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  1. I have been buried creating my next book in Photoshop and InDesign when an associate suggested I check out Affinity with their 90 day trial. By the time I was told, the extended trial was over, as was the 50% discount! Still, I did download the trial and only then discovered it is only good for 10 days. Maybe, and that is a big maybe, if I had absolutely nothing else to do, ten days might be enough time to evaluate one of the three software packages, but certainly not all three. Besides, realistically, I will never be free to dedicate ten straight days to do a proper evaluation anyway. I have watched a few YouTube videos, am intrigued by Affinity Photo, like the looks of a number of features and would like to try it before committing to changing from PS. Over the past number of years I have mistakenly jumped on a few alternatives in an attempt to ween myself off PhotoShop. All were very good at some functions but fell short at others. I would rather not make that mistake again. I haven't even thought about Designer or Publisher yet! By the way, the 90 day trial is brilliant for getting someone hooked on the use of rather complicated software and in fact, that is how Photo Mechanic got me. Is there any plans to bring back an extended trial period? Back to my book now, Thom
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