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  1. Just as explained in this older thread. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/134758-temporary-node-tool-from-pen-tool-new-behaviour-conflicting-with-new-one/#comment-742880
  2. So, I'm expected to just let that perfectly usable software license get all dusty and rusted? doesn't make much sense, specially when previous customers are treated exactly like new customers.
  3. So, v1 will no longer be supported and it seems v2 completely replaces it; so, can I give my existing v1 licenses to someone else while I move my work to v2?
  4. I have the exact same problem; and no, it seems the memory cannot be used by other software.
  5. Same here, the program doesn't seem to free memory after you close a file, it has been like this since 1.8.x. I haven't used Photoshop since 2019 because at the time APhoto was much much faster; but I gave Photoshop another shot since I was growing frustrated with APhoto because it has become very slow and unstable, so for the past week I've done all my work in Photoshop and honestly I will stay there until AP fixes this horrible performance introduced since the hardware acceleration update.
  6. I'm feeling the same frustration and disappointment. I've been using each Affinity app for my work since they released on windows (and also recommending them very vocally to my peers). I was ok with having a little bit of friction product of not using the industry standards and missing some quality of life features in exchange for speed, stability and not having to rent my tools. But something has been happening to the Affinity suite during the last year, each release makes the software a little bit slower and unstable each time. As things stand today; I'm willing to wait one more year (assuming performance doesn't become worse) to see performance restored and new big features. Otherwise I will just go back to Adobe, as much as I dislike them, the pros-to-cons ratio of Affinity is getting worse and the software is becoming not worth it for professional work.
  7. Similar experience, I absolutely loved photo and designer (now I just like them); they were blazing fast, but something happened around 1.8.x that hit my performance very noticeably.
  8. @VJS Having same issues from a long time. As a temporary measure, try using the beta versions and lowering ram usage; it worked for me.
  9. Thanks for the response. I could but I'm honestly scared of messing up my computer when having a deadline. Gonna try that later this week. What I find curious is that there is a noticeable difference in performance between release and beta versions; and its been like that since 1.8.x. Also, my computer works smooth with other graphically/computing intensive tasks like video editing (davinci resolve), managing large amounts of assets (Capture One), 3D (zbrush/blender) and some AAA games. Another thing I've noticed is that lowering the ram usage from (16gb to >14gb) slows both versions but makes huge improvements at preventing crashes. Maybe I just need to to upgrade from 16gb to 32gb.🤔
  10. Yes; and it doesn't seem to be much faster than just relying on my cpu. I've read something about doing a clean uninstall/install of the nvidia drivers using DDU that appears to fix it. I'm gonna try that after I finish my current project. One thing to note is that I don't have crash report because when Photo crashes (release version), it restarts the whole computer immediately. I've been using the Beta version for work for almost a year because somehow it crashes a little bit less, is a little bit faster; and when it crashes, it doesn't restarts my computer.
  11. I'd like to know why is the performance better in Photo Beta than in the release version, its been like this since 1.8.x; I've been forced to work with the beta version of Photo since the release version is always slower and crashes constantly.
  12. I'd like to know why is the performance better in Photo Beta than in the release version, its been like this from 1.8.x; I've been forced to work with the beta version of Photo since the release version is always slower and crashes constantly.
  13. Wow, thank you @James Ritson for such an insightful response! Having watched many of your videos (and many other praising the m1/16gb performance) and seeing the type of work you do; I feel much more comfortable investing on the Mac Mini M1 16gb for my work.
  14. Hi, I'm in need for a new computer for a second office, I don't have much room in that place, that's why I cant go with a full desktop. I rather spend the least amount of money I can that allows me to do high-res photo editing (files around ~250mb) in Affinity Photo. I'm not an Apple user but the Mac Mini m1 seem to fill my needs, my only question is if the 8gb model would be enough, can any of you m1/8gb owners tell me how is the performance of AP in your computer? If I have to spend extra for the 16gb; I'd rather go with a Thinkpad T14 AMD Ryzen 7 16gb for better specs (and gain portability if I ever need it).
  15. I'd be out at the very first sign of software-as-a-service.
  16. Previously when working with the Pen Tool you could hold Ctrl to temporarily switch to Node Tool, while in this form of Node Tool you could click over any part of an existing path to add a new node on that part of the path. Now in version 1.9, when you are in Pen Tool and hold Ctrl to change to Node Tool; is no longer possible to add nodes like in previous versions since the temporary Node Tool deletes the segment, which is a new behavior of the Node Tool. I'd like to a way to go to the previous behavior please.
  17. I have the same problem, batch job is crashing the application. Used to be able to select 50 psd files (~60mb each) and do a batch job; now I can't do it with even only 10. I have crash reports, where should I upload them? Also, how do I roll back to a previous version? this caught me by surprise and I need to convert large amounts of psd files to do my job.
  18. Sadly this is the exact same reason I cannot recommend Publisher as a pro alternative to my acquaintances, the software is very complete and capable but big printing shops demand idml/indesign files cause they tend to make adjustments inhouse, and they have been working like that for ages, the idea of working with something that is different (I mean even pdf) scares them.
  19. is gonna apply the fill of the snapshot you have active in the history panel @walt.farrell that is the fill panel, Edit > Fill... (shortcut shift+f5)
  20. Imagine time traveling 15 years back and telling everybody photoshop is not a professional software because it lacks x, y and z. If Affinity does not have the things you need for your work, find another software that does, solving problems is what professional do. I payed my bills and leisure for the last 2 years using affinity photo and designer exclusively, theres is many many things AP and AD can do better and I hope they do, but for now I wont ask for a saw if I just need a hammer. This is by no means me telling you to be quiet, on the contrary, say everything you dont like and how you think can be improved, thats how this software can become better, meanwhile use something that helps you do the job.
  21. I'm pretty much convinced distortions, image trace and patter tools are features they are holding back to make people buy v2 (and possible v3). Not against them making money at all, they have to play their cards well cause these are single purchase software.
  22. I'm not big on brand loyalty, as long as the software does what I need it to do and they keep bug fixes rollin'; serif will have my support and money. They dont need more apps. For my other work I use DaVinci Resolve, Clip Studio Paint, Figma, Blender and Capture One.
  23. Add multipage flowed columns for Publisher, and symbol replace for Designer, I've seen those requested many times and thats a must for people doing product catalogs. Saludos.
  24. I believe Jowday is talking about the stroke/fill color at the very bottom of his example (based on the thread he referenced), not the Color Picker Tool (eye-dropper icon). I second the suggestion.
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