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  1. Thankyou, Walt. This took just 1 minute to implement and works perfectly! I had not used a "soft return" before and did not really know what they were for, but they work superbly for this situation.
  2. Thankyou, Antonio, for taking the time to send this video. I have, in fact, watched this before and, though it doesn't quite address my situation, it is an excellent and informative video in many ways. Thanks again. I am glad you managed to resolve your own similar situation.
  3. Hello, Any suggestions, please, on how I could turn this section heading into a single line within the Table of Contents? The heading, as it appears here, deploys hard returns. Putting the figure 1 into a separate text frame still causes the Table of Contents to list this section heading on two lines, whereas a single uninterrupted line would be preferable. Thanks in advance!
  4. My email sent to Serif on 27 December was answered last week. I received an apology from Andy and promise to check with Amazon why the book had not yet been delivered. The very next day, Amazon dropped off the book (left outside my front door without checking if I was in). That evening Andy wrote again to apologise for the continuing delay, so I wrote to tell him the book had arrived and to thank him for looking into it. It does appear they are gradually getting round to dealing with individual orders. The Publisher Workbook is worth waiting for. It is packed with good things.
  5. This is exactly what I was thinking yesterday. We love Affinity for their great software. But when it comes to the old-fashioned stuff of non-virtual products alongside the essential administration of courteous and informative correspondence, they need some training. Perhaps we, their Clients, should compile a Workbook on this for them!
  6. Hi Pyanepsion, In the absence of further info or responses from Serif, I can only guess that it is due to one or more of the following reasons: they are massively short-staffed to deal with dispatches, they underestimated the interest in this book, problems at the printer caused there to be fewer books printed than planned, they are now requiring/awaiting another print run, etc. The fact that some clients have received multiple copies or copies in the wrong language is concerning. I agree, for your order of a single book to be marked as "complete" is also concerning. I ordered all three workbooks and all three are marked as "complete" (I have received two of them and no email to suggest that the Publisher one has been dispatched). It might soon be appropriate for all clients who paid at the time of ordering to be notified by email about the situation and the reasons for delay.
  7. Hi, All, One thing is clear from reading all your posts, that orders are not being fulfilled in order of receipt (my order dates back to 30th November). However, these are exceptional times, what with Covid/Christmas and New Year holidays/Affinity evidently swamped with orders. Having just emailed Serif, I got the following automated response, so I think further patience is a good plan. (With the other two workbooks, as part of the same order, I received a separate dispatch email, and those arrived very quickly.) Auto Reply: Thanks for getting in touch. PLEASE NOTE: IF YOUR EMAIL ENQUIRY RELATES TO A WORKBOOK ORDER NOT HAVING BEEN FULFILLED, PLEASE ALLOW A FURTHER TWO WEEKS FOR THIS TO BE DELIVERED TO YOU. OUR SINCEREST APOLOGIES FOR THIS DELAY. We aim to respond to all queries within 24 hours. However, during busy periods, we may take a little longer to respond, so please bear with us. Best Regards Customer Services
  8. Hi, I ordered this on 30th November, alongside the other two workbooks. I received the latter two shortly afterwards. When can I expect delivery of the Publisher workbook? Thanks.
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