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  1. This is becoming rather irritating as the grids never line up properly with my art boards as they cover the entire work area - not just the individual board I have selected. Mac does not seem to have this problem if I go by the videos I've been watching.
  2. I really hope not. It is really frustrating to work with.
  3. So I have 2 art boards but whenever I want a grid to appear for just one (isometric on one, normal on the 2nd), it just slaps the entire grid over the entire project. How can I get the grid to strictly stay on one specific board? Using the Windows version.
  4. So, I am learning vectoring, coloring, etc with Affinity Designer and I am reading some tutorials on different projects I want to try. One such tutorial has steps to blend 2 colors together then extract the shades from the blend to create a palette. The steps for Illustrator are listed in the attachment and I am wondering if Design has the same ability?
  5. So I have a gamer mouse that has 2 side buttons (buttons 4 and 5) and i am wanting to bind one of those buttons to the Toggle Fix Context (default X) but when I try to click those buttons while in the shortcut menu, it doesn't record the mouse click. What would i need to do to get this to toggle with the side mouse buttons?
  6. You are amazing. Thank you so much for the quick response!
  7. My dad bought me Affinity Designer and I have the product key printed out. How do I go about downloading it to activate? I cannot find a download section that isn't to also purchase it.
  8. Anyone? This is real important for my game work
  9. I am sure this is mostly user error but it would be appreciated if someone can point out if I am doing something wrong. So I use the Color picker alot. The problem is, every time i sample a color, it moves to the background circle on the color panel. This means when I goto my pixel or paintbrush, I have to switch the foreground and background colors every time to get the color I picked. Am I just missing something when I am trying to sample colors? I apologize if this is something simple that I am just messing up on You can see I sampled the color gray/blue on the color picker. It shows it on the front most color circle. But then when i select another tool, it moves it to the background color forcing me to switch it every time. Is there just an option I keep missing? I appreciate the assistance.
  10. So this is a brand new issue I just started having. I am doing pixel work and whenever I move or flip the image, or even merge two layers, the pixels suddenly become a blurred mess. I am not even resizing them. They just blur randomly whenever I try basic editing. This pixel work is very important for the game I am working on but this blurring problem is stopping my entire production ORIGINAL: Flipped: Merged The same blurriness also occurs whenever I move these around the canvas if there is objects on the background. Please help.
  11. I will give that a shot! Thanks MEB
  12. So I have a shape and I am trying to make sure the text I put to the side of it is perfectly centered to the with the shape. I know photoshop has something like this with their grids that show a line when you reach the top portion, bottom portion, or center of an object you are moving the item nearby. Does Affinity do the same? Photo from my website to show what I mean. See how the purple lines appear when I move my text over the bar on the bottom letting me know they are centered against each other? Thanks everyone! loving the program so far.

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