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  1. I'm pretty much convinced distortions, image trace and patter tools are features they are holding back to make people buy v2 (and possible v3). Not against them making money at all, they have to play their cards well cause these are single purchase software.
  2. Hmmm this content registration thing just put me on alert mode, to me is a big red flag. Lets wait and see...
  3. @Frozen Death Knight This exact same thing also happens when rotating the source, both in Healing Brush and Clone Stamp tools (Affinity Photo). Its been always there since I started using Affinity (late 2017).
  4. I'm not big on brand loyalty, as long as the software does what I need it to do and they keep bug fixes rollin'; serif will have my support and money. They dont need more apps. For my other work I use DaVinci Resolve, Clip Studio Paint, Figma, Blender and Capture One.
  5. Add multipage flowed columns for Publisher, and symbol replace for Designer, I've seen those requested many times and thats a must for people doing product catalogs. Saludos.
  6. Intel i7 6700k Nvidia GTX 1080 TI 16gb ram I'm doing my part
  7. I believe Jowday is talking about the stroke/fill color at the very bottom of his example (based on the thread he referenced), not the Color Picker Tool (eye-dropper icon). I second the suggestion.
  8. Not sure I understand your use-case, but you can for sure use compounds to perform boolean operations on other shapes/compounds and change boolean modes of individual shapes inside the compounds. compound_2.mp4
  9. Alt+Click on boolean operation will create a compound that you can modify later Create Compounds
  10. Dont know this would help but I do it by selecting "none" as color and then checking "auto-load" on the context bar.
  11. As a workaround I suggest using fontbase, it has google fonts integration and you can turn on/off the fonts per project.
  12. [Pen Tool > Drag + Alt on node] will do the trick. Desktop_2020_05.09_-_09_54_47_01.mp4
  13. It's for the Point Transform Tool, shortcut F; also for the Transform Panel
  14. not sure I understand, do you mean using an object as a frame for text? that's already possible
  15. Working with swatches I've observed these little additions would be very useful. Ability to... 1.- Select multiple swatches from color panel when no object is selected; so you can quickly delete, group, or move swatches between pallets. 2.- Delete selected swatches with keystroke. 3.- Create color groups inside a pallet, kind of like how groups are displayed in layers panel. This would help with organization and is more intuitive than jumping between pallets. 4.- UI visual aid to indicate if the color shown in stroke/fill is global, spot or overprint. 5.- UI visual aid to indicate if loaded in eyedroper is global, spot or overprint. 6.- Preview color chords before commiting them to the pallet. Other color-related suggestions: 1.- Apply global color to object when sampling with eyedrop tool from an object with global color. Currently, when you copy the global color from another object, it is a non-global version of that color. 2.- Linked colors (as described in others posts).
  16. Are you using right alt? alt right is ctrl+alt.
  17. No es posible hacerlo en Affinity, algunas personas utilizas el software gratuito inkscape para realizar los trazados automáticos así como algunas otras cosas (como distorcionar texto). Creo que los desarrolladores han comentado en el pasado que desean implementar esa función en Affinity Designer en un futuro.
  18. Same happens to me, it seems there are a bunch of bugs related to windows ink.
  19. I've tried all day to find a fix for these problem too, it started with the 1.8 update both for Photo and Designer (havent tried Publisher). Already tried: Changing "Pen Setting" in windows 10 Changing "Pen and Touch" in control panel Enable and disable Windows Ink in the Wacom Tablet Properties Panel. No matter what I did, I always presented a combination of: Annoying flick circles with right click, no pen pressure, right click not working for straight nodes in pen tool; or alt+L-click+R-click for brush size not working. Is it possible to rollback to 1.7.3 while this is fixed?
  20. I agree, we need at least the option to turn on visual aids to be able to quickly read and identify hierarchy withing the layers panel.
  21. As tittle says, if you have Photo in window mode (not taking the entire screen) and open a file; the colors will be displayed differently than if you open the same file from a maximized window. Also if you open a file from a window mode and bring the cursor to the edge of the screen and drag to increase the window size, the color will change.
  22. It was weird for me at the beginning, put this is how it works in photoshop and I think many people are already familiar with this behavior.
  23. This is a WIP list of the things I'd like to see implemented. All of these are things that come up while I work retouching photos for my work. Show alt-modes/tooltips when hovering over different UI elements, the same way you are told different ways to use tools on the bottom of the UI. For example beign told ctrl(cmd)+click on a layer miniature makes a pixel selection. Beign able to make pixel selections from curve layers thumbnails with ctrl+click or from Layers > Make selection from layer. Not deleting a Curve layer when making pixel selections from it. Beign able to make pixel selection from hidden layers. Ability to click the checkbox in layers panel and drag it up/down to toggle visibility of multiple layers. Ability to quickly use colorpick when a specific point in a gradient is selected. Ability to colorpick from current layer or global source when in paint brush tool (currently it just picks from global source when pressing alt+click). Ability to introduce rotation degrees as a negative value. i.e. -10 for a 350 rotation. Ability to merge down pixel and non-pixel layers below with ctrl+e. Shortcuts for expand group(children elements). Ability to assign toggle show/hide layer on the same shortcut.
  24. I have a similar issue, my raws open and display fine but if I rotate it, the image gets darker. However I can get it back to normal by pressing any of the sync options or checking lens correction off and back on. 2019-08-20 00-02-21.mp4
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