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  1. Michelangelo_

    Discussion split from - Visual Design & Illustration Journal

    we are confusing things: why is only one post used for years? if everyone does so what happens? Can you explain to me the relationship between the first image (over 2 years ago) and the last one? How much this post is more visible than others for the repetition of cotents? these are my questions, and I wonder if this is fair to other users. no controversy, I love some work; is the question of meritocracy and democracy, even in a forum
  2. Michelangelo_

    Discussion split from - Visual Design & Illustration Journal

    I know the rules of the forum but you have not answered my most important question. Why do you use a single post for all jobs instead of creating a new one for each design. You're the only one doing it, what's the reason? This is not a private blog but a forum; if you do so you have more visibility than everyone else, maybe this is against the rules of the forum or am I wrong? thanks!
  3. Michelangelo_

    Discussion split from - Visual Design & Illustration Journal

    Thanks for the reply It make sense but this is not your personal blog, this is a forum for learning ad share; I think this is diferent between the same post, for years, and a new post for each new work. It is a question of consistency and weight of visibility in a forum made to share and not only show serial works. You made very good stuff but the real pourpose of the forum is "share", especially if you decide to be visible thanks to the Affinity. This, in my opinion, is the difference between showing and teaching everyone, not just to some users. thanks
  4. Brian nice graphics series!!; A question, since you use the forum as a personal site, why do not you also share AD files with other users? It would be very useful and not just an opportunity to show your work. thanks!
  5. Michelangelo_

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    I check this discussion every month and now the date for the beta is END 2018 A question to all those who are in a hurry to try the beta. Do you all have important professional jobs that need to be done with Publisher? :) I have the ADOBE license and indesign is still able to helps me to finih all my works before december; in the 2019 Affiniry Publisher wll be my new tool for my job, not before, because unfortunately I use the programs to work, to support my family and not to waste time and have fun. Of course, I envy all those who can do it An "official" update by affinity would be welcome. thank you!!!
  6. Michelangelo_

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    @srpx @oval @MEB Affinity should publish announcements ( or pre-announcements) without comments to allow users to have clear information, without having to read pages of comments (which are often not relevant)
  7. Michelangelo_

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    oh thanks, after 30 pages a clear news. the summer is quite near thanks
  8. Michelangelo_

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    we know that it will arrive by 2018, no other official information. They are developing software, there are many variables.
  9. Michelangelo_

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    +1 This limit has already been exceeded, unfortunately. It is clear that there is not much awareness of the problems of software development. If you're in a hurry, for an urgent job, you can hire indesign at adobe for a couple of months. If instead Publischer should be used for fun maybe, you can also be patient wait for publisher by 2018, this is the only fixed point
  10. Michelangelo_

    Don Quixote Redo

    I supposed it was a vectorialization before reading, incredible, it is a very long work! compliments
  11. Michelangelo_

    Like designer

    this is very nice! compliments AD is perfect for design in architecture ( for pets )
  12. Michelangelo_

    Affinity Publisher

    thinking in big, the suite will be a real replacement for the adobe suite image+vector+publish. If this company earn more money Affinity team can do better in better. So, wait the suite before
  13. Michelangelo_

    Affinity Publisher

    @dkaiser found the same page in ITA, maybe it is true https://affinity.serif.com/it/about/ crossing fingers
  14. Michelangelo_

    Affinity Publisher

    the software should be almost finished, however they are working on the new icon and this require about an year, the current one is 90s style but Affinity team love it
  15. I read this info too, however the development is long, also Affinity Designer for Ipad is pending, about 3 years