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  1. I supposed it was a vectorialization before reading, incredible, it is a very long work! compliments
  2. this is very nice! compliments AD is perfect for design in architecture ( for pets )
  3. thinking in big, the suite will be a real replacement for the adobe suite image+vector+publish. If this company earn more money Affinity team can do better in better. So, wait the suite before
  4. @dkaiser found the same page in ITA, maybe it is true https://affinity.serif.com/it/about/ crossing fingers
  5. the software should be almost finished, however they are working on the new icon and this require about an year, the current one is 90s style but Affinity team love it
  6. I read this info too, however the development is long, also Affinity Designer for Ipad is pending, about 3 years
  7. @Doctez it's not a discussion about math, we're talking about costs, however, very low!. The important thing is to use the right tool. I left AI for AD and no matter how much I save but the quality of work. Lightroom is the best (alongside captureone) for me and the two versions are complementary in my work. If we count the hours spent on software in a year, the cost of software is always related to your profit. AI & AD are great tools and now is the time of Publisher, Afinity DAM probably will be the next a but not now. my two cents
  8. what?????? the Photographer plan is a bit more than 100€ per "year" with 3 softwares (plus the iPad version) and 20GB storage. Affiuity team offers an upgrade per year without a real "upgrade" price. If you are just a beginner you can use also an old perpetual license of a generic software, without further costs. If you need an updated software you have to pay each eyear in any case. I'm a photographer and I must follow the development of my softwares gear, with a perpetual license or not Depends on your needs and your skills.
  9. nice job! can you describe the steps of your work in AP? most users do not have a FF with F2.0 optics and the bokeh is not done in AP and that can cause confusion.
  10. nice job!
  11. @IcyPRO I'm sorry, I did not want to be polemical. It's a problem already discussed long ago.
  12. reasonable approach, it needs less time than a post in the forum Affinity Team are working on it, in the meantime we have a fast solution, is enough....
  13. in your opinion which is the percentage of customers who need this specific implementation? in the long list of features requests planned for the 90% of users ( the most are not professional) , where do you place your list?
  14. I have a long list of similar softwares, capture one included. te most convenient, in my opinion, is the Photographer Plan by adobe, 3 softwares ( LR CC IOS/mac/pc + 20gb cloud storage), LR CCclassic and Photoshop, This mean about 35€ for each software ( in EU) , the same segment of a single license of AP
  15. I agree, Publisher probably will be the next. This new tool is more requested by the community, I guess is also more convenient for Affinity Team because they can sell more licenses. A clone of lightroom is suitable for advanced users. I'm going to use also the "cloud" Lightroom CC alongside my classic version, both amazing pieces of software; I think we have to wait years before a significant comparison with similar software by affinity.