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  1. I have to agree with @Old Bruceon that.. It's one of the few newsletters I stay subscribed to because it's one of the few that's actually worth it. @Patrick Connor Do you know if it's a personal link or a generic link shared to everyone? And if it is generic, is it an idea to maybe throws the survey url in "News and information" here on the forum? Putting it here might give skewed result towards a single feature
  2. Affinity@serif.com (Sorry about the terrible colors. Ever since I got a wide gamut display, screenshots in windows look horrible.)
  3. I got an email. maybe they go out in stages or you're not subscribed to those emails. I don't know if the URL is personal so I'm not sure if I can just share it.
  4. You don't. You only have to sign in if you want to save your progress so you can continue tomorrow on a different device (for example). If you don't want or need that then you can just continue without signing into Google. Though I admit, that * mandatory (or whatever the English version might say) makes you think otherwise but it's only mandatory if you want to save progress.
  5. Come on everyone.. make yourself heard in the survey they just sent out. Be reasonable though. It's still great software.
  6. it's a choice. Serif knows how to do it. they did it before in their previous software DrawPlus. They must have their reasons but since they don't respond we will never know them.
  7. Nice.. on the Affinity forum an entire discussion about using other non-serif programs to make up for missing (basic) features.. And still nothing from Serif. They really don't care about losing users to other parties because of lacking features in their own software.. their silence is just unbelievable.
  8. A small update. This doesn't happen when giving the text a stroke width. It happens only when using the Outline option in the layer styles.
  9. Someone on the (unofficial) affinity discord server asked about this issue. He used a Mac so this probably isn't just a windows problem but I don't know what version of the software he was using.
  10. A random text with a layer style outline looks weird when exporting it as GIF with the export persona. I can't explain that... Same GIF profile. Just Gif RGB. No changes to the default settings. I added the afdesign file just in case. I'm using version test.afdesign
  11. So, a bugfix release. No new features. I can't say I've run into any of the now-fixed bugs yet, and now I no longer can. Thanks!
  12. Sorry, everything. Everything I do on it is slooow. It's fairly big with quite a few of nested layers, overlays, live filters, adjustment layers and all that so I don't think it's weird that it's slow. I just think it's weird that it's slow while it's not even using all my resources. latest version btw.. 1.10.1
  13. I'm running affinity photo on Windows and I'm having serious performance issues with a certain edit. However, if I check the task monitor, nothing is really spiking. There's more than enough resources available while I'm waiting for my picture to render the change I just attempted to make. CPU is working, but not even half its available power. Memory is used but there's still more than enough available. It's not even reaching the limit I set in the Affinity Photo performance settings. The GPU is hardly working (hw acceleration is on). VRAM is at about 80%. Even the disk isn't really used. What's the use of having all those resources if Affinity won't use them anyway??
  14. Affinity Designer costs less than half of what the cheapest Corel Draw costs.. While I want this functionality too it is not exactly fair to compare them one on one.
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