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  1. I have an annoying effect who happens from some time, some object remain show as selected even they are not selected, i.e are show in violet color. If I presse the space bar for moving the view all objects are drawing as not selected but as I left the space bar will be show as selected. When this happens for some hundred of object is quite bad... This was happens either with 1.8 and 1.9 version I have made a small video to show the problems. Any solution? Ciao Sergio Molino Affinty_Design_object_selection.mov
  2. HI to all I am try to open file coming from Illustrator and Designer lost all the Group and Layer, in complex file is quite a big problem. There is a solution? Thank you for any help 14.ai
  3. On my osx 10.14.6, just reinstalled, I have this annoying effect, the drawn forms do not deselect after deselecting them, or better the forms are deselected but on the creen appears as select, see attached video. best regards Sergio Capto_Capture_2020-09-22_12-47-41_PM2.mov
  4. Ciao Sean Yes I confirm, generally I use the TAB to move on and the other dimension is change accordly. BUT I have just noticed, in this try to answer you, that if I change the choice of the manu "area" after I put in the value I need, the measure are changed to the originals one (reset the measure input box). If I put again the measure I need the result file is correct. SO I believe that is not really correct, and the solution may be two: 1 - move the menu "area" aside the dimension so is more clear the connection between the two information 2 - do not change the new measure inserted by the user even the menu "area" is changed Grazie e buon lavoro Sergio
  5. Enclosed you will find the file, please do not share it. Best regards
  6. Exporting a file to PNG and scaling when selected "section without background" the image saved is not scaled. Same task done as JPG work correctly Exporting the whole image as PNG work correctly. Affinty Designer 1.8.3 OSX 10.14.6 Best regards
  7. Unfortunately, no Is a PDF that I have open and import into Pub... where all the black text is become in 4 color when I need only 100K
  8. I am try to change a text color (lot of occurrence) from on a CMYK combination to an other CMYK color combination, but I unlucky . How is possible to do with the current version of Publisher?
  9. he image unzipped... so is more quick to understand
  10. OK, next time I will upload image directly
  11. In a professional printing work flow is necessary to create ICC profile for particular printing condition (offset-flexo-gravure). To do so it is necessary to open/measure/print/save a chart (either is a image or vector file) file disabling any kind of ICC profile by the application. In all of the Affinity suite this is not possible to do, it is a necessary opportunity. I suggest to follow the old Adobe (previous the CC era) possibilities.
  12. In a professional workflow, like in the printing industries, is quite fundamental the correct use of PDF/X specification. All the Affinity Suite has problems correctly visualise and, probably create, the PDF/X standard as the GHENT Groupe as prepared. If you download the Ghent Suite you see the problem: https://www.gwg.org/workflow-tools/test-suites/ghent-output-suite/
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