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  1. There's now a "Windows Ink" setting which is very nice to use I must say.
  2. So I've been doing some fiddling and come up with a brush that seems workable. The tutorials I found weren't very helpful (apart from the one I mentioned initially), but the best way was to fiddle with all the settings and see their effect. I'm dropping the brush I've come up with here in case it helps others. I'm pretty happy with the effects I can produce with the pen and this brush. Carl.afbrushes
  3. Thanks @stokerg. I do already have a license for Designer. I'll seek out some tutorials on how to edit brush settings.
  4. I am running Affinity Designer on a Surface Pro (2017). The pen on this device supports pressure and tilt, and Windows 10 comes with a built in sketch application that allows the use of a pencil brush where drawing vertically on the surface produces solid lines and tilting the pen down produces grainy strokes that simulate shading with a real pencil. I am wondering if Affinity Designer supports sketching in this manner. I'd love to be able to sketch on a layer, then switch to another layer and continue sketching. I've found evidence that v1.6 supports the Surface Pen, but no specifics about if tilt is included. I've also found a tutorial that talks about tilt on a Waicom pen, though I'm not sure if this is a compromise or the way that Affinity Designer is meant to support the feature I'm after. Can anyone confirm if Affinity Designer supports sketching like this with the latest Surface Pro and pen, and perhaps point me to a tutorial if there is one?
  5. Thanks @DWright; that does the trick. It works very well.
  6. I'm using Affinity Designer on a new Surface Pro with a pen. I find if I touch the screen with my hand while I'm using the pen, I draw when I want to. This doesn't allow a proper sketching use case. On Windows, software has the ability to support "palm block", where the palm is ignored and pen input is still allowed. Does Affinity Designer support "palm block" or plan to implement it in the future? I think Affinity Designer would make an amazing sketch tool for pen artists.
  7. I'm not sure if this will work (it depends on your licensing process) but if the trial is ready then why not put it on dropbox or something similar so we can all start using it sooner? That way we won't have to wait for your website to be up and running and you'll get feedback sooner.
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