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  1. Just to be sure and to maybe make thing easier.. you know you can make text follow a path, right? So you can make it follow a curve for example, or a shape. Warping goes a lot further than just making it follow a path, I know but if you didn't know this yet then maybe it solves, or lessens the issue you have.
  2. That's just your opinion, buddy. This is not the place to start an OS discussion.There's no need for 10 more pages of useless discussion about which is better. Affinity software works for windows and Mac and we all help each other. Leave it at that.
  3. Well let's be reasonable. They're not keeping it from us just to annoy us. They're not bad people I think. There must be a reason. I wonder if they're even aware that it's such a wanted feature.
  4. The Affinity suite is the second graphics suite Serif made. The other one was windows only, became bloated and wasn't ready for modern hardware, so they started from scratch. The predecessor of Affinity Designer was DrawPlus and among its features were Envelope and Perspective tools. So no, they're not sticking to what they know. They've done it before so they know damn well how that stuff works but some decisions were made to not implement it for some reason.
  5. Just use the quickmask button and you can transform to your liking.
  6. I don't understand the problem. You have the images in an affinity publisher file. Why not just keep'm there?
  7. You bet it was a useful rant! I didn't know this either and was annoyed about it as well. Thanks for asking!
  8. Sorry to hijack your post but I have a small closely related color-picker question. Do settings you change in the color picker also work when you holt alt+LMB in brush mode? Like the radius for example. I tried experimenting with it but it's hard to test this..
  9. I'm pretty sure we all very much like Designer. That's why everyone is so vocal about it. If everyone hated Designer then nobody would care about this missing basic feature.
  10. I disagree. I think the lack of communication is a huge contributer to the frustration.
  11. I have to admit, this is a thing.. the absence and lack of response from Serif on hot topics is a bit frustrating.
  12. Thanks! Just the rotation? Or has the antialiassing been looked at as well? Not to sound ungrateful btw, just curious what to expect.
  13. Try improving the lighting with curves or levels. Then invert the layer and paint with white to only have the effect where you need it. Use a soft brush with low flow.
  14. What are you trying to achieve? Because I can use the move command without issues
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