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  1. Sure, you can have an opinion, and we respect it. But if most people says Python it's best, you can't fight that. For this same issues is why polls and voting systems exist. I come from bracket and static datatype languages, and when I discovered Python, that opened a world of possibilities for me. For example, I ditched Batch in favor of Python to develop tools to solve my daily life tasks. Tabs are basic and common in normal text writing anyways, for example, to start a new paragraph. You can love Lua all you want, but bashing Python over that, it's silly. "Lua is better than Python because I love it". No, it doesn't work that way. Blender (3D modelling and animation software) uses Python. Adobe Flash (now Adobe Animate) uses JSFL, a flash port of JSAPI, a Javascript API . Web browsers use Javascript for their extensions development. Last words: It makes sense to have Python as the language to automate Affinity Programs tasks. If not Python, then Javascript. These 2 languages are common among graphic designers that also become frontend developers, because of their simple syntax. I dream about Python replacing Javascript for the web. I want to know your opinions on this guys!
  2. Hello guys! The Flip Vertical/Horizontal icon is missing in Affinity Photo from the main toolbar and it's missing from the Customize Toolbar window.
  3. angelhdz12

    [Multi] Python API

    I was asking for this, and the languages I chose were Python and C#!!! Cool! But I think I'll vote for Python. Simple syntax, no datatypes, and a lot of functions , string interpolation, generators, list comprehension. Yup, Python it is! please Serif add this feature!
  4. Python or C#! Edited: Python is best! Simple syntax, yet powerful! String interpolation, generators, list comprehension, array/string slicing, no static data typing, etc.
  5. angelhdz12

    Convert to Text Frame Grayed Out

  6. Hey guys! Is in your plans allowing programmers to control the affinity programs with code? Like commands/actions in Python, C# or Javascript? Preferibly Python or C#. So we programmers can develop commands/actions that people can install or run to execute certain tasks. I need a definitive answer to this, to see if it's worth waiting for it, or a definitive NO! Thank you!
  7. angelhdz12

    Expand Stroke Broken

    -1 for not giving any valuable information for a bug that is present since 2015 Right, this is not stackoverflow...
  8. angelhdz12

    Desperately missing features

    Regardless of it is by selecting an object or not, my answer is still valid. The OP just wanted to clip the canvas to an image, so this is a solution. The canvas will be clipped, as you mentioned, to the boundaries of the objects on canvas, removing the empty pixels. If the OP just wanted to "crop" the image to a specific size, then MOB's answer is the one. But I wasn't sure. However, I wonder if is possible to do what I said? Selecting an object or objects and the canvas will be clipped to those objects... it would be an excellent feature. As far as I've read in the forum, the only workaround is exporting the file to a non-destructive format (EPS, PDF, etc.) and selecting "Selection Without Background". Then opening the exported file and continue working from there. This workaround just make it obvious that this features is needed in the tools. Cheers
  9. Why people always assume things? Many people love to do everything in a single place, not the hassle of having to switch programs constantly because one program have "x" tool but the other program not. Is not about a workflow problem. Adobe understood this, and improved Photoshop to allow doing everything on it, animation, vectors, pathfinders, etc. I came from Photoshop. I did everything there. Never needed Illustrator.
  10. Hello guys! Convert to Text Frame is grayed out. Version It happens with any font. Any size. Any document. Restarting Designer won't fix it. Also, why isn't there the other way around? Convert to Artistic Text? Thanks!
  11. angelhdz12

    Expand Stroke Broken

    Thanks for the workaround Gabe!
  12. angelhdz12

    Designer: Expand stroke is completely broken

    2019... the issue persists. It's sad. I'm considering other alternatives seriously. I'm not gonna spend another $50 on a software update 2.xx with slow bugs fixing phases. There was an issue with the Transparency Tools that crashed the program. I had to spend days, weeks, months until many versions later, it was "fixed". Now I found this huge bug. Had to create a duplicate of my object, then resize it to cover the stroke, then remove the stroke, then use the Subtract Pathfinder. Just to simulate a stroke that is not a stroke, but a curves that can be added with other curves with the Add Pathfinder.
  13. angelhdz12

    Desperately missing features

    Hello Gerrit, I don't know if this is what you want, but you can select any object on canvas, even images, then Document > Clip Canvas and the canvas will be cropped to that object/image size. Cheers