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  1. angelhdz12

    Auto Font Size

    Excellent idea!
  2. A**** Photoshop has this feature. It allows to search for specific layers in an ocean of layers.
  3. I by mistake used the term "Sort". I mean "Search". Photoshop has this feature. We can search layer based on queries like locked, unlocked, hidden, visible, by name, by filters, by blend mode. It helps when you have so many layers and you need to find specific layers and do something with/to them.
  4. angelhdz12


    Yup, definitely it should be Javascript and Typescript (for the ones who love static typing). Typescript is basically Javascript, with static typing added. Typescript is the best choice, because then we can know at authoring time, the types of the variables, properties, function returns, etc. For example: import { Shape, Layer} from "affinity"; import * as affinity from "affinity" var rect:Shape = affinity.document.current.selectedItem(); var rect2:Shape = affinity.document.duplicate(rect); for(var layer:Layer in affinity.document.layers) { affinity.document.select( layer ); } I have experience with JSFL, an Adobe Flash (now Animate) Authoring environment Javascript API. You can run the actions inside the program, or load an *.jsfl file.
  5. angelhdz12


    A lot of people complaining about the use of tabs in Python. So I got a feeling the best 2 languages to automate Affinity programs are Javascript and Typescript (static typing <3 ) . But something tells me they could end implementing their own language, like Unity with the JScript, Microsoft's dialect of the ECMAScript
  6. angelhdz12


    Not having to wait for the developers to add missing features and advanced macros/actions. A lot or programs since 90's allow to do this, like Microsoft Office programs using Visual Basic to automate tasks.
  7. angelhdz12


    Why it looks ugly? Because it's not your language of preference? Because it has brackets to open and close blocks instead of tabs? I've seen a few people preaching about ancient languages in here, trying to make it relevant. One preaching about Haskell, others about Lua or Cobol, don't know, and so on. So your opinions are biased, favoring personal preference and not a generalized overview on users needs and simplicity, accessibility, maintainability, compatibility, etc. Top programming language of 2019 Python Javascript Typescript C++ C# PHP Java
  8. angelhdz12


    I Agree on Python, because its power, and syntax simplicity. But if they go the HTTP requests route and let developers choose their own language, I would choose Typescript or C# because I love static typed languages. Let's say: Something like that. Beautiful!
  9. Totally agree. Preferences window is a mess.
  10. angelhdz12


    This! OMG! Never thought about this! This way, developers can control Affinity programs in any language flavor they want. I would use Python and Typescript. <3
  11. angelhdz12

    Auto Font Size

    Thank you for the video and for replying. Sorry for the delay. I'm programmer and have been very busy building some apps and learning some new technologies and languages. Let me explain what my cousin needs:
  12. I can't react anymore for 24 hours LOL I'm banned! I reacted with a heart on your reply. Other developers are talking about this. Python, TypeScript and Javascript are the language more voted. I'd vote for Python or Javascript because they are not static typed, easier for building actions/macros/extensions to automate tasks in Affinity programs. It's a must! So every programmer out there can develop these so less feature requests the Affinity developers will have.