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  1. @walt.farrell that's finally worked, thank you! I tried that last week and I swear it didn't work - classic!
  2. Thanks for getting back to me. Every time I've done this process the yellow triangle shows up by the View mode > wireframe > last used column and the command never changes. Really not sure why.
  3. I've tried removing the Ctrl+Y from the wireframe shortcut, and exporting and importing the saved preset, but no matter what I do the little triangle won't go and nothing happens. I can't get Ctrl+Y back as my Redo, very strange as to why they changed a universal command to one that I'll honestly never have any use for. Has anyone had any luck while changing their command back?
  4. @EmT That's really helpful, thanks! For the remaining texture that's there, do you know of any way I could blend everything together to create a flatter texture all around? The median brush sort of does what I'm looking for but it's essentially blurring the piece.
  5. Hi @EmT Thank you! Yes that's going in the right direction! Which sort of brush effects and blend modes did you use?
  6. How do I smooth the crushed velvet fabric in this chair without losing too much detail in the back? I've tried frequency separation and it keeps all the texture, just makes the image lighter (lighter image attached to this thread). Really not sure how to approach this, some help would be greatly appreciated please!
  7. I just tried to open designer again and had to clear the account data again, but I didn't sign in this time like @Pauls suggested. Closed and opened the software again and this has worked to actually open it without needing to clear the account data, but hopefully this issue will be resolved soon so I can use all the add-ons without downloading everything!
  8. Yes I was trying to redownload to 1.9 but I'm not sure how to find the download page where I can see all the previous versions. Hopefully that will work until this can be resolved!
  9. Thank you for that suggestion. I did that, reset my account data and it actually opened designer. It started to redownload my account data then crashed again. Had to uninstall and reinstall designer again, and it would only open if I held down the control key and cleared the user data again. Once I'd done what you suggested and designer opened again, reinstalled all my account data and shut the software, I went to open it again and it's back to not opening. It seems like I'm going to have to do this every time I want to use designer, which is going to be impossible!
  10. I’ve recently updated all my affinity products to the 1.10 update and since then I can’t open Affinity Designer at all. The colourful opening tab comes up, then it never opens and shuts itself down again. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it and still no luck, does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can use/open this software again? I've got no problem with photo or publisher either, just designer!
  11. @Dan CHopefully there's a way this could be made into a feature in the future, until then, thank you so much for those tips! They're super helpful!
  12. I use Affinity Designer's isometric grid feature quite a lot for drawings and find it's incredibly helpful how I can modify it so well, but is there a way I can create a vanishing point grid layout in designer? Even if this isn't a feature right now, does anyone have any tips for how I could achieve this, please? Would be greatly appreciated!
  13. I'm also having an issue of block appearing while rasterising and exporting pixel and curve layers together to make PNGs. In the shadows you can see this square, it's happening to all my exports since the update! Windows 10 version, Affinity Photo Version 1.9.0.
  14. Thank you both for those suggestions! Joachim_L - When I tried to do the divide with a line from the pen tool instead of a shape, and the text that I'd converted to curves, it just kept filling the inside of the O and P and not actually splitting any of the text like I needed it to. I'll have to try with the rectangle! Old Bruce - With the masking layers method, how have you cropped it on a diagonal? It's confused me a little looking at the image.
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