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  1. Soooo nothing? I’m lost on why @konstantnnn mentioned getting it then?
  2. So this isn’t in the road map for the 1.9 updates? This and brush names on pc/mac would be fantastic.
  3. It’s definitely possible with iPadOS. Clip studio pro and procreate both do it (in different ways, but still the functionality is there). definitely would love to see this feature in affinity photo as well
  4. As I’ve made my primary creative device my iPad, I keep running into a small problem: I keep thinking my tool is going to switch back to my previous just because I’ve released the keys and/or certain keys will do something. Panning, zoom, and erasing mostly. I was wondering if it’d be possible to add the same spring-load functionality that you have for color picking and the alt key to these tools? Where you press and hold down the Spacebar, and you’re in the panning tool until you release and then revert to the previous tool. Same with the eraser and the ‘E’ key? And I know it’s a to
  5. 😕 It's not a particular lut, @Callum. It's the Infer Lut feature. Looks like it was fixed in the 1.8.4 update. I'm able to do so now. Yay!
  6. Having the same issue. IPad Pro 2020 and 2017 2nd Gen, both had AP 1.8.3
  7. I know this thread is nearly a year old, but I’ve been running into just this exact issue and trying to find a solution. Anywho, as Serif uses “Support for Photoshop Brushes” as a selling point for Affinity Photo, no, I don’t think we should be leaving support for PS Brushes behind (at least not in this current iteration). Like it or not, PS Brushes are still the “industry standard.” And while I love affinity photo (especially the iPad version), advertising it has support for PS brushes and then they don’t work at all well is problematic. Serif is offering a way to get away from photosho
  8. This is it! This is what I have been waiting for to turn my iPad into a full fledged web-design tool (I needed slices, and no other iOS app (as far as I have seen) has provided that). Thank you! This was worth the wait! I recently, and reluctantly, updated my iPad Pro to the latest version concerned that I should have bought an under-powered laptop instead to do web design. Thanks to you guys, I have no more concerns! The features you put into this thing are amazing and so much has been done right, I can’t wait to see some of the UI features bleed over into affinity photo (like the 2-fin
  9. I'm not near my iPad at the moment but does - Added “Undo” to the two-finger-tap context menu. mean what I think it means? We can now use two-finger tap to undo?
  10. Haven't been able to play with it extensively because I forgot my pencil at home, but WOW what a speed update!! Thank you!!! (still waiting on that 2-finger undo though )
  11. I setup guides in my document on my iPad, but when I go back to my paintbrush to utilize said guides, they completely disappear. I notice they stay visible for some other tools (pen tool, move tool, etc...) but paintbrush and eraser they vanish. Am I doing something wrong and need to select something so they stay visible regardless what tool I’m using? Thanks!
  12. I would also advocate this. At the very least, move the undo buttons to the "off hand" side (meaning on right-handed interface, it should be on the left of the screen, and vice versa for the left-handed interface). Absolutely loving this program though. Well worth the money!!
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