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  1. New Adjustment layer keep the document format (even you change this after creation), when you want to export with “Area: selection without background” the final PDF has the document format and not the dimension of the selection. Test Adjustament layer.afdesign
  2. How is possible to edit the color in a palette? like sort, add, delete, modify in an easy way...
  3. Thank you for the this suggestion, was the solution I am looking for. To solve the the problems I have used the second way you have posted, but in my case was a big job due to the high number of shape involved.
  4. How is possible to do a "Paste Inside" where are selected more than one shape? So having the same copied and paste item show inside different shape.
  5. Hi I am using Designer ver. 1.6.1 and is more than one time that I have problems to open AI/PDF file received, especially in fill gradient. Attached is the AI file received and the AD saved. Is a bug of the current version? regards Sergio Molino PFD error.zip
  6. HI I am looking on how create a file with spot color (Pantone color) to fill an area at some percentage or with gradient and save in PDF/PDF X4 preserving each color as a separate layer with own opacity. Thank you for any info Sergio
  7. As in Photoshop may be very useful to have the possibility to create setting of ICC preferences, so is more quicker to change all the preferences. If you clone the ICC preference and behavior of Photoshop will be fantastic!! Ciao