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  1. Spent the day listening to lots of viking folk like Heilung, Wardruna, and A Tergo Lupi and got inspired. Couldn't think of a decent name for it Original image for comparison can be found here
  2. I was wondering if that would end up causing some weird formatting behaviour somewhere down the line?
  3. I'm sure there's a historical/technical reason why the ruler defaults with 0 at the top left on a document, meaning you measure down the page, but for everything I've used it for (posters, displays, etc), it's a total pain. I want to know how far something is up a poster/display for a stand (because I measure from the floor up, not from the ceiling down, to work out the space in a room), so I can work out if the bottom part of the design is going to be cut off by a table or someone's chair. Is there any way to reverse the ruler, so 0 (mm/pixels/etc) starts at the bottom of the page and the top left of the ruler is where the max height of your document is? I know you can set 0 at the bottom by dragging the top left corner of the rulers down, but that doesn't change the direction of the ruler. Am I missing some obvious setting?
  4. Can confirm this issue, just encountered it today, running a Mac Mini with M2 Pro. Changing from Passthrough to Normal worked.
  5. Been listening to too much synthwave, thought it might be fun to mock up a fake retro movie poster!
  6. See screenshot. Why is it pulling through all these messy pixels that are clearly outside the selection when I copy/paste from one layer onto a new layer?
  7. If we work on existing documents (as in, created on previous 1.9 stable build) in the Publisher BETA, save it, etc., then later down the line try to work on that document once the Stable version works again, is that going to cause any compatibility issues / errors?
  8. Will saving documents cause any compatibility issues with using the same file on the stable (i.e. non-BETA) releases (either at the same time or further down the line)? Basically I have a few documents I need to work on, but if I open them in the BETA Publisher and overwrite the file with changes, I need to be able to open that same file in the stable release once the fix moves to that without it causing issues.
  9. Won't let me save my document, which is less than ideal. See screenshot. Tried both 'Save' and 'Save As' (file was working previously). Running the latest version of Affinity Publisher ( on Windows.
  10. So, weirdly (but also, yay!), it looks like 1.9.2 has fixed the crash issue for me 😕
  11. Just seen version 1.9.2 has been released. Has this update addressed this particular crash I've been getting (I'd prefer to avoid another round of installing only to get the same crash then reinstall version 1.8.5 again). Thanks for your help!
  12. Renamed it to '1.0 OLD', when I ran Designer it made me accept the EULA, then splash screen, then the same crash again 😞
  13. When I click on that it opens command prompt which then closes before I can read anything. Has it put a file somewhere? Sorry, misread your reply. Screenshot attached
  14. I'm using a Windows Surface Laptop 3, graphics are AMD Ryzen 5 Microsoft Surface Edition. I ran the procdump (cd command couldn't find desktop so had to put it in download folder). Screenshot attached. If it created a DMP file as you suggest I don't know where it's put it as there are no new files on the desktop, download folder, or in the procdump folder. 1.0.zip
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