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  1. I already have posted this here: Sorry for double post but I now consider it a showstopper bug as this bad usability cannot possibly be intended. Mods would it be possible to merge the threads to make it a bug report? I am still unable to use the updates, I really need my Mac finder to be light and for Affinity to be dark, this helps my poor eyes. But choosing dark for Affinity causes the finder window to be also dark when searching for files to open or location to save as from within Affinity.
  2. If I have several shapes and I want to change them all to a different color, I would expect I'd be able to select them all and then change the color in the fill box at the top left. But this box disappears as soon as I have more than one shape selected. So how would I change them all at once (assuming I don't want to group them or use FX colour overlay) Thanks
  3. Understood, but the box opens up when needed so I don't see size or parameters involved as an issue. angle of gradient would be a simple wheel showing degrees? just a thought.
  4. Thank you, that was a bit counter-intuitive as you'd think it would be done from the normal fill box at the top left where you can do a gradient, but only L/R
  5. I have filled a curve with a gradient. The gradient is horizontal (left and right) How do I make it vertical? (top to bottom) Thanks
  6. Bit of a newb question. Hopefully this isn't a stupid question, but is there away to make the selection softer or feathered with the Flood selection tool? Or is this something I should be using brush selection tool for ? Thanks
  7. That is fine, I wouldn't care about the print dialogue - the big issue here is the finder obeying Affinity rather than your Mac preferences.
  8. This is the point. I have Mojave running in light mode, Affinity 1.7 in dark. But when I go to open a file in Affinity, the finder window is in dark instead of light as defined in Mojave system preferences. If I wanted it dark when browsing for files to open I would have set dark on the Mac.
  9. It was not an issue with 1.6, that's my whole point - it was working fine. Or is this a classic case of mending something that isn't broken? If someone wants a dark background for viewing the application they could do that. If they wanted a light background for viewing the finder windows they do that. Now the Affinity dark/light preference encroaches on the Mac viewing presences and very bad for useability, especially people with not perfect vision. So there is now a superfluous setting also, which is to set Affinity the same as the Mac system. What is the point if it does that anyway (changes the open/save finder window) when you set the Affinity preferences. Seems like someone hasn't thought this through and made changes just for the sake of fiddling with something that was fine.
  10. Before upgrading to 1.7 I had a dark interface, but Affinity Photo still used the system light interface for the open or save finder window. But it seems in 1.7 the finder window is dark also. This is very bad news unless I can find the setting fix this is my eyesight is not great - I need dark in the Photo inr=erface but dark for the finder window is very difficult for me to find anything. Please how do I get it it the way it was before? Thanks
  11. OK, but I had metal on with 1.6.7 as well due to a previous bug, so I need it. Also, the preferences for 1.7 only has metal, I can't choose anything else.
  12. This is a real showstopper! I have narrowed this bug down, it is caused by having a level adjustment. On 1.6.7 it looks fine. In 1.7 the levels adjustment is causing the outline to show. In 1.7 if I disable the levels then the outline disappears and looks as it does in 1.6.7 Attached is test file , also video showing toggling level on and off (with no settings altered in levels) levelstest.afphoto levels1.7-PT2.mp4
  13. I just updated to 1.7 and I cannot use it as the image I'm working on now has a strange outline and looks blurry. See screenshots: 1.6.7 is OK But here you see the outline, same file opened in 1.7
  14. Mr Lucky

    [Fixed] Undo: too many stages

    Fixed in the beta! yay! Thank you
  15. Many many thanks, that is perfect! I owe you a pint now