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  1. this is awesome and I'm happy to find works where a vector line become alive ! great job! I spent time on this too but in HTML, just to add also interactivity and extend the range of use, in video too with the same project. The workflow is about the same with timeline and shapes. You did a good job and I think you can take a look also at HypePro, your skills will find more applications fields. take a look MEDUSA in this forum and the animated version here ( in HTML) . I share all files, AD + HypeProject. Michelangelo
  2. Hi to everyone! This is the Lightpad M by Roli, one of my favorite pad for music. I made also an animated and interactive version with HypePro 4 using the AD elements. take a look If you are familiar with Hype you can also get animation in HypeDocks Affinity Designer and HypePro are my favorite apps and I hope these companies work to better integrate exports. It would be great to use AD as a basis for animating objects. Thanks Michelangelo Roli_LightPad_M_AD_Template.afdesign.zip ------------------------------------------------------------ BTW, More project with AD file: Medusa and Isometric Mock-up
  3. Michelangelo_

    1.7.0 DOES NOT WORK!

    no problems here ( both HS and mojave), have you tried deleting the preferences as suggested?
  4. Michelangelo_

    [AD] [AP] Misc illustrations

    the final triptych is a step forward compared to your other illustrations, pursue that style!! bravo
  5. Michelangelo_

    Avengers mandala

    heroes with the aureole, nice! I love the style too.
  6. Michelangelo_

    Scooter - Affinity Designer

    this is so nice! I love illustrations where you don't see the software but only the creativity of the artist.
  7. Michelangelo_

    AD (only) Isometric Mock-up with Symbols

    Thanks Andrew the video was made with HypePro and not AD. My intention is to join both apps in order to produce animated version of the AD file. Now I'm able to import only SVG to hype but I'm not able to apply morphing and the shape distorsion on the SVG, now I can only use the perspective distorsion. theoretically yes, it is possible to build any shape (made with inclined planes as in the packaging)
  8. Michelangelo_

    AD (only) Isometric Mock-up with Symbols

    I'm able to manage perspective distortion but AD 1.6x is not able to do it ( and here we are still very far from AI) because the tool through AP is not a vector distorsion and you can't control it in AD. So I share the file for AD only
  9. Michelangelo_

    AD (only) Isometric Mock-up with Symbols

    Thanks! yes I know but it is not a native option; I share the files and I'm sure everyone has AP
  10. Michelangelo_

    AD (only) Isometric Mock-up with Symbols

    @ronnyb sorry, forgot to enclose also the AD file. AD file : symbol_isometric_blue_box.zip BTW: In AD it you can add perspective only through an AP module and for this reason I did not apply it; I hope that the new AD release allows the perspective deformation of the groups of paths (as in HypePro)
  11. Michelangelo_

    Affinity illustration set 2018

    you deserve it! and your work makes a huge contribution to the community because your style is very different from the others; AD is a powerful tool in the right hands
  12. Michelangelo_

    AD (only) Isometric Mock-up with Symbols

    an update on this work. the simulation can be also animate with HypePro, I made a new box based on my AD file. more info here I made a lot of works with both softwares and I hope that is possible, in future, an option to export a suitable shape to hype with AD for the morphing animation; thanks! hype_template_mockups_simulator_perspective_control.mp4 AD file : symbol_isometric_blue_box.zip
  13. Michelangelo_

    Affinity illustration set 2018

    Mateusz I love your style and the choice of subjects; The pictorial style is natural and hides the use of computers and this is a good thing. You are a truly artist and not an advanced AD/AP user, this make the difference, not the software. BRAVO!
  14. Michelangelo_

    MEDUSA illustration (AD file available)

    @Pattou thanks! Fixed! I added the title after doing the animation (the title is moving) and I did not notice it.
  15. Hi to everyone! This is a personal project, the illustration was made by my daughter and I redrew it to AD. Maybe it can be useful, to have new examples on optimizing the project using the lines; the project is just 450kb (see the outline view).in this project I used very few forms. many objects are just lines with different types of hatching. The Dash line is a powerful tool in AD and allows me to create interesting objects. I thank AffinityTeam for the amazing job on the selections and the snap tools, in AI I use a lot more time and I do not have the same result. (it's one of the reasons why I left AI for AD). Moreover I also did an animated version using Hype and I discovered that the new vector tools (in the current Beta) are very similar to AD!! (also the SVG source). So, I decided to share this file because even the animation was much appreciated and I hope you like it. It would be great to use AD to draw Hype shapes and animate the AD file, probably the only missing tool to kill Adobe definitively Download AD file: medusa.afdesign.zip Michelangelo _____________ BTW, Another project with AD file: Isometric Mock-up