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  1. Big thank you to everyone. For now I am going with the lightbulb (see above) instead of a plug
  2. I like that, maybe not too obvious it's the sun which probably must be round but I'll experiment with that. The view of the plug definitely works better than mine
  3. Thanks and yes I agree about the pins (although at the size it will be displayed that might be moot. Definitely agree about the white strokes and closeness to the base (my wife also said that). But I'm still not sure it would look like a plug. Actually you still get rounded pin plugs for lighting circuits, but most people don't know that! I am thinking this bulb is going to work better because even with more realism, I'm not sure people will get that it's a plug.
  4. I am trying to design a logo for a site based around renewable energy, so I thought maybe a sun and (UK) electric plug combined could work, ie to symbolise electricity generated by the sun. I am quite please with its simplicity but I have a feeling that although the sun seems obvious, the plug could be mistaken for something else, e.g. a grand piano! Doesn't seem to help even when rotated. Bear in mind this is for a UK site, so the three pin plug is appropriate. I'm currently working on an alternative with a lightbulb, but I'd still like to make the plug work if possible Any help appreciated, thanks
  5. No it wasn't. It was all started as curves. Or rather shapes that were then converted to curves. No text.
  6. I have never used the more settings, usually I just export SVG and the curves remain as curves. And the text gets converted if I had ticked that box (and there is text) However in this case it doesn't export as curves. So I tried again with more settings set as above and the same happens. (however as mentioned there is no text just curves anyway) I
  7. I haven't come across this issue before. I export as SVG. Then when I open the SVG it consists of images. Can anyone please help? Thanks Caf.afdesign Caf.svg
  8. This may just be a preview for approval before sending a master format. What you say makes perfect sense, however when I tried it sampling down to 1200px, the differences between bilinear and bicubic were there, but nowhere near as different as yours. That looks great, way better than mine when I try bicubic. But is the jpg 80 via Affinity or something else? BTW when you say "1.5px of unsharp", what is the factor set to? . I found that radius 1.4px and factor 0.48 seemed reasonable.
  9. I'll need to get permission of the owner, but I could watermark it and save as, which I presume would not lose quality (which seems to be the case, see attached) In the original the ladies' are very sharp. When resizing they seem to lose a lot more sharpness than the background, presumably;y because the bg is rectangular pieces of dark wood or whatever Aha, I am resizing during export, so will need to resize first obviously. I'm not sure how to sharpen. Obviously I can see the sharpen in the filters menu, but I see unsharp mask (?) , Clarity (just seems to make it lighter) and High Pass (makes it grey) I've had a go and uploaded me efforts to compare to original web image Not sure how to mask just to the ladies as it's all one layer. No, it's a professional. So attached are 1 original (watermarked) EDIT: looks like the upload to the forum has compressed it and colours are less vibrant. See original linked here 2 My first cropped and resized export as on site (80% jpeg) 3 My second cropped and resized export sharpened (80% jpeg)
  10. Thanks everyone, very useful info to know that I should rely on Affinity. What apps are recommended? The image doesn't have text, the artefacts are showing people's faces as its' an image of a group of performers. The artefacts show around faces: It is the header here https://musicasecreta.org EDIT: that one has now been sharpened a bit)
  11. I'm not sure this is inevitable, or something that can be fixed. I have a high res jpg supplied by a photographer that is 5553px x 1951 DPI 300. If I export at that size but 70% jpeg quality, everything looks fine. However if I export at the size it will be used for (a website header) 1380 x 485, then the quality is way reduced. I don't mean it is slightly not as sharp due to fewer pixels (because you'd expect that when compared to viewing the full size but smaller). What I mean it has jpeg compression artefacts. Is this inevitable? Is it because the jpeg artefacts are there, but more noticeable at smaller dimensions? Thanks to anyone who can help!
  12. See here, one shape selcted I can fill But here, hold shif to select the other and no fill
  13. If I selct a shape, then obviously I can choose to fill or stroke. But if I select sevral that I want to all have the same fill, then I no longer seem to have the option to fill all of them at once with the same colour. Does anyone know if there is a quick way to do this as opposed to selcting and filling them one by one? Thanks
  14. I am making a landscaping plan and have made a curve representing a pathway, kind of an S shaped curve. To make life easy I have scaled the plan so 1 cm represents 1 metre and this woprks really well for rectangles etc to fine the sq m, but this is trickier for curves. So that I can give the paving contractors a good idea of the area they need to quote for, I'd like to be able to work that out from my plan. Does anyone know of a way to do this?
  15. Now I'm confused why the same images were (presumably) linked as opposed to embedded but i have no way to know.😟
  16. Copy and paste. I open them in Affinity photo, crop then copy and paste into Publisher. Nothing tells me whether I'm embedding or linking and as above nor does the resources manager tell me. In fact it's a bit annoying because the images it does list have the wrong (old) names
  17. OK, I can see that option but it seems to be ticked by default (and I certainly never unticed it, so I am confused as to how some of the images are linked not embedded I have managed to replace those images in the document, but I still don't know whether they are embedded or linked. I can open the resources manager, but these two images do not show in it, although they are in the layer list and now back in the document
  18. I have no idea what linked means, or rather, I can imagine but I wouldn't know how to link. Normally I just open an image in Affinity then copy and paste into my project. I've never had this problem before. So what should I now do to make sure images are embedded not linked? Edit: I have seen the manual, which mentions embedding, but doesn't actually tell you how to embed or how to link ??? Many thanks.
  19. I just opened a Publisher (1.9.3) project and got an missing resources message. Two images are just showing very blurry. The mreeage asks me to loctae them, they do seem to be in the layers list but those only refer to the very blurry images. I may be able to locate the original images, but it may be difficult. Can anyone please help? Thanks
  20. The PDF files from Sibelius are quite large. I was hoping to be able to make them sammler by exporting to SVG. They do work as featured image, butthe only way to show them on a worpress pages seems to be via the PDF embedder plugin, which I don't like the look of. And again we can reduce the size by using PNG. I was just hoping that we could also reduce the size via SVG.
  21. We are exporting from Sibelius as PDF. That is the product we are selling. But we want to show extracts on the web page (also as Woocommerce featured image and image gallery) and we cannot do that with PDF. So we are currently exporting to png in order to display as images, but I was hoping to display as SVG to get better quality and/or smaller file sizes. SVG is better quality obviously, but for music scores they seem to be very large file sizes, presumably dueb to the sheer amount of curves involved. I have had good success embedding simpler SVGs at tiny file sizes. So I was wondering if there is a way to get the music pages exporting more efficiently. SVG do embed on Wordpress featured image up to a point, but do not work when hovering over in order to zoom in on the detail.
  22. Let's hope so. This be a a bit moot now that I discover that Wordpress featured image doesn't support SVG properly.
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