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  1. This is it! This is what I have been waiting for to turn my iPad into a full fledged web-design tool (I needed slices, and no other iOS app (as far as I have seen) has provided that). Thank you! This was worth the wait! I recently, and reluctantly, updated my iPad Pro to the latest version concerned that I should have bought an under-powered laptop instead to do web design. Thanks to you guys, I have no more concerns! The features you put into this thing are amazing and so much has been done right, I can’t wait to see some of the UI features bleed over into affinity photo (like the 2-finger undo feature!). You guys really outdid yourselves. Bravo!!
  2. Randall1028

    Affinity Photo for iPad - 1.6.7

    I'm not near my iPad at the moment but does - Added “Undo” to the two-finger-tap context menu. mean what I think it means? We can now use two-finger tap to undo?
  3. Randall1028

    Affinity Photo for iPad - 1.6.5

    Haven't been able to play with it extensively because I forgot my pencil at home, but WOW what a speed update!! Thank you!!! (still waiting on that 2-finger undo though )
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    Oh, ok. Thanks!
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    I setup guides in my document on my iPad, but when I go back to my paintbrush to utilize said guides, they completely disappear. I notice they stay visible for some other tools (pen tool, move tool, etc...) but paintbrush and eraser they vanish. Am I doing something wrong and need to select something so they stay visible regardless what tool I’m using? Thanks!
  6. I would also advocate this. At the very least, move the undo buttons to the "off hand" side (meaning on right-handed interface, it should be on the left of the screen, and vice versa for the left-handed interface). Absolutely loving this program though. Well worth the money!!