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  1. 😮😍 These are astoundingly good. Your style is incredibly unique and the execution is just masterful
  2. Here is another example in a similar vein. I started with an archival scan of a 1978 geologic(al) map of Nevada and used Affinity Photo to clean it up (removing stains, stamps, handwriting, stickers, etc.). Then I used Blender to render the map image onto a 3D mesh prepared from modern elevation data, followed by a final touch-up in Affinity Photo. Compare to the source image here: https://ngmdb.usgs.gov/Prodesc/proddesc_16377.htm I'm still experimenting with how to get my added / edited text to perfectly blend in appearance-wise with the older scanned text. I tried a combination of
  3. Oh my... fantastic work. And vegenaut-approved, hehe. I dove into Blender about a year ago to help me enhance old maps with modern elevation data. Talk about a learning curve - and I'm barely even scratching the surface. I'm consistently blown away by what others do with it.
  4. Makes sense... I can already envision many contexts where I could use this. Thanks for the rundown
  5. Ah! That's constructive criticism. The first comment just seemed vaguely dismissive. I agree the labeling of the minor hydrological features could be vastly improved. For the longer paths I think I need to stop at a reasonable upper limit for the letter spacing and just increase the word spacing more to compensate
  6. Well if Americans are known for taking certain liberties with the english language, i think us geologists might be some of the worst of the bunch! Even among scientists they are infamous for making up / mutating words ad-hoc to describe things.
  7. No, you're probably right. Formally that's always how its written, I should probably change that. I only hear 'geologic survey' here used by geologists in an informal way. But the LPGS is a made up organization anyway I was using an old USGS topo map frame as reference, and that's where they had their organization name spelled out, so I figured i'd put something similar there for fidelity, lol.
  8. Ouch... thanks for your ... feedback? The fonts and their stylings are near exact copies of the typography used in old printed USGS topo maps. In fact, pretty much every aspect of the map is, except for the terrain basemap image that includes the aerial imagery - you won't see that on any old topo maps.
  9. I'm not sure I know about "Assets" yet? But yes I do use symbols for all the icons and such! Thanks How would assets help me out?
  10. I'm curious if anyone else out there is using Affinity products for making maps? These days , probably >95% of cartographers make their maps almost entirely within GIS software, but I was always frustrated by the limited options and lack of precision for controlling stylistic elements on maps in those software suites (both QGIS and ArcGIS), so I figured why not outsource the styling to Affinity products For those unfamiliar, mapmaking is not unlike standard graphic design. You have a document comprised of a bunch of different layers, some of which can be vector (like road lines, poi
  11. Thankee. This is the first time i've ever attempted doing any sort of highlights or shadows on a digital piece. I've got a long way to go... probably gonna keep working on this one until I figure out how to get more depth and contour on the shapes rather than having them all look fairly flat but bezeled.
  12. These are great, man! I've recently begun trying to make the same transition (doodling on paper w/ ink -> digital illustration). I've been wanting to do it for years but always found Illustrator way too tedious to spend much time on. Thank god i found Affinity :P
  13. Finished this last night. This is the first project I've ever done entirely in Affinity. I always found digital illustration either super tedious or super intimidating before discovering Affinity. Affinity is the first program I've found that streamlined the illustration/design workflow enough that it seemed like I was finally doing more actual creating than tedious searching for a button/option/key. Interesting to note that Ableton Live was the exact same way for me with music. Great job Affinity Team. Thanks for bringing this to Windows :)
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