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  1. I just installed the update, and now I can't delete any objects unless I also hold the FN key at the same time. I'm on MacBook Pro, and I don't know why/how this has changed. Why would this basic functionality change, and is there a setting that I can change back? thanks!
  2. thanks @lepr and @firstdefence for the tips - I will give those a try 🙂
  3. Hello - in this image, the "side front" group of objects has a rotation of 27.1 degrees. I'd like to keep this group looking the same on the screen, but set the rotation to 0. I want to do this because I rotate this group to match my seams for sewing, and then I need to rotate the group back to it's original orientation so that I can cut the pattern on the straight grain. It is far easier to do this if the original orientation is 0, rather than having to remember that it's 27.1 degrees. Is there a way to do this? Thanks!
  4. thank you - I uploaded an example of one of the files. The relevant artboard in the AD file is the one labelled 110cm Layout 🙂
  5. Hello - I'm using AD for pattern making for sewing. I create a pattern piece for, say, the front left of a shirt and then duplicate and flip it to create the front right pattern piece. I then export the file as a pdf and use that with my projector to cut out the pattern pieces. The trouble I am having is that sometimes, and only sometimes, a pattern piece will have a black fill applied to it, but only in the pdf version and only in one of the pattern pieces - the other pattern piece will be absolutely fine. It looks fine in AD - no fill on any pattern piece. And I can't figure out why this is happening. Here's a screenshot showing what I mean. Any suggestions? I do need to see the inside of the pattern because it often has markings that I need to transfer to the fabric. Thanks!
  6. Hi Dan - I'm a newbie too, but to describe what I'm doing, it usually happens when I've selected two separate groups and then tried to move the origin and route around that origin. I drag the cross hairs to where I want the origin to be, and then it just flies off in a random direction. I then have to just move each group separately as I can't get the origin to re-set. I'm using a MacBook Pro on the latest OS. Thanks!
  7. Hello - is there any update with this? Also, once the origin goes so far astray, how do you get it to re-set itself? Toggling on and off doesn't work. Thanks!
  8. Hello! I'm hoping someone can tell me whether this is possible or not. I took a photo of a sewing pattern piece and opened that image in AD v2. I used the measuring tool to scale the image to the correct size, and the scale is ~53.605 : 39.5 in the document set-up. I traced the image using the pen tool, but now I want to be able to use that tracing in an another AD file, just using a 1:1 ratio - ie. I want to permanently "re-scale" the traced image so that I can just use it on a 1:1 ratio. Is this possible? Sorry if this is a stupid question, I'm quite new to all this stuff 🙂
  9. @MikeTOI'm now on Mac Ventura and the issue resolved itself, and it's now all working normally. Thx for the input!
  10. Hello - I've been holding off updating my OS to Ventura while the usual kinks are ironed out, but I want to know whether Ventura plays nicely with AD v2 before I do that. Is there any advice about when/if I should upgrade, or should I stick to Monterey for a bit longer? I'm running a 2019 MacBook Pro with an i7 chip. Thanks!
  11. So, this was working for me just fine, but then I installed the latest update and the problem has come back again. Clicking the "allow selection...etc" button that previously worked does not actually seem to do anything at all. Is this a new bug, or am I missing something? Thanks!
  12. For example, if a straight line is 10" long and I want to curve it into a shape that maintains that 10", is there a way to do that? The end nodes will need to move of course, but the key factor is to maintain the overall line length. I know we can draw a curve and then measure it, but I'm wanting to start with the length I want, and then shape the curve. Is this possible? Thanks!
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