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  1. Doesn't seem like https://github.com/LibreOffice/dictionaries has Finnish dictionaries. Anyone know about this or where should I find Finnish .dic and .aff files for Windows?
  2. I don't even see my local language in the list. It should be Finnish. Where can I add it?
  3. Looks like Control + TAB goes through recently used tabs and doesn't switch tabs in normal order. Is it possible to change this behavior?
  4. So this haven't changed after beta? Is there a way to put this add selection modifier to CTRL? EDIT: Damn it feels awkward to press and hold button (right click) in wacom pen and try to draw and sharp selection line. Please let me know a way to change this behavior!
  5. Looks like disabling Windows Ink settings in Wacom AND Affinity allowed me to change the brush tip size by dragging and also enabled pressure sensitivity. ❤
  6. I actually find that Affinity programs don't do too great job with image optimizing. When I used to work on Mac I used this https://imageoptim.com/mac . Now, as a Win user I have a problem to find a similar good program that would make my jpg and png pictures more web friendly. If you know a good software, not a web software but a desktop one, please share! EDIT: What I found for now is https://nukesaq88.github.io/Pngyu/ Look like it does the same thing as Mac's ImageOptim.
  7. Thanks! I will turn OFF the Wacom's Use Windows Ink and see where it will get me. If you don't hear from me then it worked 😁.
  8. To all my knowledge I have disabled windows pop up keyboard everywhere in win settings but it still keeps popping up when I press with wacom pen in any Affinity designer's field where I could practically type something. I don't see this problem in eg. Windows Explorer. Can this be a Affinity software issue?
  9. "Decrease/increase brush width with on-screen readout = Alt + right button down + drag (left/right)" doesn't seem to work in Win 10, Affinity Photo and with Wacom intuos pro med Pen. It works when I do it with my mouse. So something is wring with the settings but I don't know what. Could you help me please? Also I kinda liked how this feature worked in Mac by pressing CMD + OPT. When can I change these key bindings in Affinity settings?
  10. Hi. which fingers, how many and where i have to press to be able to disable snapping for dragging object in ipad AP? I don't want to disable the whole snapping feature. I only need it to no-snap for some drags. Thanks.
  11. I open a JPG file in AFFINITY PHOTO. It has just one layer which is locked by default. I pick a brush and start to paint ON THAT LOCKED LAYER. How is this even possible? I was hoping that an assist would make a new layer automatically.
  12. My AD version was 1.5.5 or something similar. But I have managed to update now. The new version is 1.6.0 and I suppose it is the latest. Thanks a lot for the help!
  13. Here are the screenshots. I can only open AD not update.
  14. Hello. I recently saved file in AP 1.6.6 version and now I can't open it in AD 1.5.5 version. My Designer says "The file includes features from later version of Affinity. In my App Store there is no such thing as update Affinity Designer. What to do?
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