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  1. Hi! Do we have a solution to put text in perspective without rasterizing it and using Photo Perspective tool? I'm looking to a solution where I type the text in Designer and then set it to perspective undestructively so that I can edit the word. OR at least convert the text to curves and all the curve point to a resize box with four independent handles, so I can drag each of them to a perspective lines.
  2. I don't see Finnish language in the dictionary library. This is a bummer as I really hoped Published could have worked as a magazine designer for a project where Finnish language is used. Is there any difference in Publisher V2?
  3. Hello! I'm shooting architecture images and need a tool to correct building edges to make the 100% vertical. Does anyone know a proper workflow to do this. I don't find the Perspective tool suitable. I'm talking about workflow, like explained in this video. And how you can set those lines in Lightroom and the AI to make the building stand straight.
  4. I had file names "shine tecs Hinnasto juliste (koossa 1/3, norm 700x1000mm)" and was wondering why the hell AD puts my files into folders. Now I understood it is because of the slash. So I changed my names to "shine tecs Hinnasto juliste (koossa ⅓, norm 700x1000mm)". Problem solved. Thank you for this post!
  5. Alright I changed the source of from where I downloaded the font and this issue got fixed. Petrona font downloaded from Google Fonts had weird stroke. And font downloaded from CUFON fonts had normal stroke. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. I'm having a weird strokes for some of my fonts, like Petrona. If I select stroke order: Draw Stroke Behind it looks ok but when I expand that stroke it is still this weird stroke that doesn't seem to be on its place. Is this an issue with fonts how they are handled by the AD or simply the error of the font maker?
  7. My file had an unsharp layer on top of all layers. This seemed to disturb the whole file and made it a flattened pixel image.
  8. Hi! I'm experiencing an evil problem that, when my vector PDF file for print is exported, it is flattened to a one single pixel image. Is this a known issue?
  9. Hello! I don't seem to get the text to hyphenate in Finnish language. Am I missing something? Is this possible in Publisher?
  10. Hi! Moving cursor in Affinity apps in text with keyboard differs to normal OSX behavior. In normal OSX text edit program, web browser etc. pressing alt + arrows makes normally the cursor jump over a word. Pressing the cmd + arrows makes the cursor jump to the end or beginning of the line. Affinity has mapped this differently. Pressing alt + arrow is text spacing tightening/loosing, and cmd + arrow makes the cursor jump over words. How will I set the normal OSX behavior in all Affinity programs?
  11. Doesn't seem like https://github.com/LibreOffice/dictionaries has Finnish dictionaries. Anyone know about this or where should I find Finnish .dic and .aff files for Windows?
  12. I don't even see my local language in the list. It should be Finnish. Where can I add it?
  13. Looks like Control + TAB goes through recently used tabs and doesn't switch tabs in normal order. Is it possible to change this behavior?
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