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  1. I found about Affinity by Googling when Designer was still not available for Windows. I bought the suite, and got my cousin and sister to buy their licenses as well. Even got my non techy father to start using Affinity Photo. Promote it in every opportunity I have to other people and friends. I then bought v2. Last night, my sister was creating a mockup of her new house, to decide the paint colors (her time is very limited), so I created the parts masks quickly so she could easily paint the parts in her v1, sent the affinity file via email, then in the living room where the laptop was connected to the TV with Affinity v1, we tried to open the file and got the backward incompatibility error, so I had to disconnect my laptop, take it to the living room, connected it to the TV, and then do the thing with my v2. Not even the clipboard worked, everything got pasted as images from v2 to v1, and i tried finding a setting like "clipboard copy as image" to disabled it or "copy special" or whatever... All I had was a picture, some vector shapes, and Recolor & Curves adjustment filters... Not cool man, not cool... πŸ’”πŸ˜”
  2. Try disabling hardware acceleration in the settings.
  3. I want to give appreciation to the Affinity team, I know all the hard work they have and are doing. The fact that we have an alternative to the expensive competition, it's already a big fresh of air. Now that scripting is being worked on, and that JavaScript (and by direct relationship TypeScript) has been selected, I feel in good hands. I will be so excited when I can see the types of the elements highlighted in VSCode, and having intellisense of their properties πŸ”₯πŸ€―πŸ‘πŸ˜ Loved the video of the example, props to the person who coded it and recorded it! The circles animation was mindblowing! And the color pallete one too. I've been very closely following this thread, and my feelings used to be disappointment. Now I have a smile on my face. All the possibilities that scripting will bring to the Affinity Suite... wow... All the repetitive tasks that will be avoided and all the time that will be gained... all the creative stuff people will come up with! Feeling like a kid on Christmas! πŸ˜πŸŽπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ Most of us in this thread are programmers, so let's be real, this will be implemented by version 3.0 or 4.0. Programming is a hard and time consuming job, even with the aid of A.I. we have today. There are many recent libraries and frameworks that for example [INSERT THE MOST FAMOUS A.I. NAME HERE NOT TO ATTRACT SPAM] is not being able to provide correct information about. Let's appreciate the fact that at least they are finally doing "something about it" and taking decisions and taking our feedback into consideration. Most of the features I've requested in this forum have already been implemented and I shocked to realize the fact (only Live/Bitmap trace remaining). Good things need time. Rushed things get messy. And this comes from a very impatient person with generalized anxiety. I used to have a lot of fun coding VisualBasic to control MS Power Point 2007 and JSFL (JSAPI) for Ad*** Flash Professional CS6. Will have fun with TypeScript controlling the Affinity Suite to automate my design flow and possibly sprite generating flow for some basic Turn-based/Adventure RPG games. Wishing health, peace, and success to everyone, and my apologies if I've hurt someone with my comments. I used to be very angry all the time. Learned to pick my battles. This world needs more kindness, empathy, personal responsibility, forgiveness, patience.
  4. Saying that doesn't make you the gatekeeper of the truth. Yes, you can have your opinion, and I can have my opinion and we both should respect each others opinions, but what you are doing is, trying to use the typical "i've been doing [WHATEVER] for 15-30 years, that means that my opinion is the only true one". That's not how respecting opinions work. You should go back to school because in you (motion) design course they failed to teach you that.
  5. If you aren't going to help, don't SPAM my thread.
  6. Thanks for replying, but everything you mentioned sounds just like a personal opinion. Sounds more like complaints than actual Concept Failure Highlights. Disclaimer: I don't pretend to be rude with my following statements. I just want to be realist. A tool is a tool. You use it, or don't use it. It's optional. The people who want it, and make use of it, they install it. The people who don't want it, or don't see any value to it, don't install it. Easy as that. Did I misdirect you suggesting the including of this tool every time the Affinity programs start? Because that's not what I proposed. As far as I know (wow long time I left Adobe), the Creative Cloud was NOT optional, we were forced to install it and use it in order to install/uninstall/repair their software. I'm proposing an optional and independent tool to handle installation/uninstallation/repair of Affinity software. And now that we are throwing opinions around, let me add a new one: I hate when I open a program and want to work with it quickly but I have to spend extra seconds while a popup appears letting me know there's a new update, and having to think "do I need this update now? Can I update later?" And then clicking the appropriate button. It generates me more anxiety than the one I already suffer. With the tool I'm proposing, we can, at a convenient time, open it, and then be informed of the new updates available, either for the tool itself, or for the installed programs, and decide if we want to update, repair an installation, or uninstall a program. And we can deactivate the notifications, sounds, popups, everything. That's all. To me it sounds convenient, cool, useful. And thanks for the compliments about my UI concept LOL. Wanted to follow Material Design but ended being minimalist, ditching shadows, and respecting Affinity's UI design patterns.
  7. It would be really nice to be able to create icons from Designer as in Gimp.
  8. That's exactly what I'm proposing here? I'm confused now... My idea is a dedicated manager app like creative cloud but for affinity programs.
  9. Update: Pőenda: Silly me. My apologizes. I'm lately confusing the forums. This thread was supposed to be in Affinity Photo forum. Second, I totally forgot that in Designer, Node and Pen tools are separate. What I meant with "For Consistency with Designer" it's that in Designer the pen tool is the main tool to draw vectors, so in Photo, if there's gonna be a Node and Pen tools, the common sense is to also set the Pen tool as default. (Maybe it was a bug in Photo where the Node tool was set as default even after I deleted all the settings from temp folder and installed Photo from scratch, who knows...) Last words, wow I always forget we can customize the Tool Box. I just added the pen and node tools separately! 🀯 You have been very kind and helpful. debraspicher: Just because you prefer things one way, or because you can't understand why someone needs something one way or the other, doesn't mean you can impose standards to everyone. In my former publishing agency, I used only Photoshop for everything, because, the smart people taking decisions in Adobe, knew how useful it would be to have the ability to work with pixels and vectors in the same program. We can even make animations and export to GIF in Photoshop. Almost all the basic vector tools are there. I never needed Illustrator. So my need of being able to work with pixels and vectors in the same program is not something ridiculous as you are making it seem, and proof of this is the fact that the primary vector tool is present in a pixel program. If the intention is only to work with pixels, they wouldn't have added the pen tool. Also, it has been proven many times how making masks with the pen tools is better than making masks with the Pixel Selection tool or Marquee Tool. In PS, we can even save the vector mask and reuse later (even there's a Selection to Path very useful feature). So, thanks for being helpful, "lol".
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