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  1. I deleted all the files in the AppData/Roaming/Affinity/Photo, and in ProgramData/Affinity/Photo. Then reinstalled AP. Asked for email and license key as if it was the first time I install it. Same issue. Makes no sense man... I will install in another computer to debug.
  2. Thanks. I am programmer, so I maybe have an idea what "Don't ask how" means... and will try it. Also, I reinstalled AP (with a system restart and all) and the issue is still present.
  3. Thank you! Yes, I purchased the 3 programs. Designer: Photo: You gave me an idea. I will uninstall Photo and install it fresh. I updated to latest version like 1-2 weeks ago. Sometimes programs get buggy and reinstalling them fresh, solves it. Thank you for your time, be safe! 😊
  4. I must of the time just create a new document via clipboard. So it should be the same as creating a new document and placing the image, but it also makes the thing an Image Layer instead of a Pixel Layer. Sometimes I also paste things via Paste/Ctrl + V. In the recent version, something improved. Now using the Inpainting Tool on an Image Layer, convert it to Pixel Layer with the Assistant automatically. So, it's only the Marque Tool left to join the club. But, I just read something in another thread that may finally solve this?. Are Image Layers the same thing as Photoshop's Smart Objects? If so, then I don't have to convert to Pixel, and I can just go inside of it, made the pixels manipulations I want, and then exit... But having to right-click > Rasterize (Trim) every time I paste an image or create a new document from a clipboard image, just to have it converted from Image to Pixel, is not practical in a program that is supposed to work with "pixels". Do you mean what I say?
  5. Wow, calm down your arrogance dude. Go back and reread what I wrote, which actually seems you didn't. I'm not talking about the Document > Flip. That's for flipping the whole document/canvas. So that's irrelevant. If you check my original image, I'm showing the Customized Toolbar. There's no Flip icon so I can "customize" my toolbar and add the Flip Horizontal/Vertical icon in my toolbar, and that's why this thread is called "Missing Feature". It doesn't matter if there is an "inconsistency" between programs, the Customized Toolbar is there for a reason: So people can add their favorite icons there. Flipping something, whether is pixel or a vector or not, is a logical, basic, expected feature in any program. And it's missing from the Affinity Photo Customize ToolBar window. You didn't really contributed here. You just wanted to act like a know-it-all but you lack reading and comprehension skills. Now get all triggered and get off on me, as is the trend nowadays. I'm waiting...
  6. Thank you. It's not disagreements. I can respect other people opinions. It's just the attitudes. There are some arrogant trolls here, making rude and narcissistic remarks, that I would like to hide or block and not seeing their face. I can't believe a basic forum feature is missing... Edit: I should rename the title of this thread as "Block Forum User For Good".
  7. The Flip Horizontal/Vertical command is present in Affinity Photo already, in the arrange menu, so it makes not sense not having the icon in the toolbar.
  8. I also vote for Javascript or Python. TypeScript is gaining terrain. NodeJS added TypeScript, Vue added Typescript. VSCode extensions are made with TypeScript. Ionic for mobile/desktop/web apps is using TypeScript. I would love to have a statically typed language to control Affinity programs: let circle:Shape = document.selection[0] as Shape; for(let object:any in document.selection) { console.log( object ); } But I agree with michalmph's about Python "having huge amount of libraries for most tasks". But I read a comment here with a really nice idea. Regarding of the chosen language, building like a server, where we can send HTTP request (or connect to it via sockets/workers?), so we can use any language we want. I would then, use the Dart client. Like the Discord Client API that there's a port in so many languages.
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