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  1. Sorry, I should've been more clear instead of posting half a question.. if it's good, isn't it an idea to edit the Sharing Guidelines post?
  2. Oh that's a good one. I didn't even look at that tbh. I just followed the guidelines without thinking about it @Patrick Connor Is that something to consider? Because I totally understand not feeling comfortable with external links.
  3. And that's exactly the reason for not putting the image in the post directly 🙂 You have a choice now instead of being confronted with it the moment you open the post.
  4. I understand. This is however how it's advised to post an image if in any way it could be controversial. It's in the sticky post about "sharing guidelines". It might fall under the 'horror' category I think so it seemed appropriate to handle it as 'controversial'.
  5. Affinity Photo. I added it to the title so it's more clear.
  6. The face of a girl where a fairly large part of her skin is gone and you see the skull. Not realistic, there's no muscle tissue or blood or brain or anything but a skull might not be everybody's cup of tea. https://postimg.cc/BLRn1gcG
  7. On a side note. If you get the update dialog and you click "update now" and it immediately fails, start your application as administrator (Right click, run as administrator) and it'll update.
  8. I'm extremely happy to say that you were wrong.. unnamed file and it was saved there
  9. Hey, Designer V2 just crashed on me.. reopened it and all it asked me was to send a bugreport (which I did) but now I lost my work.. Where is the autosave location of V2? They changed that and I can't find it
  10. Oooh "blendmodes", like the rest of the world calls them 😂 Edit: ah no wait, I see what you mean. There's a specific set of 8 blendmodes that the documentation even refers to as "special 8"
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