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  1. he image unzipped... so is more quick to understand
  2. OK, next time I will upload image directly
  3. In a professional printing work flow is necessary to create ICC profile for particular printing condition (offset-flexo-gravure). To do so it is necessary to open/measure/print/save a chart (either is a image or vector file) file disabling any kind of ICC profile by the application. In all of the Affinity suite this is not possible to do, it is a necessary opportunity. I suggest to follow the old Adobe (previous the CC era) possibilities.
  4. In a professional workflow, like in the printing industries, is quite fundamental the correct use of PDF/X specification. All the Affinity Suite has problems correctly visualise and, probably create, the PDF/X standard as the GHENT Groupe as prepared. If you download the Ghent Suite you see the problem: https://www.gwg.org/workflow-tools/test-suites/ghent-output-suite/
  5. Will be necessary and useful have the possibilities to read and set the dot % with at least 2 decimal place. This feature is necessary with the professional work in calibration of a printing process, like offset printing flexo printing and so on, of course in all your suite. Se attache file using Illustrator. Dot % reading.zip
  6. With last version happens more and more an error when exporting or save a file on vichi I work and have save or export few minute ago. See attached file. OSx version 10.14.6 Affinity Photo error on save file.zip
  7. HI I have receive a PDF file from an ESKO packaging system, open with Photoshop I got the correct format, using Designer it is open with the wrong dimension, use the Trim Box instead of Bounding box. see attached file. I suggest to let choose which trim box of the pdf is better to use when open/import a pdf file. please do not share the original PDF file.
  8. Even version 1.7.2 do not open CR3 Canon raw...
  9. Uploaded PLS do not share this file, this are image which will be used in a Flexo packaging workflow . I am testing your application as PRO application in real production workflow... Ciao
  10. I have received TIFF file in CMYK color space with alpha channel and ICC profile included, but APhoto open as RGB with no alpha channel. Of course if you open them using Photoshop CS6 the file are open correctly. This is a very big problem in a professional work flow! See attached fileTIFF PROBLEMS.zipTIFF PROBLEMS.zip PLS do not share this file! TIF_Problem.zip
  11. How is possible to edit the color in a palette? like sort, add, delete, modify in an easy way...
  12. Thank you for the this suggestion, was the solution I am looking for. To solve the the problems I have used the second way you have posted, but in my case was a big job due to the high number of shape involved.
  13. How is possible to do a "Paste Inside" where are selected more than one shape? So having the same copied and paste item show inside different shape.
  14. Hi I am using Designer ver. 1.6.1 and is more than one time that I have problems to open AI/PDF file received, especially in fill gradient. Attached is the AI file received and the AD saved. Is a bug of the current version? regards Sergio Molino PFD error.zip

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