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  1. In fact it was totally user error, or user ignorance. The CSS I had was max-width:200px;height:auto Which of course is fine for a png, but the max- width with a SVG was causing it to not show (or maybe it was but 0px x 0px.
  2. yes, I've narrowed it down now to not working in a wordpress custom html widget. It mat be a gerenarl wordrpress widget issue or maybe it is my theme. need to do a bit more troubleshooting
  3. Aha that will explain it - I didn't realise a colour overlay might do that. But exportRaster DPI was set to nothing But it'seasy enough to remove the colour overlay from the group and use a fill on each letter instead. In fact come to think of it I don't even need to convert the text to curves as well, I didn't do anything apart from resize. (However probably best to tick export text as curves anyway I suppose)
  4. I have created a logo which is vector and text. I am exporting using SVG (for export) with Export text as curves ticked so it should be 100% vector. However the logo does not show up on my site. I have the correct path in the code. I have checked because there is an identically named png image, and I can change the extension in the code to png and it displays fine, back to svg and it disappears. However the image does display if I link to it directly in the browser although some of the appears to be a bit pixelly, as if it is rasterized (just the brown word OTRA which is a font converted to curves). And the stroke varies in width. https://otra.org.uk/otralogo2020.svg Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong, any help greatly appreciated. Code: <!--shows--><a href="https://otra.org.uk"><img src="https://otra.org.uk/otralogo2020.png" alt="OTRA" /></a> <!--does not show--><a href="https://otra.org.uk"><img src="https://otra.org.uk/otralogo2020.svg" alt="OTRA" /></a> (size is defined in CSS) otralogo2020.svg
  5. I have a line of text which I would like to distort (simple follow a curve). Can this be done without converting to pixels. I have duplicated the text and converted to curves, but from there I'm a bit stumped. This is what I want to achieve:
  6. Aha, I quit and reopened, suddenly they are now there but very large. I found where to make thumbnails smaller though so that seems to be working So it looks like I lost all me preferences or something
  7. After upgrading to Catalina, all my tools disppeared as did the layers navigator etc. I reinstated the tools and layers, but no layers are actually showing. Can anyone please help!
  8. When exporting to png, why would smaller dimensions cause a larger file size?
  9. OK wha happened is probably an Appstore glitch. Normally it shows updates under the updates button - but nothing there. So I searched for Affinity photo and there was an icon of aclud. I clicked on that and it updated.
  10. I got an email saying there is an update. But how do I do this please? I followed the link and it says it is done automatically if I purchased from Mac App Store but it didn't update. I went to the App Store and nothing there. Then I see this: If you’ve purchased from the Affinity Store—each time you start the software it will check for updates and offer any available update, or in the application main menu there is an option Check for Updates. But nothing in the menu (but I'm not sure what is meant by main menu???? Is this it? Nothing there about updates
  11. Thanks, everyone - I had suspected as much having experimented and poked around everywhere I could
  12. One more question...Can anyone please tell me whether, after converting a circle to a text frame, can I edit that text frame to be a different shape, e.f.g triangle or round cornered rectangle, thanks
  13. The client is a non-profit community association. I am helping them pro bono. If there were no alternatives I would go cap in hand and ask for expenses. But knowing they rely on donations and are doing good work in the community I would prefer not to eat into that if there is a viable alternative. I am very grateful for all the suggestions - whether I use them or not in this project I have learned a lot. But my preference for this job which I would prefer not to even charge expenses for is the text frame background. I am used to Photo and Designer but this was a revelation as I have only just got publisher. My time for professional work is charged at £45 - £75 p.h. (depending on whether it is music production or artwork or whether royalties are involved). I would never bill a client for faffing around or, as I prefer to call it, research unless it was specific to a particular job only and they new in advance I would need to do it so giving them the opportunity to compare a realistic quote withe somebody else - who may already know everything they needed. So I might say "this work will cost £300 but is not my specialist field. I have to charge that for my time and studio, but you may well find a specialist in putting numbers on maps for a lot less"
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