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  1. Hi @coachgao @saivan! I found solution for our trouble (not perfect, but it work!): After SVG export you can edit file in notepad++ by find/replace tool: <path to <line d="M to x1=" , (Regular Expressions ,(?=.*,)) to " y1=" L to " x2=" and second , to " y2=" And yes, quotes — important! Be better if save actions as one macros.And dont forget about "find in selection" option!
  2. Hate this!. 90% of my work with dark images. And why vertical dimension has VERTICAL numbers? You really think this more comfortable for read than horizontal text? Just compare with PS:
  3. Photoshop do this too, but PS has "Workspace" — it help restore position of windows.
  4. Very comfortable position for you. I left Adobe products, because they behaved exactly the same way. None of the bugs (they are all disturb comfortable work) have not yet concrete fix dates (or app versions), only promises... I am deeply disappointed by the attitude towards the community.
  5. Same problem! And in Beta 1.6 this issue still present! When it be fixed, if even in 1.6 is not?
  6. Why are the links still missing? I'm not believe that we are the only two designers who need links in Affinity Designer, it's been 2.5 years!
  7. One more thing: if i try Create Symbol from Group (early turned from Symbols) this just not working! If Ungroup and Group object again this working.
  8. Hi! I did not notice if this bug was in previous versions (now I'm using, but now when copying the Artboard all Symbols turn into Groups. How i "fix" the problem for now: 1) I copy artboard 2) Delete everything from it 3) Copy all objects from the previous artboard. In this case, the Symbols do not turn into Groups. In screenshot two artboards: Original (with Symbol) and Copy (with Symbols turned into Groups)
  9. Hi! A have same issue! Your "solution" works badly ESPECIALLY when i create difficult patterns (or when i work with early prepared patterns). When it issue would be fixed?
  10. Hi! What about integration Affinity Designer with InVisionApp, zeplin or avocode? So need it! All my programmers waiting this day, when it function be released! :)