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  1. clark.retreat.mike

    Doodle on Iphone to Affinity Drawing

    Drawing created from doodle on iPhone. A little tidying up in Affinity Designer.
  2. clark.retreat.mike

    Adding colour to line drawing

    Still learning the basics of Affinity Designer but using it to colour an old line drawing is helping me explore the various blend options.
  3. clark.retreat.mike


    Working between vector and pixel personas can really speed up the work process. gargoyle with word.afdesign
  4. clark.retreat.mike


    I have been doing some work with students at school on illustrating active words. This has given me an opportunity to explore Affinity Designer for the first time. I am finding the software very flexible. Where it scores hugely over Drawplus is in the layer management and in the ability to switch between vector and pixel personas. I do miss the autotrace options in Designer. I can still go to Drawplus and there are third party Bitmap to Vector programs online. However, it would be good to have all the tools in one place. Mike Clark Penguins Melt3.afdesign