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  1. garrettm30 I definitely need an answer to your B). Pasting text and not being able to change straight quotes for smart quotes is a real pain. Even Word 2011 has that ability.
  2. I never knew that Publisher had the option in the Edit menu. Thanks, Walt, for pointing that out. Also, Old Bruce, Word (Mac 2011) that I use does have it under Edit–>Paste Special (click)–>then two of the choices are RTF or Unformatted Text. The key combination is the same as Publisher ("Command" + "Option" + "Shift" + "v") but it doesn't seem to work internally in Publisher, only if the text is being brought in from another app. It's just with Paste Plain Text I can leave it on Automatically Clear Formatting which eliminates a lot of key combos if I'm doing multiple pastes, especially from different documents.
  3. On a Mac it's "Command" + "Option" + "Shift" + "v" and it pastes the clipboard text in Arial, 12-pt format.
  4. It did happen one more time yesterday, this time when I selected text, but I wasn't recording. I do use a small app—Paste Plain Text—to strip formatting when I copy from Word to paste into Publisher, so there is something on the Clipboard when I select the text in Publisher to replace. If I don't, I found out that I get a whole new set of the text styles for all my outlining levels. It took me a while to figure that one out. At one point I ended up with 6 different versions of each in one document.
  5. I had already copied text from a Word document and then double-clicked the Affinity window to get into the text editing mode when it crashes. This never happened with the previous version. However, it appears that whatever the issue is it's been resolved (after 4 more crashes on the 28) as I've been trying to finish a project for my pastor. Yesterday I work on 2 separate files with no problems; I just opened 6 different files and selected text in each with no problem. I'm sending those Apple crash reports as well. I'm still using 10.14.6 if that could make a possible difference. The crash movie is from the 28th; you might be able to hear the mouse clicking. You've been great! 2022-03-28 Affinity Publisher crash.mov Affinity Publisher crashes.zip
  6. I so appreciate you replying so quickly. If I could, I'd like to treat them separately. This is a 1-page, two-column document of text. I tried it again today after a restart of the computer and it crashed again. I have attached a zip file with all 3 Apple Log crash reports and the document. I can send a short video of it crashing if that would also help. Again this is with version 1.10.5AffinityPublisher crashes.zip
  7. If I select portions to alter, say text size—no problem. 2nd issue, not related, is creating a new text style based on a current one. I created a new style with a different font size, gave it a name but it didn't show in the panel. When i went to create another one, it said that name was already taken; still nothing in the panel. Several minutes later—I don't even remember what I was doing—it popped up in the panel. I haven't noticed any other issues so far.
  8. Thanks for the input but there doesn't seem to be much new that I need. From what's I've read & listened to, it's mostly performance enhancements. I try to stay away from Betas from any company as I've had trouble with them in the past. The RAM is my total amount, not what I've allocated to the app, which I don't think I've ever seen a choice for —not like PS & others.
  9. Dan C Today's email was the 1st I've received. I was able to go back to the previous version 1.9.3 (I think) and it's working fine again. I'm on a iMac 27" 2017 running Mojave w/ 32 GB RAM No error message at all, it's just gone, followed after a 10-15 second pause by the Apple Report to send. Since they happen so soon after launching, usually within 1-2 minutes (or sooner), that I really couldn't say. I hope this helps. If there's anything else you need, let me know.
  10. Thank you, Walt Farrell. I did purchase directly (always do when possible to keep Apple from taking a big slice). I did not know this link existed.
  11. I contacted Affinity regarding this issue—repeated crashes after internal updating to 1.10—but no one from the company has responded. Has anyone else experienced this same issue? A major reason I prefer a complete download—DMG files for Mac—rather than an internal update. The only complete program I have is my original purchase, 1.7.3 Luckily I've been able to replace just the 1.9.3 app from Time Machine, but this always worries me for the future as I'm never sure what changes 1.10 may have made to all the support files.
  12. Thanks to everyone for responding and I appreciate the information as I've learned some new things. I do layouts for books with lots of photos so my needs can be very demanding. I have been impressed with the last Affinity Publisher (AP) updates as I can now do almost all the work I used to do in InDesign. Because InDesign CS6 is only a 32-bit app (the only one of the suite not 64-bit), I've been stuck at 10.14 Mojave for this one reason. However, your input has been very helpful. I'm not sure, though, that I can use AP for those projects because there's a lot of pre-flight & packaging that needs to be done before I can send the finished product to be printed since I haven't seen anything like that in AP.
  13. garrettm30—I understand the font variance, as I've already mentioned, but I'lm able to do it easily in InDesign and it's not tied to the font as I can adjust it in any font I work with. And that's in InDesign CS6, a product released in August 1999! Twelve years later and I can't do it in an app that's supposed to be challenging InDesign?
  14. I would think by 1.9.3 the underline function would allow for vertical adjustment so it's not blocking descenders, which varies from font to font.
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