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  1. Hello all, I have been working on a design project in Affinity Designer. Once completed, I saved the file as an .afdesign file to my Desktop. Now, when I open the file the attached image is displayed: 'The file type is not supported.' I have attached the file as well -- it appears empty. No error notification was displayed when I saved it. This issue has only occurred since the update. Any ideas? Thanks! NORRIS SHEDS BANNER.afdesign
  2. Hi friends, My little sister lost a friend to cancer last year. He was 17 and an athlete up till diagnosis. Tough story. I've been tasked with designing a logo for a memorial golf tournament. I am having trouble identifying a Designer/Photo tutorial to achieve the look I am aiming for. I'd like to take his image and convert it simple illustration above text. Any assistance and/or direction to a tutorial would be very much appreciated. All the best, Jon See examples and provided photo attached.
  3. Brilliant! Thank you Affinity Experts. Tried all three suggestions and was able to execute desired function.
  4. Hey guys, I am trying to create a logo wherein the background of the logo contains a label shape that is made of two intertwined shapes. The solid shape is both in front of the outlined shape as well as behind it (see attached photos). Question: Is there an easy to create this look using just two shapes or will I have two use a line to complete appearance of intertwined shapes? Thanks!
  5. Thanks for suggestion! I rasterized the 'Precision white mark,' converting it to Pixel layer but the Geometry options are then made unavailable to execute action. Hopefully that makes sense.
  6. Hi Affinity Experts, I have client that would like the logo on his business card to be cut out of an image. I created the logo in Affinity Designer and have the image, but when executing Geometry functions, the result is a block cutout of image below and not the specific shape of the logo. See attached. Thanks for any assists! Best, Jon
  7. Hey Affinity Experts, I have been trying to erase a top border on two combined custom shapes. One shape is dark suit jacket while the other shape is a white shirt shape on top of black suit jacket shape. My problem is that when I layer the shapes a very thin black outline remains from black shape. See example. How can I remove this black top outline? Do I have to erase it or is there a way to layer the shapes that causes the black border line to disappear at overlap. Thanks!
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