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  1. this is a mistake by apple ( considering that they ask over 30% to developers....) , affinity has provided info about the compatibility. So, don't worry, the time you've spent to write this message costs more than the license :) Anyway, the app store is a good place but not for the support, not for the real gain for developers but for the gain for shareholders and people who do not know anything about software; this is the bad true.
  2. +1 working on iPad is a great experience but the workflow is quite slow. The Macro is a fast way to bring the workflow of an ipad more similar to a Mac, more faster.
  3. https://www.fontsquirrel.com and you can install all fonts ( with free license) directly from the browser
  4. there is a misunderstanding, IPad and laptop are not the best for professional works, they are a good gear for the work on the go. Astropad is not a a software for extend the desktop ( like duet). I can't bring my Cintiq on the go or to my clients but the PRO12 is always in my bag. I can't compare the macbook screen ( or an iPad screen) with my calibrated spectraview. So, in order to avoid confusion, without a calibrated monitor is very hard to make a professional job. The iPad is just a further help for the work but the color correction needs a serious hardware.
  5. Welcome to apple, they reinvent everyting, also the lies, PRO is a stupid name but it works for the sales. In any case the problem between apple tablets and th rest of the world is only one, the OS quality.
  6. this is a good compromise but it works also with RAW? I don't know Photogene, thanks
  7. do you mean afinity designer IOS?
  8. I feel the forum as a resource for the learning. It's not easy to learn a development technique by looking at just the photo, each photo should have a list of development work, this would be a better improvement in the forum, not just to see how good one is. with a full frame + 85mm 1.2 also a beginner is able to took a decent portrait, in this case the contribute of AP to the final quality is negligible.
  9. you are welcome, just because you are the 0,000000001% of affinity customer with this opinion :) I agree, this make sense but you must consider the percentage, if more than 50% of customer asks the same thing, you've right.To be honest, maybe the people need to know also that their ipad can't support the minimum requests for this purpose.
  10. I pinned this one. let's see what affinity will do with the memory management ( based to 2gb ram, the current standard) for managing groups of RAW and editing in CMYK. They made a miracle with AP IOS but maybe it's not enough.
  11. no :) Everything you have written makes sense to me as well, the problem is the device memory and limits imposed by apple (which are changing, fortunately). Any further improvement of raw management raises the minimum requirements of the device. Maybe we have to wait 2 to 3 years, with 80% of market made with ipad with 4 or 8gb (or more) of memory
  12. +1 very easy to use and useful Astropad bring the desktop version in an iPad :)
  13. Even if it is possible, would involve a new separate module for non-destructive management of some features and much memory and computing power (even to generate RAW previews based on grid zoom) - this probably means raising the minimum requirements 4gb of ram. The memory limits depend on the market, unfortunately. Working on a single CYMK full frame file of 23/50 mil. RAW require a lot of memory. I'm hoping to see in future a new app, a lightroom killer made by Affinity ( on desktop) this make sense for me but is a dream.
  14. yes of course, no alternatives here and my guess is related only to the professional work. I have a lot of fun on ipad now because I can play with my images everywhere. I made some minor works this week only with AP IOS, more time but new lifestyle :)
  15. I mean professional work, paid also based on the time you spend. You can't compare between the same job done through shortcuts on a keyboard and fingers on a touch screen, not the same thing. We talk about 3/6 times more than my regular workfloor on OSX and I'm quite fast :) Ipad (12) is the best if you need to work lighter or to check shots with the customer, or to show to the customer ( or the model) in real time your work trough astropad during the shooting (with iPad close to the model, connected via WIFI on a mac, and the laptop connected to the camera through canon software). It is a great tool for professionals, not only for AP.