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  1. Are you making fun of us? Can't tell... HOW DARE WE wanting a complete suite of programs to be finally free from the enslaving subscription-based competitor... HOW DARE WE!
  2. Tell that to Jetbrains. They have an IDE for every top programming language. They don't say "We're not sure we need another of these". And if they don't make an IDE for "x" language, it's because another existing IDE already supports that language. Affinity needs Presentation and Animation solftware and it will be complete. Or they can merge those to and giving us a Presentation & Animation software with 2 personas: Presentation, Animation.
  3. Can't find this option in the Preferences. It's a must. I'm tired of having to RightClick > Rasterize Trim every time I import an image. There are tools that can't work on an Image layer like inpainting, marquee tool, etc. Others automatically converts the Image to Pixel with Assistant.
  4. Oh sorry, I just noticed I'm on the wrong Forum. I selected "Affinity On Desktop" and I ended in Publisher. Bye!
  5. I make a lot of quick image edits for the web. Each time I import an image, I have to right click > Rasterize Trim, in order to make Raster Editing like marquee tool, selections, inpainting, etc. Not every tool automatically converts the Image to Pixel while trying to use the tool. At least, the Warp Tool uses the Assistant to convert the Image to Pixel. Am I missing something? Can we make Raster edits on an Image layer?
  6. Can't find this option in the Preferences. It's a must. I'm tired of having to RightClick > Rasterize Trim every time I import an image.
  7. angelhdz12


    Yup. After reading all comments, TypeScript and Javascript are the most obvious solutions. TypeScript for the ones who love static typing, and Javascript for the ones who want to type less. But also, Serif should consider choosing TypeScript as default, but allowing BINDINGS to other languages so everyone is happy.
  8. angelhdz12

    Auto Font Size

    Excellent idea!
  9. A**** Photoshop has this feature. It allows to search for specific layers in an ocean of layers.
  10. I by mistake used the term "Sort". I mean "Search". Photoshop has this feature. We can search layer based on queries like locked, unlocked, hidden, visible, by name, by filters, by blend mode. It helps when you have so many layers and you need to find specific layers and do something with/to them.
  11. angelhdz12


    Yup, definitely it should be Javascript and Typescript (for the ones who love static typing). Typescript is basically Javascript, with static typing added. Typescript is the best choice, because then we can know at authoring time, the types of the variables, properties, function returns, etc. For example: import { Shape, Layer} from "affinity"; import * as affinity from "affinity" var rect:Shape = affinity.document.current.selectedItem(); var rect2:Shape = affinity.document.duplicate(rect); for(var layer:Layer in affinity.document.layers) { affinity.document.select( layer ); } I have experience with JSFL, an Adobe Flash (now Animate) Authoring environment Javascript API. You can run the actions inside the program, or load an *.jsfl file.
  12. angelhdz12


    A lot of people complaining about the use of tabs in Python. So I got a feeling the best 2 languages to automate Affinity programs are Javascript and Typescript (static typing <3 ) . But something tells me they could end implementing their own language, like Unity with the JScript, Microsoft's dialect of the ECMAScript

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