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  1. Apparently it is a bug in the Mac version, this works fine in Windows: the view are undockable
  2. Affinity Designer v1.8.2 on Mac, Retina display Screen_Recording_2020-03-31_at_14_24_37.mov
  3. Affinity Designer v1.8.2 on Mac Create a new document and draw something Click in the menu bar: View -> New View Now there are two window tabs but only one window is visible and active Is there a way to view both windows side by side? I can't undock any of them from the tab bar in order to rearrange them NOTE: That Window -> Separated Mode shows the windows but also show the desktop of my Mac as background and the tool panels scrambled I also want to see two documents opened side by side.
  4. Same problem here, Imac 27" retina desktop, the problem arises when you move the cursor from the canvas to the left or right tool panel, but only happens if you move the cursor at certain speed. Workaround: Move the cursor faster (or some times slower) into the panel. Cursor shape.mov
  5. 1.- Create a equilateral triangle using the polygon tool. 2.- Create circles in each vertex as I show in the attached picture using the ellipse tool. Use the snap options appropriately. 3.- Select all the shapes (cmd-A) 4.- Press the Divide button in the upper toolbar. 5.- Press the Node tool button in the left toolbar. An arc is not divided correctly.
  6. In the adjustments panel I have deleted all the presets in the gradient map tab, just left the default and created 3 new presets. I can’t pick them with the Wacom pen, it works randomly, I have to click them several times to work. Picking them with the mouse works fine.
  7. My monitor is correctly profiled via hardware (ColorMunki display): My_profile.icc Printing profile for my Epson L355 printer: Epson IJ Printer 07 Printing profile for my Epson Stylus Pro 3880: Premium luster photo paper Sony and Canon RAW image files. Please help me to establish a workflow for the following: Print two or three photos in a single 8x16" photographic paper, sometimes for the L355 and sometimes for the 3880 printer. I create the layout (edges faded, pics overlapped, tilted, etc.) Main questions: 1.- For the correction of exposure, white balance, etc.: Open one RAW file, use Develop Persona, "Basic" tab in the right side of the screen - Profiles (the last option) - Output profile: Which profile should I select? My monitor's profile? sRGB IEC61966-2.1? ProPhoto RGB? Adobe RGB? or any of my printer's profiles? How should I save the changes? as Affinity Photo file? or export to JPG or TIFF? 2.- After editing three RAW files, I create the file to include them in a collage: File - New: What should I select: "Photo", "Print" ? What Colour format: "RGB/8", "RGB/16","RGB/32" ? What Colour profile: My monitor profile, or any of my printers profile, etc.? 3.- What if I decide to export the image to a JPG file for printing in a photographic lab? 4.- I create about 12 layouts to include 1, 2 or 3 photos in each one, how to save the profiles and change later only the pictures embedded? Thanks in advance.
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