera tool that sdefines a selection of part of the page and exports that to PDF. This is what I mostly want to use, that will only export to PDF. However your method will be an interim workaround as I can edit the bits I want in Designer. An alternative method I found was to export the PDF from Logic, open in Preview and then export to PNG.
  3. Sadly it didn't find the image, noe could I find it on the site itself where I had bought it. It was vectoriser.io I had used, but tried a much reduced image size to upload, and increased the Min area parameter, solved the problem thanks! The downloaded vector now has about 12 nodes in all and curves are fine.
  4. I totally agree.(In hindsight!) Sadly even though I know the site I can't find the same image to purchase the vector.
  5. Thanks that would be great but can I PM it to you as the original file was stock image that could have licence issues re: the original artwork. At the time I paid for the minimum license and could have paid more for the vector but sadly I didn't. Now I cannot actually find it or I would just go the easy route and pay for the vector.
  6. Very much a beginner here. I have a vector that was converted from an image using an online conversion tool It looks fine until I enlarge it. It has ended up with many many nodes and a slightly jagged curves. So what I'd like to do is remove the unnecessary nodes and smooth out the wrinkles so the basic curve remains. Can anyone please tell me how I'd go about this., ideally in a quick way rather than deleting most of the nodes one by one and hoping for the best. Thanks
  7. I don't know of any, that sounds like it might though a bit convoluted.
  8. OK, but my client has specifically asked for PSD. I'm not really in a position tell them what they can use instead. For reasons of sort of "diplomacy" I need to make them happy and not rock the boat by telling them what they can use instead.
  9. I have done some work in Designer and when I export to PSD then re-import to check it before sending off, the text has become pixels. Am I missing something? Thanks
  10. Mr Lucky

    Change DPI cannot save new setting

    Quite a serious bug to take so long to get fixed. I just wasted a lot of time re-exporting a load of files for print which I'd already done (and luckily not sent off), thinking that my changes would make it to the exports.
  11. Mr Lucky

    Change DPI cannot save new setting

    Thanks, I'm glad it's a bug, I thought I was going mad.
  12. I have changed DPI on an image (330 to 300). Saved the image. When I reload, it has not saved the new DPI setting. However if I save as (.afphoto) it does retain the 300dpi setting. [EDIT] But if I reload that and export as .jpg it has gone back to 330 dpi (NB: same happens whether or not resample is ticked when changing from 330 to 300) Can anyone please explain?
  13. That's odd, makes no difference 300 or 72, but CMYK to RGB makes a huge difference
  14. I just notice if I delete all layers then it is still a huge jpg for the diemnsions. Attached is the jpg
  15. Here taming4cafe2.afphoto