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  1. See screenshot. Why is it pulling through all these messy pixels that are clearly outside the selection when I copy/paste from one layer onto a new layer?
  2. Will saving documents cause any compatibility issues with using the same file on the stable (i.e. non-BETA) releases (either at the same time or further down the line)? Basically I have a few documents I need to work on, but if I open them in the BETA Publisher and overwrite the file with changes, I need to be able to open that same file in the stable release once the fix moves to that without it causing issues.
  3. Won't let me save my document, which is less than ideal. See screenshot. Tried both 'Save' and 'Save As' (file was working previously). Running the latest version of Affinity Publisher ( on Windows.
  4. @Callum The guide doesn't match up with what the folders are like. So for me the file path is different: Appdata / Roaming / Affinity / (The three options in AppData was Local, LocalLow, and Roaming. Not sure why Affinity is in Roaming?) Then there's Common, Designer, Photo, Publisher in the Affinity folder. The 1.0 Settings folder for Common and Publisher are both empty. The Settings folder for Designer and Photo contain the PerformancePreference file but it doesn't contain an entry for UseHardwareAcceleration I assume that's not a good sign?
  5. I've just updated all 3 programs to version 1.9 and now none of them will open (this is on Windows 10). When I run them I get the new splash screen, the program opens for a second and then immediately closes. No error message or anything. Version 1.8 worked just fine, and there haven't been any Windows updates since I switched from 1.8 to 1.9 (unless it installed one without me knowing). Any help would be great as I really need them working as I've got work to do! Edit: Just to add a bit more info. I'm running them on a Windows Surface Laptop 3. 16GB RAM, AMD Ryzen 5 Surface Edition. Thanks!
  6. Pretty pleased with this one. I really like photos that incorporate vector shapes / line work, so wanted to have a stab at my own. The space / window section was done in Designer, than that file was placed into the larger picture in Photo with some further work done. I used a lot of tricks I learned from the lockdown Affinity sessions (isometric grids, using textures as overlays, various colour adjustments, etc.), so many thanks for those! 🙂
  7. I'm currently working part time in the office, and part time at home. I have Affinity Publisher files stored on OneDrive synced on my work and home computer. However, if I work on a Publisher file on the work iMac, save it to OneDrive and then try to work from it on my WIndows home computer, all the linked files are broken. I then have to relink them all if I want to work on the file at home, which, when you're working on a Publisher file that has 50+ images, isn't exactly a productive use of my time. Considering it's all in the same folder structure (because they're on a synced OneDrive folder), is there any way to tell Publisher 'the folder where all the images are stored are here with all the same subdirectories' and then Publisher just relink all the images? I swear when I was using InDesign a year or two ago it could do this. I know one work around is to stop using linked files, but that means the file size would end up being massive, and it seems a bit silly given I'm working from the same OneDrive folder on my computers. Thanks for any tips/tricks!
  8. I've been playing around with song lyric artwork, and as it's the anniversary of the White Pony album I thought I'd do one for that. The lyrics are repeated (IIRC the text box is filled with the album lyrics 3 times) because to fill the logo would've required to blow up the lyrics a fair bit, which meant the logo didn't have very good definition. As a heads up, the lyrics do contain swear words. (I wouldn't have thought that counts as controversial, but happy to redo the post as just as link if it is). Logo and text and was done in Designer, background photo was edited in Photo. Obviously all kudos to the band for the pony logo and lyrics, I just did this a bit of fun fanboy art.
  9. @- S - Thanks for the video! I can confirm that doing this worked, thank you so much! I didn't remove the two AMD profiles (just in case the Intel colour profiles didn't work or whatever), I'm assuming this won't cause any issues / conflicts? Both the Enhanced and the sRGB profiles have the yellow box issue. Thankfully, using the Intel one works 🙂 Thank you for reporting it to Microsoft. What I can't fathom is that I surely can't be the first person to use this Surface Laptop for photo editing, I mean the main draw of this laptop was that it is probably the closest thing to a Macbook in terms of build quality, screen, decent spec, etc. It's the sort of laptop you'd get specifically for this kind of work. Odd. (Sorry for the delay in replying, been a bit hectic lately)
  10. Is there anything I can do in the meantime because currently my Affinity suite is useless if I can't get the colour white 😕 How do I correct the colour profile?
  11. Just switched it from 'Enhanced' to 'sRGB' and the issue is still there. Also, the canvas can display white, weirdly. See screenshot.
  12. At first I thought my eyes were going funny, but Affinity sometimes doesn't show colours correctly and I have no idea why. See screenshot. Both highlighted circles are white, except in Affinity it clearly isn't white, it's got a yellowish hue to it. That fill colour is RGB = 255 / 255 / 255, so why is it not white (it's the top layer by the way, so nothing should be applying to it - even if it was it still doesn't look right in the Fill: boxl)? I wondered if it was just my screen going mad (it's a Surface Pro Laptop 3 in case that helps), but I checked the screenshot on my phone screen and you can still see a colour difference. What's going on? I also run Affinity Photo on Mac and I've never seen this issue. Thanks for your help!
  13. I'm practicing techniques by mashing together photos from UnSplash. I'm not quite happy with how the Earth looks, it just doesn't seem to sit right in the picture. I tried to upload it here but I kept getting an error message of '-200', whatever that means. So had to link from imgur.
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