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  1. Hi, Sean. Any news about fixing this bug? Disable Clipboard history is not the best option for my workflow.
  2. When I copy (Ctrl+C) some objects Affinity Designer are closed (without error message). I did some tests and it seems that the issue is when I work with large resolution files (300 DPI for example). The strange thing is that Designer doesn't crash when copying huge images to the buffer, but it crash when copying large VECTOR objects. Windows 10, Affinity Designer 1.8.620, 24 Gb RAM. (i can't attach file, «error 200») https://yadi.sk/d/1HvUIeuhAiwd4w — my test file.
  3. Designer crashes a lot when i copy (ctrl + c) some objects.
  4. I have no difference with opencl/metall on my Macbook. Lags only on Windows,
  5. We need an option to rotate the numbers showing the gap between objects — It is very difficult to read a number when it is written vertically. And one problem: when I move an object using the arrows on the keyboard, the rotation marker overlaps the numbers.
  6. Shapes, text, image: moving and resizing have lags. I just reinstalled Designer and delete same name folder from %appdata%, app works fine now. Troubles with updates i guess.
  7. Same issue. Affinity Photo works well, but Designer is slow. Object selection work with delay. The objects on the move blink and laggy. Text typing and selection make me crazy. Same file works well in Photo.
  8. Same issue. Dramatically drop performance compared with 1.6.5.
  9. Not even close to smart object functions. For example, when i deforming an embedded document, it automatically becomes a pixel layer.
  10. Hm, but <line> is not so complex curve, it is specially for two point lines (start (x1 and y1) and end (x2, y2)). <path> from your example even in illustrator saves always as <path>.
  11. Hi @coachgao @saivan! I found solution for our trouble (not perfect, but it work!): After SVG export you can edit file in notepad++ by find/replace tool: <path to <line d="M to x1=" , (Regular Expressions ,(?=.*,)) to " y1=" L to " x2=" and second , to " y2=" And yes, quotes — important! Be better if save actions as one macros.And dont forget about "find in selection" option!
  12. Very comfortable position for you. I left Adobe products, because they behaved exactly the same way. None of the bugs (they are all disturb comfortable work) have not yet concrete fix dates (or app versions), only promises... I am deeply disappointed by the attitude towards the community.
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