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  1. Can beta and retail be installed at the same time without causing problems?
  2. Yes, the performance is much better if the appearance panel is not visible.
  3. Problem was this part of the shape was not closed. Click "Close curve" and it will work.
  4. Arceom

    Adding Text

    1.- Click "view" at the top 2.- Click "Customize Tools..." 3.- Click and drag the Artistic Text tool "A" to the tool bar Hope this solves your issue =)
  5. Arceom

    Adding Text

    Don't know if I understood your question, but have your tried the text tool?
  6. Arceom

    Product mockup with Affinity and Blender

    Awesome job!
  7. Igual si quieres darle una oportunidad más: Prueba ver si tienes activada la opción "High presicion table input" (5ta opción en la imagen de arriba); desactívala, a mi me quitó muchos problemas que tenía con mi wacom.
  8. It's not the same but, you can create a line and modify its pressure profile, then save that line as a style. You can use them in other documents that way
  9. Hola yo tuve los mismo dos problemas y los pude solucionar: Problema 1: El tamaño del pincel se cambia (en windows): Alt + Click Izquierdo + Click Derecho Problema 2: En Preferencias > Herramientas Espero que te sirva.
  10. It already works that way, problem is there is no visual feedback to let you know you picked a different color.
  11. Arceom

    Bascinet: A gradients practice

    @ClarityDynamic I used a photo from the internet as a reference. My goal was to recreate the metal reflections using as fewer shapes as possible, instead I used layer fx, gradients and transparencies. @Fred Lespine @MattP Thanks =)
  12. Hello there, I was trying to replicate the reflections on a pic and this was the result.
  13. Arceom

    Cursor hand

    I have the same problem
  14. Arceom

    1.7.1 is soooo slowly

    Can confirm this behaviour, also putting vectors inside groups (which makes appearences disappear) improves performance
  15. If you are talking about the polygon/freehand lasso selection, I think it is not a new tool but an added function to the existing one. You can access it by selecting the Node Tool(A) and pressing alt+dragging, it seems to just work on curve layers.