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  1. How about the Remove Vignette filter? Under Filters Dropdown > Color. Destructive, but what the heck. Just do it on a copy.
  2. JimmyJack

    pasting problem

    No, I think it's a bug. Was just clarifying the problem for R C-R.
  3. JimmyJack

    pasting problem

    Yes, if you paste as you did and go directly to the wand and click next to the image the selection will be a phantom of the canvas size of the original. Clicking outside the size of the original canvas selects nothing.
  4. JimmyJack

    pasting problem

    Ah quite right. This has got to be a bug. If you physically move the pasted image (even just one pixel) then both wand and bucket work for the whole canvas. (note: it's not enough to move it by Arrange dropdown commands. You have to touch it. Ah.... wait a second. "Nudging" it with arrow keys works too.)
  5. JimmyJack

    pasting problem

    Hmmm, not sure what you're showing me there. But do whatever gets you there . And.... you can assign any shortcut you want.
  6. JimmyJack

    pasting problem

    @Klangrede A couple of things in no particular order: 1) why not just put a black field covering the canvas below everything? That way you don't have to keep filling individual layers. (Edit: it looks like you might have exactly that at the bottom of the stack there. Why not use that?) 2) I don't think I'm following the problem in your last picture posted. The layer selected in the panel is not visible. But the bounding box suggests it covers the whole canvas. And the thumbnail suggests all the area around the image is black. 3) fwiw.... if I copy and paste imagery into a new doc, I get the same restricted space as you do (agreed, it's a bit weird). BUT, instead of using the wand tool to select the space after pasting, go directly to the bucket fill tool and click anywhere around the pasted image. So now instead of adding a step (rasterizing) you now save two steps .
  7. My money is on an SVG that got rasterized somewhere along the line. chrisr seems to have a mask. A likely explanation is that he/she was using the erase tool on vectors.
  8. Yes please. It's sounding more and more like you need vectors instead of what you have now.
  9. Hi @chrisr. So the SVG is raster? Is that what you want? Would you mind posting the original SVG? If it truly is raster and it's only the white you want to get rid of you don't need to spend hours erasing. In Designer you just need to change the blend ranges to look something like the image below.... You can try different ramp configurations. The important part is have the right most node at the bottom. (this is just one option among several to get this done.) If you actually want/need vectors that also should not be a labor intensive task either.... (you get to this window by clicking the little cog icon next to the padlock at the top of the Layers panel)
  10. Ha! Just trying to keep it in the units of the original file. But does it really matter? It's just a copy and paste from the new doc dialog. No thinking required . Just the way I like it .
  11. I think it's a bit more simple to type in 8.268 for the width of the artboard? You already have the right proportions. Just make sure width and height are linked and that Lock Children isn't checked. Or on jpg export assign a width of 2480.315 px. (I'd use Lanczos non-sep).
  12. Ah! Okay now we're getting somewhere. But I think you got that last bit backwards. The PNGs drag in at the same size .... photo is looking at the pixel dimensions only it seems (on drag). SVG on the other hand come in as Embedded Documents at different sizes depending on DPI. And that action is the same whether dragging or placing. I was using the F logo you posted with the example... and that's a png. You must have really been using an svg. EDIT: Furthermore, copying and pasting from one file to the next keeps the pixel size regardless of outgoing or incoming document dpi. And that's the case for SVG and PNG...... and JPG.
  13. Still don't get it. Why would the logo be bigger in the 72dpi image vs 300dpi (using d & d) ? What does it matter what dpi the logo is? As I understand it, you dragged the same logo (be it 5dpi or 500dpi) onto two images of different dpi and got different sizes. This is what I'm trying to (and can't) reproduce.
  14. Now I'm confused . That's what I was saying that drag and drop results in the same size. But in your example the logos are clearly different sizes. From your same post "Its the Dpi of the document so if one document is 72dpi and the other is 300dpi, if you drag the logo into each one the logo will be smaller in the document at 300dpi".