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  1. In all circumstances. Be careful, Divide closes straight lines too .
  2. But did you really get in there to check the result ? Over 40 THOUSAND nodes . All sharp. Nowhere near as bad. The caps are a non issue in both AI and InkS as both retain curves rather than converting everything into straight line segments. I took a quick look on a test pressure curve in all three programs. Affinity 5,583 nodes all sharp Inkscape 108 nodes. curves with bez handles Illustrator 78 nodes. curves with bez handles (and, fyi, there's at least one really good plugin for Ai that cleans up extra points very well. It does much more than that, but it costs more than Affinity itself.)
  3. Hmmm, don't think so. Working just as I described ..... on Mac. Don't know how it converts to PC land.
  4. Single click on the top node of the group. Now Shift + Control drag select the group. This will leave you with just the middle and bottom. (if there were more than three points it would give you everything below the top) Now Shift click on those two to get just the bottom OR Command click on thom to get just the middle. cheers
  5. You guys are missing the fact that @Justyna stated that these are two segments contained in ONE object. I don't think it's possible (shortcoming of the Pen tool, imho). You can extend off of the end of one but you can't connect to the open end of another. You would have to separate the two segments (boolean divide) in order to then use the advices above (join > close). But in doing so the two segments will close (as in your second example.... but as separate objects). You would then have to add nodes in the middle of the new segments, reselect them, break them, reselect them again and delete. Now you can do the join > close.
  6. The red lines most certainly do show up on export (for me). The rest is a redraw error as stated. It goes away at any magnification multiple of 100. This is just how Affinity is. Precise clipping wont help. Regarding the red: that's a different case because you're not pixel perfect. The Y position of both the red and it's white overlay are at 406.7. Change that to a whole number and they should behave as the others.
  7. If you can paste from Word, and it's time critical, figure out the why later. Copy from Notepad into Word then copy from Word into Affinity.
  8. With the marquee active you could click on/create an empty pixel layer and use the move tool to resize and move as usual. When you have it right just reselect the intended target layer. Yes, Pixel Persona could perhaps use a quick mask feature (how this is done in Photo), but this is the same number of clicks (basically).
  9. Well I'm glad you have a solution, but does that sound like an acceptable workflow??
  10. Okay, that's one half of the equation.... the joining. Now close it. (kinda silly for a drawing program to require sharp nodes to close a shape)
  11. Get thee to Google . Grab one or more of the fire pngs (free or paid depending on your situation) and play with layering and blend modes. There are many different flavors and styles to choose from. You can also use jpgs of imagery on black backgrounds. Just use with a Screen blend. If your goal is to learn how to paint them yourself that's still the best way to get reference images to try and emulate. Glad you have some "fire" brushes.... Right tool for the right job and all. Threw this together in a minute or two with the first several images that popped up: (I doubled up on two out of the three using screen and soft light blends. Screen on the single image (the one with the black background))
  12. @DWright Is that by design or an oversight? IOW can we expect it down the road? I brought it up years ago with no definitive answer. Edit: and while I have your eyeballs.... Same question for the absence of an antialias tick box for the Flood Select tool. (In some (certainly not all) circumstances one can go into refine and blur a touch, but that's a whole lot to do instead of one little checkbox)
  13. Correct. The file is 1191x593. @R C-R you've downloaded the resized (down) "preview" image that is inline with the thread. There is no antialiasing on the actual file. @Megstar I'm guessing it's one of two things. 1) with the original vector file in Designer, flip on pixel view. If the graphic is all of a sudden jagged then I'm betting it's the coverage map (In blending options... the little cog next to the blend layers dropdown). But it would be surprising if that had been changed somewhere along the line without you knowing it. 2) If it's still smooth (an anti-aliased smooth) in pixel view, is it possible that you're exporting as a dithered png? I know the image above shows png-24 (Designer version 1.6 right?), but the export window is a little weird in that if you change the resample method (which you don't need to mess with btw) the indication of which png is selected goes blank. Just make sure it's not dithered. Edit to add #3) Could also be an adjustment filter that uses the alpha too. Using any of those? I agree with @firstdefence. Why? You don't have to do that at all. Change the color and export as the final png right from Designer. You still need to pinpoint the jagged issue though.
  14. Yeah it can be done, but it's gonna be a hassle. It'll require a lot of masking using inversions of the illustration's shapes. I've attached a simple example. Shapes overlapping multiple shapes will need more than one mask. (You can combine/consolidate multiple masks if you like.... just extra work if you ask me.) Maybe there's an easier way... HiddenLines vector.afdesign
  15. Yes. Set up a Batch job. (search photo help "batch job" for a more in-depth explanation). From the help.... "About batch jobs The Batch Job feature allows you to specify an unrestricted number of source files to process and export.......both the exported file format and image dimensions are configurable."

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