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  1. I opened an Affinity Designer document I previously made. Made some changes. Decided to hit undo until when the document was opened. Designer crashed. Opened again, it asked me to recover a modified document, I selected Yes. Decided to select manually the first item in the History list. It was "Clear Selection". Designer crashed again.
  2. I think the best approach is server/client. Discord did it this way, and in their Discord's server, they have separate channels for each programming language that have a Discord Client API, and you can even request a channel if there's a language that doesn't have one, but is active and you want to work on the API for said language. This way, everyone can enjoy controlling Affinity Suite programs from their favorite languages, and then the debate is over. No more "my language is better than your language" silly arguments. You start the server with a button or menu option in the Affinity programs, then in your favorite language, install the affinity client library, import it, connect to the server, and start calling the methods that will send messages via Sockets or HTTP requests, to the server, and the server then process the messages and send the actions to the program. I expect this on version 2.0 if I will spend money to upgrade.
  3. So hyped for scripting!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! (It can be Javascript or even better TypeScript, but the 2 most mentioned languages in this Scripting thread are Python and Javascript).
  4. Thanks for your time. Heart file is just an affinity designer file with a green heart shape. That's it. I have the latest version of all Affinity Suite programs. Please focus on the step #4 of my original comment. The embedded file's thumbnail only updates when I modify the embedded file somehow, either by moving it on the canvas, or resizing it, etc. It looks like when the embedded file is edited, the layer is updated, but not the thumbnail, and I don't know if it's a bug of this version, or if it's only happening to me. I recently formatted my HDD so Windows is a fresh install, as well as affinity programs.
  5. The embedded document thumbnail in the layers panel is not updating in both Photo and Designer. Steps to reproduce: Select File > Place Select the file to embed Click on Edit Document to edit it The embedded, now edited document's thumbnail in the layers panel will not update automatically, unless we modify it on the canvas somehow (moving it, transforming it, etc.)
  6. SOLVED I get it now. The Macro tab is for single macros, that's why the extension is .asmacro, and in the Library tab, is a group of macros and that's why the extension is .asmacros, prural. My bad! ORIGINAL I was trying a Macro, and I couldn't find it in the file explorer. After debugging, it turned out that in the Import Macro Window, in the file extension, the extension says .afmacro, when the file extension actually is .afmacros. So when I noticed this, I then tried to just drag & drop the file and it worked. Then I realized, in the Macros Toolbar, there are 2 tabs: Macro and Library. In the Library tab, both Import Macro and Export Macro has the File Extension correct. So the issue is only happening on the Macro tab. Please let me know if it's a Bug or Feature. Thanks and stay safe!
  7. I've found a lot of lack of consistency among Affinity Suite programs. This is one of them. We still don't have Non-destructive Mesh/Perspective in Designer, but there's a Perspective Live Filter in Photo... 🤦‍♂️
  8. Thank you. I'll guess that I will have to use that "workaround" but still this in an issue of "lack of consistency". If Affinity Photo's Arrange Menu includes Flip Horizontal/Vertical options, the Customize Toolbar should have it too. And even more if there are keyboard shortcuts for it, that means that it is a feature that belongs to the program. Stay safe!
  9. I deleted all the files in the AppData/Roaming/Affinity/Photo, and in ProgramData/Affinity/Photo. Then reinstalled AP. Asked for email and license key as if it was the first time I install it. Same issue. Makes no sense man... I will install in another computer to debug.
  10. Thanks. I am programmer, so I maybe have an idea what "Don't ask how" means... and will try it. Also, I reinstalled AP (with a system restart and all) and the issue is still present.
  11. Thank you! Yes, I purchased the 3 programs. Designer: Photo: You gave me an idea. I will uninstall Photo and install it fresh. I updated to latest version like 1-2 weeks ago. Sometimes programs get buggy and reinstalling them fresh, solves it. Thank you for your time, be safe! 😊
  12. I must of the time just create a new document via clipboard. So it should be the same as creating a new document and placing the image, but it also makes the thing an Image Layer instead of a Pixel Layer. Sometimes I also paste things via Paste/Ctrl + V. In the recent version, something improved. Now using the Inpainting Tool on an Image Layer, convert it to Pixel Layer with the Assistant automatically. So, it's only the Marque Tool left to join the club. But, I just read something in another thread that may finally solve this?. Are Image Layers the same thing as Photoshop's Smart Objects? If so, then I don't have to convert to Pixel, and I can just go inside of it, made the pixels manipulations I want, and then exit... But having to right-click > Rasterize (Trim) every time I paste an image or create a new document from a clipboard image, just to have it converted from Image to Pixel, is not practical in a program that is supposed to work with "pixels". Do you mean what I say?
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