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  1. @walt.farrell Thank you for your response Walt, you are totally right, theres no live filter presets (could be a good addition though), as for Adjustment panels, I was able to locate que adjustments panel which for some reason was hidden. Gunny's suggestion is great, it makes much sense to have the "load" button just beside the "add" button.
  2. Seriously, does anyone know how to load a live filter/adjustement preset?
  3. Sadly this is the exact same reason I cannot recommend Publisher as a pro alternative to my acquaintances, the software is very complete and capable but big printing shops demand idml/indesign files cause they tend to make adjustments inhouse, and they have been working like that for ages, the idea of working with something that is different (I mean even pdf) scares them.
  4. is gonna apply the fill of the snapshot you have active in the history panel @walt.farrell that is the fill panel, Edit > Fill... (shortcut shift+f5)
  5. Imagine time traveling 15 years back and telling everybody photoshop is not a professional software because it lacks x, y and z. If Affinity does not have the things you need for your work, find another software that does, solving problems is what professional do. I payed my bills and leisure for the last 2 years using affinity photo and designer exclusively, theres is many many things AP and AD can do better and I hope they do, but for now I wont ask for a saw if I just need a hammer. This is by no means me telling you to be quiet, on the contrary, say everything you dont like and how you think can be improved, thats how this software can become better, meanwhile use something that helps you do the job.
  6. Live Liquify is very slow and laggy compared to the regular Liquify Persona
  7. I'm pretty much convinced distortions, image trace and patter tools are features they are holding back to make people buy v2 (and possible v3). Not against them making money at all, they have to play their cards well cause these are single purchase software.
  8. Hmmm this content registration thing just put me on alert mode, to me is a big red flag. Lets wait and see...
  9. @Frozen Death Knight This exact same thing also happens when rotating the source, both in Healing Brush and Clone Stamp tools (Affinity Photo). Its been always there since I started using Affinity (late 2017).
  10. I'm not big on brand loyalty, as long as the software does what I need it to do and they keep bug fixes rollin'; serif will have my support and money. They dont need more apps. For my other work I use DaVinci Resolve, Clip Studio Paint, Figma, Blender and Capture One.
  11. Add multipage flowed columns for Publisher, and symbol replace for Designer, I've seen those requested many times and thats a must for people doing product catalogs. Saludos.
  12. Intel i7 6700k Nvidia GTX 1080 TI 16gb ram I'm doing my part
  13. I believe Jowday is talking about the stroke/fill color at the very bottom of his example (based on the thread he referenced), not the Color Picker Tool (eye-dropper icon). I second the suggestion.
  14. Not sure I understand your use-case, but you can for sure use compounds to perform boolean operations on other shapes/compounds and change boolean modes of individual shapes inside the compounds. compound_2.mp4
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