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  1. I have a similar issue, my raws open and display fine but if I rotate it, the image gets darker. However I can get it back to normal by pressing any of the sync options or checking lens correction off and back on. 2019-08-20 00-02-21.mp4
  2. Can confirm, this happens even when there are no adjustment layers present, mask is behaving like a general mask. Also, if you create some adjustment layers, then group them, then mask the group, then create some positive zones in the mask; you will get the behaviour mentioned above. But if you create a pixel layer (even an empty one) and put it at the bottom of the adjustments group; the adjustments will stop working. Here is a video demonstrating it. 2019-08-18 10-05-35.mp4
  3. Have you tried dragging the texture?
  4. +1 I have a similar issue when trying zooming using the shortcut spacebar+ctrl (+alt for zoom out/box zoom), it really brings me out of my "flow" when working. I think I haven't identified a situation where the order of pressing the modifiers would cause conflicting behavior, so I think you should be able the press them in any order.
  5. You are right sir, Ctrl+Drag works for Artboard, Groups and Layers, but not for clipped objects.
  6. Something like this? 2019-08-06 19-41-25.mp4
  7. Already works like that. Just change the tool settings and click Ctrl (cmd) while selecting. 2019-08-06 16-39-37.mp4
  8. Arceom

    Highpass sharpening

    1.- Select the layer you want to apply High Pass to 2.- At the bottom of the layers panel you will see a little "hourglass" icon, click it 3.- Select High Pass... 4.- Drag until you get the desired effect 5.- Select overlay or soft light as the blending mode for the effect 2019-08-05 21-42-40.mp4
  9. I think that documents don't get artboards by default you have to specify you want them checking the box at document creation or by following the steps you saw on the video. Artboards are very useful when designing for various screen sizes using constrains. https://affinity.help/designer/en-US.lproj/index.html?page=pages/DesignAids/constraints.html?title=Constraints
  10. OBS, it's free https://obsproject.com Not sure I understand what you mean, I just opened the file you posted and followed the steps you saw on the video.
  11. @Timespider This is how it is working for me 2019-08-04 15-13-29.mp4
  12. @Timespider weird, you mind sharing that file so I can check for myself?
  13. Photo: 1.- Select Layer 2.- Document 3.- Clip Canvas
  14. Not sure if I understand correctly but I think it is already there: Designer: 1.- Select object/group 2.- Click Layers>Convert Object to Artboard Alternatively: 1.- Select object/group 2.- Select Artboard Tool 3.- From the dropdown menu, select "Selection" 4.- Click "Indest Artboard"
  15. I want to believe. My guess is that there will be two more rounds of free major updates and then all apps will have their v2 announcement simultaniously. I'm pretty exited about the mesh distort.

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