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  1. Mateusz Justkowski

    Affinity illustration set 2018

    Thank you for such motivating comment and your appreciation All the best, Mateusz Justkowski
  2. Hello, 2018 year was realy exciting for me. I created many illustrations. So, now, I can present the set of my works created last year. Thanks for watching My website: Mateusz Justkowski
  3. Mateusz Justkowski

    Woman book

    Thanks a lot
  4. Mateusz Justkowski

    Woman book

    Hello, My new illustration created in 100% in Affinity Designer. What do you think about it? More: https://www.behance.net/gallery/72460753/Love-book
  5. Hey, What do you think about this form of illustration? What should I change or improve? More illustrations on the profile https://www.behance.net/mjustkowsk9b3b
  6. Mateusz Justkowski


  7. Mateusz Justkowski


    Hello, My new illustration. I decided to use some new textures.
  8. Mateusz Justkowski

    Women stripes - Don't leave me

    Thanks, Your answer give me new motivation.
  9. Mateusz Justkowski

    Women stripes - Don't leave me

    Hi, Affinity designer is amazing software, but unfortunately I can't add perspective, warp to stripes. What do you think about this illustration? https://www.behance.net/gallery/68681115/Dont-leave-me
  10. Mateusz Justkowski

    Run, run lady

  11. Mateusz Justkowski

    Run, run lady

    Hello, What do you think about my illustration. This is one of my first projects made in Affinity Designer. https://www.behance.net/gallery/68499477/Run-run-lady

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