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  1. Fixed in the beta! yay! Thank you
  2. Many many thanks, that is perfect! I owe you a pint now
  3. OK, but I don't know how you did that
  4. Someone said to do that in order to not get the white background. If it worked that would have been OK, but not ideal as it would be best to keep it as text. I thought I was using clipping. If I use it as a mask, then it just shows what's inside the rectangle, the opposite of what I want. I have no idea of what compound boolean means.
  5. In Photo or Designer Well that would be be great if it worked for me but sadly it doesn't. Looks like it No because I want it to cut out that shape I understand I could do this, but then I am left with just one layer that is a curve, but I can't edit it as before, e.g. by moving or resizing the erase rectangle, and as mentioned ideally I'd still like to have the possibility to change the font so although by converting to curves and subtracting I can end up with something I can export, I want to be able to export while I am still working on differentiations things (there is an acid engraver who is asking for .SVG so he can test the viability of different designs and sizes I think he is using Corel or something) I have to say my brain is beginning to hurt now reading through the thread again.
  6. I open the SVG in Photo (or Designer) It is definitely a white area (plus has lines on it I have made a different thread about) And designer. I'm getting the same issue with both.
  7. Except that it isn't working for me, even if I convert the text to curves, I still get the white background with SVG
  8. What makes no sense to me is that exporting to SVG or PDF the white background is created. BUT, exporting to .png retains the transparency. I can only think the white background is a bug in the software.
  9. Yes, the PDF was uploaded before the edit. I solved the issue since that PDF Please explain, I used that method as I didn't know any other way to remove part of the curve. Can you please explain the mask position ? Thanks. Will it do the same thing?
  10. I'm trying to create some text for a logo which is "cut through" with a line or other shapes to expose whatever background is underneath. I just used a copyright symbol as an example, same issue happens whatever the letter is. The logo I'm working in is confidential so I just used an example of the © What are the neater ways of doing this? (I got this method. from a tutorial post on here) Even if it is forced to rasterise, why would that need to affect transparency Same issue when converted to curves. Besides at this stage of the project it's best to keep to text as the font may need to change.
  11. When I export this file to SVG, the text gets a white background. What am I doing wrong please? I have attached the affinity file and the SVG export linethroughcut.afphoto linethroughcut.svg
  12. Problem: I have enabled precise clipping (in both AD and AP) but the lines are still showing on one file. And they are there when exported to PDF EDIT: solved! I needed to make the masked area larger octave-logo-CS.pdf
  13. Looks great but... When I put either of these into the Distortion > Equation, do nothing. The text of the equation turns red though. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong, thanks
  14. Aha, now it works - you must have opened an image first.
  15. It has no S, but the import icon on the macro panel does nothing