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  1. Yes, I realize. But I try to avoid cross pollination if at all possible. It appears to introduce instability. Seems like it's just a matter of time before things tend to go wonky because of it. At least that's been my experience. Especially when trying to incorporate perspective into Designer 😁.
  2. @712Jefferson your original recipe should work. It's working as shown below.... and no antialiasing is introduced in any export I tried. (PDF, Tiff, PNG even JPG) (I even tried it with the Erase mode redundancy. Still worked.) Care to post a vid of it going wrong? Are you resizing on export? mask test.mp4
  3. Some additional info: Both nested and stacked versions work if you're using a Blur live filter. Of course this only helps if you're in APh...no blur filter in Designer. In the nested version they have to be in the mask position....not just children. & .... notice the different order in each. (Items #s 7465 and 7466 on the must remember idiosyncrasy list 😂.)
  4. Hi @Nita Reed. If we are still talking about your screen grab on the first page, I think your blur brush is working fine. With what you have selected in the Layers Panel you are blurring the girl only. Looking at that image, the part nearer the bottom edge is much blurrier than above it (See below). If you want to blur the edge between the girl and water you need to select and blur (or erase with a soft brush) just the mask 🙂 👍. Edit: I suspect there might not be much more of her to reveal.... (https://www.pickpik.com/fashion-beautiful-woman-woman-hat-covering-hidden-face-2925). So instead, since she is already blurred (which I think is the case.... and if you don't mind that), you might just need to erase the bottom edge of the mask. If you don't want her blurred at all and only want a blurred transition, you will need to redo the mask with the bottom edge a bit higher so as to give yourself some room for the transition.
  5. Certainly learning what is available regarding cutting objects (and how to do it) is important: But, Is there a reason you don't want to just position the gray square in front of the single line?
  6. In Designer, at the top of the font dropdown there are the following listing options: All, Recent, Used, Favorites. (Used does include fonts within symbols 🙃)
  7. @Digbydo 2 , or you could use the FX outline effect set to contour. That gives you the diamond. Rotate the shape for the angle. Soft light is set on the layer or in the FX panel. If your image is square you can go from color to color, but if it's rectangular go from one color 100% opacity to itself at 0% opacity and combine it with a canvas sized shape of the second color. Move/scale the diamond wherever you want.
  8. @RickyO instead of trying to pull back basically lost data, you could try introducing new texture info. I grabbed the first two pics I found of "rocks" and nested them inside the (refined) highlights selection. (Try to find imagery close to the right scale and with similar pixel quality to minimize fiddling about) Play with layering and blends. I did it quickly with broad imagery and let the textures fall where they may. You can get a specific as you like/need (I did pay a little attention to one specific rock....). cheers.
  9. How to make a mask from a path (curve)? You don't have to turn it into a selection at all. Just give it a fill and drag it into the mask position. This way it keeps it's vector editablity. And you can use pixel based filters/FX on it too (rather than just things that only effect the alpha channel)!!
  10. Hi @deedee123. I realize you would prefer to keep your habitualized (I say that without any connotation) workflow. It is a simple one. And a capability that Affinity should have. While you wait for that to be implemented 😁, a slightly different workflow will do what you want. Instead of: make a selection > copy > paste > blur edges. Duplicate layer > make a selection > make a pixel mask > blur mask. (yes it is a couple of extra steps 🙃.) blur mask.mp4
  11. @Barrowman you can still use the Selection Brush if you want/need to 🙂. Instead of committing the Refine process to Mask.... Commit to Selection and on a new pixel layer fill with any solid color. Drag into the mask position. (or..... if you fill with white you can hit Rasterize to Mask and leave it above or nest it as in the first option as needed) move with mask.mp4
  12. If you're willing to use the erase blend mode (which causes rasterization on export (icydk)) then you might as well just use the Outline FX instead of a stroke.... and only have one set of objects .
  13. Just a guess but.... are you using any FXs? Everything except Outer Shadow and Outer Glow will result in total text rasterization. In the "outer" cases just the FX will be rasterized but the text should remain text... or curves. Other than that, your export settings might help. Or a sample file.
  14. Hi Thomaso, Lol. I understand your steps 🙂. My point is that this is not possible to do natively in Designer or Photo. Please try it. It is only possible in Publisher. You are clearly using Publisher in your example video. It is, however, possible to open an .afpub file in the other two programs (or use Studio Link) and retain some of the desired functionality….i.e. moving as one unit and text edibility. But you will not be able to alter the fill or stroke of the object itself. ….but you still need Publisher to do it in the first place. It’s relevant to this thread because people will try it and run into the issue seen below and get frustrated and start calling out a bug when there isn’t one. There simply is no Text Frame tool set in the other two programs. A Frame Text Tool yes, but that's all. This is what happens natively in Ad and APh. Two objects are needed. (…. unless, like I mentioned above, it’s different on PC or iPad?) (I’m up to date on MAS releases and Betas as of this writing) Cheers 🍻 text frame color.mp4
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